The Dangerous Trio

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The Dangerous Trio

By: B.L James CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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The story revolves around three fearless men. Alpha Luca Castillo, Lord Romeo Martakis and Lord Valentine Morris. They are considered the three most powerful men in the supernatural world. Rumours have it that they are in a secret mafia cult. The lives of the trio suddenly take an odd dimension when a mastermind is playing games with them. A confidential group is trying to take over their realms and make them parallel earth. Nobody seems to know who the group were or what their next move would be but one thing is very sure, they mean business and are bound to unleash hell on the trio. First, Lord Romeo wakes up in a strange room with no memory of what happened to his days after his friends had been searching for him everywhere. He knew most things were wrong and before he could alert anyone, Lord Valentine went missing too and he came back to meet his laptops hacked. Their worlds are rocked by a series of unfortunate events that test them and also the bond they share. These men weren't ready for what was coming and the masterminds seemed to be beating them at the game for the first time in forever, they doubt their powers, their sanity is questioned and their loyalty is tested. Amidst trying to survive death traps and staying alive to defend their legacies, these men found love in the weirdest and most difficult place. and now, they have to fight for both love and their lives.

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  • geridari87


    Good story line, writing style is good as well! The book definitely deserves a try!

    2024-03-04 05:10:16
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Chapter 1
"Do you know what they teach people like you not to do?" He asked with a dangerous smirk before staring down at his victim, who looked like he would rather be anywhere than in this cold Castillo cell. Alpha Luca plunged the knife more profoundly, which seemed to pass across his message that he doesn't like to be kept waiting. The man nodded his head rapidly, which only earned another dark chuckle from his punisher. "Use your damn words, Marco; real men speak even in death." He pushed, and Marco could barely make a statement with the way he was in pain. Alpha Luca threw his head back in laughter as he watched Marco struggling to stay alive. He loved it when his victims fought so hard to keep active, and it gave him a deep feeling of power. He knew he could do and undo, and he could end the life they were fighting to keep in seconds. That was the beauty of it. Marco took excruciating breaths, and they were starting to look like his last, and Alpha Luca decided to make everything eas
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Chapter 2
The rumored Mafia boss, Romeo Martakis, is dead - The New York Times The CEO of Martakis Holdings has been successfully found dead in his penthouse - The Newshour Romeo Martakis found dead in a pool of his blood - The Gossip Tab Another newspaper or notification would send Alpha Luca over the edge, and he would find every editor before killing them in the most gruesome manner. Imagine waking up to a piece of news splashed everywhere about your friend's death, and you both know that killing him is like moving a mountain. Almost impossible. "Killing Lord Romeo is almost impossible, and we would have felt his soul leave the supernatural bond. Everything isn't adding up. "Not like the vampire had any good thing to do; he better be dead for real," Beta Ryan scoffed before leaning to pick a cup of cappuccino on the table. Before she could say jack, she was pinned against the wall by a furious Alpha Luca Castillo, who had pressed both fingers over her neck, preventing her from breathing
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Chapter 3
Alpha Luca had already assembled a small army of only the best of his men led by Beta Ryan. They were dressed in smart black wear and they were already trained to move in the dark without assistance. The rest would hang around till they hear a command from beta Ryan. only beta Ryan and her second would accompany them inside for all of their stops. They were heading to the Faeries realm first and Hera slept for most of the journey. Lord Valentine sat in the front seat of the SUV and he typed away on his tablet. He was the computer geek of the team and they relied on him for little things such as hacking into a government system or stealing illegal funds. It was something they all benefited from. "Speaking of the stinky biker cult, I heard a fourth member went missing and they are suspecting you. The last member said every one of their members who disappeared always met you in the restroom?" Lord Valentine asked out of nowhere and Alpha Luca started cackling. They weren't as dumb as h
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Chapter 4
Alpha Luca would have that a week after, the news around Lord Romeo's disappearance would die down, but it had only gotten bigger. It annoyed him every day, and he was tempted to travel to Earth, just to find the reporters who are spreading this. He wanted to punish them so badly, but he had enough on his plates already, worrying about Lord Romeo. He even had to go through a possible list of people Lord Romeo had wronged in the past, but half of them were dead and he considered them weaklings. He didn't think they would even dare come after Romeo. Ryan was watching from across the table and you could tell from the look on her face that she was not pleased with what was troubling him. Alpha Luca had invited her to dine with him that afternoon, but he hadn't even said a single word to her. She couldn't eat either because she didn't have the appetite, and his food was also untouched. Tired of it, she decided to speak up. "You know, maybe he just ran away?" She told him with a shrug. "Yo
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Chapter 5
