Ch 65: She is dead

Marcus asks for this vampire's name, learning it would be useful to him when also seeing if she could hold any important information for one he is hunting down.

“Rosetta is my name.” She says giving it to him so easily since there is no harm to be done by doing so.

“That's your name, funny I never seem to recall knowing someone as you.”

“Of course, it would not be known famously around these lands when having lived for quite a long time in a different land that is my home. Been so long since the last time I traveled from home.”

Learning this vampire home is in a different land there is no worth to it when not relating to the main purpose.

“So what a vampire like you….”

“Oh no, you're not going to ask another question without being the gentleman to introduce yourself next when I was nice enough to go first,” Rosetta says, cutting him off.

“Fine, the name Marcus now, I would like to know what you are doing here.”

“Well there is a simple answer to that: I'm bored.”

Marcus goes sil
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