The Demon That Laid Dormant

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The Demon That Laid Dormant

By: Elixer_Yuu OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Anger, hatred, sorrow, grief, despair. Who would have thought that my happy-go-lucky life would turn out like this within a day? My parents, dead. My family abandoned me. The world ostracized and treaded over me. The Goddess- cold, strong, and against me. And finally, my weak self, the only potential-less in the world of overwhelming Potential-bearers. Just one step and everything would be over... or so I thought. My Discord ID- Elixer_Yuu#5328 The credit for the cover goes to... I don't know who it is. Anyway, if you are the artist, contact me and I will give you the credit.

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21 chapters
How? Just how did this happen? Just a day ago I was laughing, playing, and eating with mom and dad. Even though I was cast outside the society, I never felt sad because of my parents, because they were with me at every step of my life. But now that they were no more, what was I supposed to do?I sat beside their grave, kept asking the same questions over and over. Why did they leave me? Was I not a good kid? Did I fail to live up to their expectations? Did they not find me useful? Well, upon thinking, the lattermost is most likely, after all, what use is there of a 9-year-old Potential-less kid in this world of dog-eat-dog.But still, was all of the love and affection they showered at me despite being Potential-less all a lie? Did the time we spent mean nothing to them? I wanted to believe it was not, I really wanted to, but I couldn't. I could no longer face away from the inevitable.The elder priest came over to me holding a piece of paper."I believe t
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"Wah!"I was in bed and it seemed like I had just woken up from a nightmare.I quickly glanced at my body. There were no wounds or any signs of blood. I turned my head to the left and saw the same scenery I always see outside my apartment- dark, dirty, and shady."Is this... my apartment?"My head was in a quell. There were a lot of things going inside my head."How am I still alive? I am pretty sure I died back then. How did I even get here? Normally, people would ignore my dead body. Who brought me here?"<Ah. I see that you are awake.>"Uwah!"The sudden voice in my head made me stumble and fall headfirst on the floor. It hurt. I almost lost the sensation of pain after my parents' death. When I jumped from my school building and crashed onto the ground, my body reacted to the pain but not my mind. It seems like I was revitalized now that I can feel pain."Who... who are you?" I asked with my face full of horror.
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I Am a Demon
Lan started his tale. We were no more in that disgusting space and now we were in my room, me sitting on the bed and Lan leaning against the single door in my room with a distance of hardly 3 meters. My room was never big to begin. It was more of a shed to me. "Demons, you humans probably know of them as horrendous creatures who are only known for killing and other horrendous deeds. Well, that's true for some of us, but not all of us. We are just like you humans, just with horns and wings." He paused for a bit to let me digest the things he said. I never believed in demons in the first place. And now someone I don't know suddenly says that demons are like us. How am I supposed to believe that? "How can I believe you?" "Wait. Before that let me finish my story." "Fine." He continued his tale. "We live in a different dimension than you humans." "Is it hell?" "Is that what you humans call our place? Really, you hum
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The Game
The message in front of my eyes filled my heart with raging ecstasy and filled my body with adrenaline. The articulate voice of a male filled the canals of my ears and dropped right inside my brain.I didn't know what this was nor did I know what was going to happen. All I knew is that this was where the real fun starts.<Yeah, you hit the bullseye once again. Aren't ya pretty lucky?>"Can I please get a bit of privacy?"<Yeah yeah, whatever.>"Hm... so, what's this message's deal?"<You wanna know?>"Yeah if I wanna kill that fuckin' BITCH?"<Why are you emphasizing that specific word too much?>"Cools my head."It's true. It really cools my head when I imagine that BITCH wriggling on her stomach and moaning in agony, begging me for mercy, and me stepping on her and crushing her nether regions and mouth. Go- I mean, Satan, I feel so good right now.<Woah... you are quite extreme.
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Not-Demon Like Demon
