Ch 33: You get to live a little longer

Marcus holds poor Neva into the air not letting up with his grip around her neck. The anger was stronger, clouding his mind from seeking the answer about the blood inside this girl. Needing to kill Neva was all that he had in mind and it was getting close to the point as she could feel herself getting weaker to fight and the vision was getting darker.

Neva's whole body soon gave out no longer to keep on struggling signs of life was leaving this girl. Marcus sees this and keeps on to make sure that there is no for her to come back from this. Shockingly an image of himself takes the place of the girl he got a hold of which causes him to stop choking.

"What's wrong, why are you stopping isn't this what you want. I am here as you have me come on now don't you want to kill yourself."

"No…. This isn't right….. I want to kill him, not me."

"If that is so then why do you have the desire for your death as well."

Hearing this causes him to let go of the


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