The Goldstein Retribution Saga

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The Goldstein Retribution Saga

By: Dream Raptor Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Leander and Camila had been in a sensual relationship for almost a year, despite Camila's discomfort with his poor lifestyle. Eventually, she saw an opportunity to break free when Rex, a rich campus heartthrob, proposed to her on her 19th birthday with an extravagant gift package. Though she never planned to ditch Leander, she realized that he wasn’t the right person to help her achieve her goals and dreams of success. You might think the easiest way to end the relationship would be for Camila to tell Leander she was no longer interested. But it didn't happen that way. Instead, she accepted Rex's proposal and lashed out at Leander with a barrage of insults. The story didn't end there. Camila and the rich guy went to shocking lengths to frame Leander for fraud. As if that weren't enough, Leander was unfairly expelled from the university. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You won't believe what happens next. Watch out for the shocking twists and turns as we find out if, and how, Leander Goldstein makes his dramatic return.

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  • Limeberry17


    This is such good story, can't wait for the new chapters

    2024-06-16 00:09:54
  • Morningale


    Add this book to your library. you won't regret it◉⁠‿⁠◉

    2024-06-08 02:15:50
  • Mwrites


    interesting novel. I get captivated

    2024-05-26 20:34:47
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108 chapters
Chapter 001
At approximately 7:30 a.m., Leander Hawthorne and Camila dashed into the library, textbooks in hand, their minds set on the looming final exams.Although attractive and brilliant, Leander faced financial struggles while his peers enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. Despite their efforts to reduce social inequality, their resentment served as a reminder of his low status. They engaged in various behaviors, from gloating and monopolizing resources to making his path to success more challenging. He was belittled for his part-time job, mocked for his second-hand clothes, and excluded from expensive social events because they believed he didn't deserve special treatment.In the absence of any festive arrangements, murmurs and whispers, accompanied by background music boomed. Irritated, Leander and Camila glanced up from their books to see what was happening."Camila, come over here!" They heard their friends' voices echoing as one. Additionally, Leander couldn't help but wonder if those students w
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Chapter 002
"Hahaha, I thought people claim you're very intelligent and most brilliant. Can't you pass without reading? I bet this final exam you won't make it to the top like other semesters because I want you to fail miserably. You won't be the best this time; I'm the next!" Rex admitted with a deep scowl, his eyes filled with excitement."Tearing my textbook won't solve the problem, but do you know how important it is to me? Rex, I won't let this go for belittling me and destroying my belonging." In frustration, Leander insisted, his expression stern and authoritative.Rex nodded in agreement. "Go ahead, spoiled brat! Let's see what you can do,” Irritated by his statement, Leander retaliated by lunging at Rex, seizing his pricey Rolex. With trembling hands, he smashed it against the wall until it shattered. "Fuck you," Rex muttered through gritted teeth. Rex, trembling with anger, landed a feeble kick on Leander, who nearly lost consciousness from the impact and fell to the ground. The kick
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Chapter 003
Back on campus in the evening, Leander experienced what he never wished for—he bumped into Camila. Tension surged as they locked gazes, memories of Leander’s humiliation flooding back.Enraged, Leander's voice quivered with hurt. "You cheat," he accused. "You dumped me all because of that brilliant fool, Rex. Imagine someone just waking up one day and telling you that he loves you; now you're falling for a playboy," he lamented, his words heavy with a mix of disbelief and unease.“Ergh, I can't fall for a bigger coward… a scum like you! Go to hell,” Camila exclaimed with a deep scowl. “Imagine, you even had the audacity to call an asshole,”Laughter erupted from nearby students as they eavesdropped on their conversation, finding Camila's insult to Leander amusing, simply mocking him.They whispered, "Is this poor soul here to win over Camila?" The murmurs from a set of students continued, "Camila is off-limits to you, got it? Don't let the catch you here, or you'll be treated like
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Chapter 004
The next day, Leander found himself alone in his room, his mind swirling with panic as he tried to decipher the unexpected deposit. The sender's identity remained a mystery, adding to his unease.As time passed, Leander was lost in thought, torn between the mysterious funds and his pressing financial commitments."What if this money isn't meant for me? Could it be a banking error?" He pondered, feeling his head spin in confusion as he struggled to compose himself.Tempted, he hurried to a nearby bank, momentarily forgetting his worries of being implicated. Fumbling with his debit card, he inserted it into the payment machine. The screen lit up, offering options to complete the transaction.He swiftly withdrew ten £20 bills and hailed a taxi to a mobile store.Arriving at the sleek 'Nexus Tech Store', Leander admired its trendy vibe. His platinum blonde hair tousled by the breeze, he stepped inside, greeted by mahogany shelves and modern lamps. The store showcased state-of-the-art gadg
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Chapter 005