As soon as the zombie jumped toward Alpha Luca who was much closer to her, he immediately aimed for his shotgun which was in his right pocket. He had taken that with him in case he was to meet anything that needed to be defeated. He was right after all. The shotgun makes things easier for him, rather than his gun. He knew that if he had taken his knife instead, he'd first have to maybe struggle with whatever and whoever he was fighting with before he defeated it. Immediately, he aimed the shotgun at the zombie's head and fired about four bullets consisting of small metal balls from the cartridge consecutively at its head. The zombie's head shattered into pieces immediately, flaunting across the environment, and the rest of her body went down to the floor. Seeing that he had defeated the zombie, he returns his shotgun to his pocket, where he had taken it from earlier. "That was a close call," Lord Valentine said as he watched Aloha Luca defeat the zombie. "But how did she turn into
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Chapter 6
"What is going on here? where am I?" He asked rhetorically, stumbling and trying hard to move against the wind. He kept struggling against the wind but it kept dragging him back into the chamber making him yell out in frustration. He woke up in a strange realm and nothing seemed familiar at all, he was confused and was almost losing his mind. He tried moving into the vacuum again and was pushed back forcefully by the wind yet again and so he stopped trying and sat back down on the floor when he woke up. "What's wrong?" He muttered looking around once again, he saw he was in the middle of a vacuum and yet it felt like he was inside of a cabin with no encasement. There was no door, no window; it was just like being in a vast space. He propped his head with his hands and concluded he was most probably drunk, but then he wasn't hungover. So what was wrong, he thought, pulling his hair in frustration. He pulled himself off the floor and tried walking in another direction with the h
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Chapter 7
"Are you sure about this?" demanded Alpha Luca while fondling the tip of the TV remote he was holding. His pleading tone was aimed at persuading Romeo to reconsider his decision. Alpha Luca, Lord Valentine, and Romeo were in Luca's mansion seated in his living room. Romeo had already made up his mind but Lord Valentine was hesitant yet he wouldn't want to let his friends down. They were like brothers after all and backing out at that moment would seem like cowering in the face of danger. "You know you've got history with them right?" Alpha Luca pointed out after switching on the TV and Lord Valentine nodded in agreement. Romeo was silent and his bloodshot eyes were fixed on the TV even though he was looking at nothing in particular. Lord Valentine's indecision was justified. He would confidently wander across different realms but a shape-shifting realm is a place he wouldn't want to toy with especially after his last gruesome encounter. A century ago, Lord Valentine embar
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Chapter 8
"Who the hell are you?" He asked, grabbing the shapeshifter by his collar. "I'm Romeo." The shapeshifter replied as if stating the obvious. "You aren't Romeo so shut the fuck up." Alpha Luca said, pulling him out of the driver's seat. "I'm Romeo wolfie, don't you recognize me," The shapeshifter said, still pretending, which further infuriated Luca into punching his head against the dashboard of the car. "Who the hell are you?" He screamed at the imposter. "I'm Romeo." The shale shifter kept insisting. "You aren't Romeo." Alpha Luca started and got a laugh in return. "You're wiser than they say you are a big bad wolf." The shapeshifter commended realizing his cover had been blown off by the Alpha. "What the hell are you doing here?" Alpha Luca asked, pissed at the fact that he was almost fooled. "Pretending to be Romeo I presume." The shapeshifter teased wiping off the blood on his head which has now spilled over the dashboard of the car. "What the hell." Alpha Luca growled,
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Chapter 9
Ryan stormed out of the cell and headed for the main quarters where Alpha Luca's study is located. Nothing pissed her as much as how Alpha Luca reacted to the situation at hand. She was used to Romeo being how he is, but she didn't expect Alpha Luca to vent his anger on her that way. "What did I expect though?" She muttered to herself and chuckled. "Not like I am anything special to him, so why would he care about how I felt?"She sighed and a hiss came out of her mouth before she could even think it through. She had had feelings for Alpha Luca way before anyone could think about it. It's been years and she still does. That was why aside from being his Beta, she was always ready to defend him and to stick to his side in case of anything. Her feelings for him had grown through the years, and it was only hurtful for her when after all those years, the feelings still haven't been reciprocated by him. "All he does is shout at me and order me around." She muttered again and hissed. As she
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Chapter 10
In a room barely illuminated except for the burning candles around, was a group of seven people: men and women dressed alike. They were all dressed in black gowns with capes and were gathered around a table.The cabin was near a lake and was covered by a thick forest. The niche was as silent as a tomb except for the rustling of the leaves and the sound of the cold breeze romancing the lake.A young man of about twenty-five years of age walked into the room with his face slightly covered by a hat. He was wearing the same black gown as the members of the group. "The witch is here but she wouldn't step in.'' he announced, clearing out his gray hat. The people around the table greeted one another with congratulatory smiles upon the announcement of the witch's arrival."Bring her in." directed the man seating in their middle in an authoritative tone. On both sides were three people each. Both his hands were stretched forth on the table. About forty years of age, he is the leader of the cu
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