Chapter 97

Alpha Luca still lay on the same bed, while the witches performed the ritual, with Ryan by his side. She had refused to leave his side. She sat down on the bed beside him, holding his hands. The witches had tried to get her to leave several times, but she refused.

The others have gone to wait outside the room, waiting for good news, nothing else but good news.

Cara frowned as she watched the Queen, who was holding Alpha Luca's free arm while muttering a spell under her breath, she could see the look on the Queen's face, she didn't need to ask before she knew there was no improvement. Cara didn't understand why it was so difficult to bring him back, they have done the spell several times in the last hundred years, it was one of the first spells that every teenage witch would learn once she got into high school, but if the Queen herself couldn't do it, then Cara didn't think any other person could.

"Well, isn't this just great," a friend of hers whispered in her ears. "From one problem
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