The rise of sovereigns

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The rise of sovereigns

By: Sam Chase OngoingFantasy

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Xuan ping is an ordinary disciple who grew up inside the white lotus sect, with his dantian demolished due to an incident that happened a long time ago. Fortunately, he was chosen to enter a secret realm using the white lotus sects quota. There he encountered the inheritance of the strongest emperor in their country (A high-grade divine manual alongside a QI energy core). Thereafter, he found out the inheritance of whom he stumbled upon was related to the death of his father. And if he is found as the wielder of the divine manual, he would be chased to death. What would be his next line of action?

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  • A.C Elegbede


    Great ... Book and intriguing plot

    2024-03-07 06:32:29
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50 chapters
The sound of heavy breathing, being chased to death. The resurface of a heavenly divine manuals caused an uproar in the Chambers of the emperor.It was known to humanity/ cultivators the usefulness and how rare a heavenly divine grade manual is, and it has once again resurfaced, an inevitable bloodshed will occur but how and when remains a mystery.Not too long a tragedy occurred, the death of the emperor, Ye Bai Yi, alongside his great guardian Xuan yuan, they both were announced dead and there it all began, the search for the four missing great heavenly divine manual.. . . .Xuan ping's roomHe laid gently on his bed as he began to think things through, has a mistake occurred in his life? Or particularly, he was brought into the world with a demolished dantian.He shrugged as he ran his hands around his soft black hair, A cute-looking guy like him, probably born as a trash… Is that the will of the heavens?Ever since Xuan ping realized he could not cultivate, he made use of his ti
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Inside the secret realm
Xu xin's concerns grew as she realized they were all scattered and separated. Feeling particularly anxious for Xuan ping's safety, She and Chu zu started searching for him, knowing he lacked adequate protection against formidable opponents and beasts. Despite possessing high-grade bodily artifacts, they believed it would only provide a reprieve from certain death.“I don't know how brother Xuan is doing now since we've been separated,” Xu xin got more worried as she had not set her eyes on him for the past eight hours they've been in the secret realm.Xu xin who was lost in thought, was brought back by a voice.A beautiful lady all alone in this secret realm, if it isn't the young lady of the White lotus sect, who else could it have been?… Young lady Xu, A gentle lady from the White Lotus Sect, have made remarkable progress as you have advanced from the Foundation Establishment Realm to the Core Formation Realm.“Junior brother, won't you congratulate miss Xu?” Said Zhang to his broth
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“Senior sister,” Chu zu called out to Xu xin.“Oh, it is brother Chu zu,” Said Xu xin.Xu Xin approached his junior brother and asked, “How was your gain?”.“It was bountiful, and I was fortunate enough to come across a secret technique, but it does not seem to blend with my cultivation technique, so I am thinking of contributing it to the sect in exchange for points.”“That is an excellent junior brother,” Said Xu xin.“Come to think of it, Senior sister, I saved this for you,” Chu zu said, smiling.He brought it out. An earth grade alchemy fruit? Xu xin exclaimed.“I'm sorry junior brother, but this is too precious, I can't accept this from you”.“Senior sister, just accept this as a gift from me, and I'm giving this to you because I know how beneficial it would help in your cultivation”.“Then I won't be polite, thank you junior brother, have you seen brother Xuan Ping?”. Xu xin asked almost immediately.“No, come to think of it I did not come across him, but I'm sure he will be fi
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Last day in white lotus sect
The highly anticipated day arrived unexpectedly quickly.The day when disciples can exchange their contribution points for treasures and artifacts is highly anticipated. This is because they believe that no matter how strong they are, obtaining high-grade techniques and durable artifacts is essential.“Senior brothers let us go,” said a young miss with a beautiful blue pupil.What are you going to exchange your point for this time? She asked.“I am thinking of a movement technique, the technique I am cultivating now requires an agile skill to unleash it full power,” he replied.“Oh… that is very a good idea,” she said, acting cute, hmm a beauty to behold.“What about you?” she asked her other senior brother.“As for me, all I need now is a good sword. I am currently practicing a sword technique and all the swords I had gotten so far with me had all been damaged since they could not withhold impact, so I require a new one which can withstand the impact of the technique I am cultivating
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A tough journey
This is the second time I'm leaving the sect.Hmm, I could say this is my first time leaving the sect and I might even be gone for years.That aside, this is also my first time seeing such a sight, the birds whistling, the trees so bright and tall, the sky so blue and clear. What a beautiful scene to behold.It seems more to me like I've been confined in the sect, and now I'm free... By the way, let try cultivating the heaven secret movement. He infused some QI into the space/ spatial ring and entered the inner dimension.He sat down on the mat in a room full of high rank crystals and crossed his legs, and then he began to recite the mantra.Unknown to Xuan ping, while he moved into the spatial ring, he was seen by some travelers."Wu Liang, did you see the young man sitting on this tree.""No brother I did not see anybody, hmph seems like you have started hallucinating again.""Stop! I admit I do hallucinate, but today I do not believe that I saw it wrongly, if you can wait a bit I w