"Huff huff huff..."I panted heavily as my feet continued to work. I must have completed at least 10km and with all the push-ups and squats I did, it must have been a great gain. My frail body was energetic again. This was truly a splendid feeling. I could run like the other kids of my age and drench my body in sweat.<The system really gave you a hell lot of energy.>"I know right?"<Still gonna run?>"Nah, not anymore. I am going to do some exercises before going home. I bet no one wants to see trash like me doing exercises.<Self-burn? Now that's rare.>"Not for long."<You gotta get a hold of the system first.>"Hmm... it should have popped up by now..."<What?>Tring!{Daily training complete}"Sweet!"<How... did you?>"You see, in RPGs, you have to do some specific actions to gain some EXP without grinding, and that is called training. I
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Scums' Gathering
Sigh... I really don't want to go to that accursed place, but I am gonna fall behind from the one thing I am best at if I don't go.<Any memories you wanna share?>"About that place?"<Yeah.>"Hmm... all I have are dark memories. Still wanna listen?"<Yes, but actually no.>"Decide on one thing."<Nghhh... okay, I want to listen.>Why push yourself if you don't wanna do it? Are all demons pushover like this one? I wish they are not. Ah, but they are no more alive. Sad...I locked the door to my apartment and started for my school which was almost 1km away, which I have to cover all by my feet. This might sound so pitiful but still, I am gonna say it. I live in a secluded area devoid of any transportation or anything like that. Even if there was any transportation, I could not afford to waste my money on it. All this place has to offer are thieves, brutes, rapists- women and men both- and other dar
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Four Possibilities
"Welcome back, you son of a bitch!""Philip."I was wondering why this guy has still not said anything to me. Normally, he would come to me running and shower some punches and words of glory, but today he was always at the corner of my eyes."So, you tried to run?""You got a problem with that?""Of course, my friend."My friend?"How can I not have any problems when one of my friends returned from death's mouth?"He wrapped his hands over my shoulders and dragged me along with him gently. He was never this gentle with me, heck, was he ever gentle with me? I don't think so."Where are you taking me?" I said, looking over his wrapped hand."What? Just accompanying an old friend."<This guy is up to no good. Ken, be careful.>'Right.'Now, what are the possible outcomes that are about to befall me? One, he will use me to get everyone's admiration. Two, he will take me to a secluded place w
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"You...?" This was a shocker for me. What the hell was she doing here? "What are... you doing here?" The girl was staring daggers at me. It was very uncomfortable. "I found you lying unconscious behind the school?" Behind the school? Then... "Where are the others?" She made a puzzled face. "What 'others'?" Did she not find them? My memories from that time are still hazy. All I can remember is the message from the System. And then something happened to my body before passing out. No, now's not the time to think about such things. "Did you really not find anyone?" Her puppy eyes made a circle before stopping at me. "Nope. No one. Was someone with you?" She really did not find anyone. What happened to those bastards? "No, no one was there." But wait... "What were you doing there?" The girl in front of me was our class's princess, or should I say, our school's
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Fight Back
I walked to our classroom, and of course, there were a whole lot of students staring daggers at me. How did she even expect me to believe that pathetic lie? Top student, my ass. She got bulls for brains.<Don't talk badly of a behind a girl's back.>'Why shouldn't I? She was the one who is now tailing my back with clear ill intentions. Why did she even lie in the first place?'<Just don't.>'Hmm... I had doubts but now I am sure.'The way he talked, the way he acted, and now this.<What?>'You are a Casanova.'<That I am.>'Don't just admit it that easily!'<Why shouldn't I?>'Holding my gun at me huh...'<Hehe.>This guy really puts me off when he tries to act cute."I haven't seen that son of a bitch the whole day."Ah, yes. Gossips."Must have gone to die again.""Why is he still here?""Get the fuck out!""Haa...
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"What the..."That guy was lying on his back with his neck tilted to the side and... he was not breathing...My eyes stayed fixed at the spot I hit him.Blood, no, I don't think that substance could be called blood. A liquid that was dyed in pure black with a simple tinge of blood-red which gave off an ominous scent, that this couldn't be called "blood". It was simply terrifying to watch. But those are all side notes. My main concern was that I killed someone with my own hands...All sorts of thoughts rose and raged in my mind. Someone I killed for the first time... the shock was, by no means, a small one.Fuck, this is not good. My head is going all fuzzy. I can't concentrate.I glanced at my fingers. They were soaking wet... not with anything weird but blood.I always thought that they were better off dead, but never in my life did I think that I should be the one to kill them. I got bullied, abandoned, and lived in fear of my chast
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