This wasn't the second time Leander couldn't find Camila in the classroom. His concern surged because ever since she started spending time with Rex, she had been skipping important lectures, especially those on quantitative analysis, which she struggled with. Leander's pride was wounded as he remembered how he had consistently helped in preparing her for exams, which had impacted her grades.Curious, Leander approached Marcella, a friend of hers and asked, “Excuse me, I haven't seen Camila attending lectures since yesterday. What's going on?”Marcella gave Leander a deadly side-eye. Snarling in disgust, she spat out, a radiant smile dancing on her face, “Why do you ask, loser? Are you still claiming Camila as your girlfriend?”Leander quickly cut in, his words heavy with authority and confidence, “I don't want any insults about chasing after Rex’s crush or whatever. I just wanted to know her welfare.”“Alright, she's okay, but it's just personal emergencies,” Marcella replied in a rud
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Chapter 006
In the lavish Veritas CEO's office, brimming with luxury and high-tech gadgets, Daxton warmly greeted him, "Welcome, Master Leander.”Leander's unease and confusion heightened as he declared, "Sir, why do you address me as master? The receptionist did the same."Daxton responded with a slight nod, "Ahh, it's because you're now an important figure of the Goldstein family, an heir." Leander's eyes widened in disbelief, a sudden shock coursing through him, leaving him bewildered."But how come? It seems like you're keeping me in the dark," Leander's curiosity peaked, worry etching into his brows."Be calm, I'll explain. Long ago, I had a relationship with your mother, Sophia Adams. Unfortunately, when you were born, I wasn't ready to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood, so you were given up for adoption to the Hawthorne family," Daxton's voice softened as he revealed the truth."After marrying another woman, I faced challenges conceiving a child due to hormonal imbalances and canc
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Chapter 007
The sound of approaching footsteps disturbed Dean Walker’s office. As she sighted Leander through the glass windows, she quickly set aside the papers on her desk, a grave expression on her face.Leander entered hesitantly. "Hello ma, I was told to come here yesterday but I was at an open mic night and I felt it was too late.” He muttered with a relieved sigh.Her eyes roamed down the sequin on her dress and shook her head ruefully. Trying to decipher her worry, Leander came short of breath."Leander, do you understand the gravity of your actions?" She cleared her throat, her expression a mix of anxiety and disappointment.Leander frowned, stumbling over his words, "Sorry, I'm not following. Can you give more details about the actions I did wrong?" He struggled to make sense of recent events, his eyes showing concern and intrigue.After some reflection, Leander pieced it together and thought that the Dean was referring to the cyber fraud incident."Hmm... No, you... you involved in vio
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Chapter 008
Leander paused at a crossroads, adjusting his helmet and deftly balanced a stack of piping hot pizzas. Glancing at the delivery slip, he realized the destination was not far. Despite this, he knew he had to honor the customer's request and wait patiently at the junction.After dialing the number on the receipt, Leander was confused as to why the call didn't go through. On his second attempt, he heard a soft murmur followed by a lady's voice. Taking a soft gasp, he asked, "Am I speaking with Ms. Brianna Taylor?”Awaiting a response, he broke the silence. "Who…? Oh, yes, I'm. Where are you now?" Her confident voice resonated after almost stuttering."I'm currently at Snowflakes Junction, ready for your order to be picked up," Leander replied in a clear and friendly tone.Clearing his throat, he suggested, "Would you like doorstep delivery for added convenience? It'll save time and energy.”Ms. Brianna hummed softly in agreement, her understanding evident. "Alright, that's true," she ack
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Chapter 009
Noticing the masked figures had moved a few inches away to talk in secret, Leander, pretending as if he was dying, gasped."Freaking jerk,” Covered in grime and blood, Leander muttered while lifting his head up. With a fierce resolve, he jumped onto his feet and stood firm and used a piece of bandanna to stop a major bleeding on his hand.As strides sounded, the masked figures turned back to see what was happening. Annoyed, one of them growled, "Who told you to rise? Do you want me to teach you a lesson again, loser?""Head down, men!" Meeting their stares, Leander stayed silent and in disdain. His cold stare expressed a great deal, while anger concealed his face, leaving them in shock and speechless as he defied expectations by his confidence.Amid heavy breaths, one of them approached to make a mockery of him. "Your confidence got you expelled, didn't it?" he sneered. Leander, confused, his brow furrowing. "I know those who instigated it so you don't have to talk about it." His vo
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Chapter 010
Maneuvering his classic Ford SUV, Rex arrived at the hospital’s emergency bay and parked. The hospital, seen as one of the biggest and most cutting-edge in the city, stood out prominently. Feeling his heart race with anxiety, he quickly turned off the engine.Exiting the car, Rex took note of the bustling surroundings. When a nurse spotted him, she hurried over to attend to them with a genuine smile. "Hello, good day. How may I help you?" she greeted, her demeanor exuding warmth and professionalism."Yeah, we've got a patient. He was in a road accident," Rex exclaimed, anxiously observing the nurse rush towards Leander, her steps fast.“Um, did anyone help him with first aid?" With freckles sprinkled across her cheeks like stardust, the nurse was eager."Was any first aid given?" The nurse repeated. Rex shook his head, “We didn't administer any first aid.”As the door swung open, the nurse gasped sharply. Within minutes, a team of nurses emerged, pushing a stretcher on which they tran
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