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Problem solved
“I have a question to ask.” Said Xuan ping as he was curious about what she said.*Go on and ask* She said while squirming.“You said something about pure yang energy before, can you explain it more to me because I still see no reason why you should be making use of a man's yang energy to supplement and improve your cultivation.” Said Xuan ping.*My kind are different from you lowly humans, we are neither human nor spirit, but still, we are called spiritual beings.*[Beings that don't have a spiritual form but take that of a human]We tend to rely on yang energy in man to supplement our yin energy to increase our cultivation levels, since our main cultivation manuals have gone missing since ancient time. We have been making use of this method even before I was born, and it only applies to the females, through the fact that the males don't utilize it still doesn't mean their cultivation increases that much.“Whoa! That is basically stealing, and if I'm right, it is through... Damn!” Xu
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Brothers for life
I am Xuan ping, and why do you want to meet me? he asked, confused and scared at the same time.If you don't mind, may I have a speech with you, he replied.No problem..... then they both walked towards a corner alongside Fei fei.He bowed a bit and apologized for the things his tribe men made him and his crew pass through, then he continued.I heard this cultivation art was given to little fei as a redemption gift from you… if you don't mind, may I ask where you got this cultivation art from?I knew that was where he was going to Xuan ping thought… yes the cultivation art was given to fei fei by me, he answered, but it won't be convenient for me to tell you where I got it from, please don't be annoyed.Hmm….he sighed, since young master Xuan does not want to talk about it, then I won't force it, everyone has his or her secret, so I won't probe any further.I was merely curious since it had been a thousand years since this art has last surfaced, once again, thank you and I apologize f
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Fortuitous encounter
It seems fate has brought you to me, although I don't believe in the word fate even as a Taoist. “I seem to recognize the QI emitting from your body,” Said old Taoist jun.Do you by any chance absorb the heavenly yuan QI of the emperor ye Bai Yi? He asked. This came as a shock to Xuan ping, knowing not what to do or say, what great perception he thought.Old Taoist jun seeing his reaction and reluctance knew Xuan ping had something to keep but seems great since he is unwilling to spout out the information concerning the matter.“Ok!” “No need for you to feel insecure” said old jun. I am an old friend of the late emperor Ye Bai Yi, and before his death I was entrusted with the task of finding the wielder of the heavenly manual and to guide them throughout their cultivation.Although that doesn't seem like me, since I don't even intend to do it, but seeing you in front of me means I don't have a choice.Xuan ping stood up and began to talk as he heard what the man in front of him ca
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Xu qing i
On getting to the tavern, Xiao feng, Xuan ping and their elder brothers and sisters began to have fun, they were not treated badly because they belonged to a distinguish sect (a first rated sect).Waiter! Waiter!!“Thank you for your patience, what is your order, young master?” Said the waiter.“Junior brother Xuan ping, why don't you take the order” Said Jiang ping.Thank God, I prepared a lot of money before I came here. He thought.“Waiter! Three jars of your best wine would do and serve us your best soup” Said Xuan ping.“Ok, young master, I will be back with your order as soon as possible” Said the waiter. He bowed and left rushing.“A jar of their best wine already cost so much, and he dared to order for three? This Xuan ping seems to be filled with money, I will be sure to reap him later” Jiang ping thought as he chuckled slightly.At the extreme of the tavern, members of an influential sect rated third, their sect mainly, is based on acupuncture- techniques to heal, kill, para
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Xu qing ii
After passing through a lot journeying towards the so-called great sect, Xu Qing was really eager to learn more about alchemy.Finally, the impatient girl got to the sect, but all that is left now is how she is going to enter through the locked sect gate.She began to wonder how a sects gate would be that huge, as far as being located deep in the mountain… “Maybe that is why it doesn't have a gatekeeper”.A voice sounded out of nowhere, “Young miss, who do you seek and your purpose?”.Xu Qing looked at all of her cardinal points but still could not process the location the voice was coming from.Immediately, she assumed it was a strong figure “I am Xu Qing from within the capital, I have been walking for some time now searching for an influential sect to learn and be impacted the knowledge of alchemy, eventually I found this place”.“Hmm, your luck I'll say, unfortunately there is no quota for recruiting any disciples this you can come try again in the next five years that
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