Billionaire's Twisted Fate

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Billionaire's Twisted Fate

By: Anjali CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Sebastian was on cloud nine as he was going to propose to his long time girlfriend but destiny had decided something else for him when he got to know that he was cheated by his girlfriend as he was poor. His whole world turned upside-down, when a small delivery boy became a billionaire in just one night. Join his roller-coaster journey of life to enjoy this ride.

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221 chapters
1. Regret
Sebastian is on cloud nine today as tonight he will be going to propose to his girlfriend, Mia, by giving this silver ring which he bought from saving a little every month from my salary.Oh! I am sorry I forgot to introduce him to all of you. He is Sebastian, a delivery boy who is working hard day and night to make his future bright and to marry his long time girlfriend, Mia. As she loves to buy expensive things whenever they went shopping, he was bound to do a different part time job to meet her expenses because he didn't want to see her sad at any cost.And if these materialistic things make her happy, then he is ready to sell himself too without thinking for once. Afterall his love for her is unconditional and infinite.But for now, he is at work and on his way to find the customer's room and deliver the food to him. He was sure he or she must be waiting for him eagerly and he was very punctual with his time when it comes to his work. Finally he found the room, knocked on the do
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2. Meeting with a Stranger
"Regret? My foot.", Mia scoffed. " In fact Sebastian should regret it because of his violent behavior." She added and ran towards Nick to check on him."Are you alright? Is it too much painful ? May I call the doctor?"Mia asked, checking his wound."I will take my revenge from him very soon.",Nick said as he was really furious and burning in anger.But when his eyes landed on her pajamas which she was wearing below her gown, lust soon took over his revenge emotions and he smiled lewdly."But before that I would punish his ex first. Come baby, let me punish you.", Nick said in his deep husky voice, making Mia look at him seductively.And soon the room was filled with the sounds of moans.Sebastian did not know what happened behind him and he came out feeling lost. He was walking aimlessly on the streets when he came across a river and he decided to sit there and calm down his body and mind.Sebastian was silently observing the waves when he took out the silver ring from his pocket whic
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3. Message
After Sebastian received the message of getting 100 million dollars in my card, he got another message telling him to go to the Radisson company to take over it.He was quite surprised and shocked too after receiving this message. He was unable to decide what he should do at the moment.If it was earlier he might have thought before taking any step in his life but for now he was ready to take any risk as he wanted to become a successful billionaire at any cost so he decided to go with the flow.The betrayal of his girlfriend with her new boyfriend and her memories started flashing in his mind, making him realize that there was no chance he was going back in his past. No matter how much he loved her, but his love held no importance in her eyes as she chose a rich man over him. So now all he wanted was to make her regret her decision and this could be happen only when he would become a successful Billionaire and that would be possible only after taking over the CEO position in this c
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4. Misunderstanding
Sebastian arrived at the CEO's office and opened the door of the cabin, when his eyes landed on the butler present over there. He turned himself looking at the direction of the door to know who unlocked it and finally his eyes met Sebastian's eyes. He was welcomed by the Butler. And he could assure that he was happy to see him here with his smiling face."Hello my child , welcome to our company as you are new here. I hope you won't have to face much trouble to find our address.", The Butler said smilingly."No.. Of Course not. I found the address easily as everyone knew about this place as it's a famous company after all.", Sebastian responded instantly. "I am really happy that finally you made up your mind and decided to work here and accepted my offer.", The Butler said with a huge smile on his face. "I have to accept your proposal as I thought about it deeply and then only I realized that God has given me this opportunity himself, and I would be a stupid if I declined it without
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5. New CEO
Everyone turned around including the receptionist to see the source from where the sound came."Stop," the general manager said. Her face was pale, like the color of her face faded away in shock.She had the phone in her hand and she was looking in her phone and then at Sebastian. It seems like she was trying to match the photo in her phone with that of Sebastian.Because she was reading the email, Butler sent to her including the photo of their new CEO.The general manager went numb for a moment. She was too shocked to say anything for a while.She was terrified and furious at the same time.Everyone present there did not understand the reason behind their general manager's action. They were also confused as earlier it was her who ordered them to arrest the delivery boy as soon as possible and now when they were so close to catching him red handed she stopped them and was busy staring at her mobile screen once and then at the delivery boy once at a time."But Ma'am it was you who o
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6. Humiliation
Sebastian arrived at the most famous bank of the city. This is the place where he could use his bank card to withdraw the cash and go for a shopping after that.He parked his scooter at the parking area, where there were already many luxury cars were parked.But when he entered the bank, everyone stopped working and stared at him with weird eyes.Whispers and murmurs spread like wildfire, catching the attention of curious onlookers. Everyone present there couldn't resist sharing speculations and gossip about the unexpected sight before them. Some wondered if it was a prank or a misplaced individual, while others couldn't help but speculate about Sebastian's background and reasons for donning such an attire. The scene became a mixture of amusement, intrigue, and perhaps a touch of judgment, as the contrast between the delivery boy uniform and the elegant bankers ensembles sparked a flurry of conversations and raised eyebrows.As this bank serves for the richest guy in this city, eve
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7. Karma
Watching her bank manager bowing in front of the poor delivery boy, made the bank clerk terrified. "Sir, May I know why you are so respectful to him?", The bank clerk questioned in her trembling voice looking at Sebastian with a disgusting face. Listening to her words the bank manager slapped her tightly right across her face making everyone flinch at their position in fear. The general manager was too shocked to say something. She was speechless at his action. "This bank card is only for those Senior VIP clients of our bank, who have at least 50 million dollars in the card.", The general manager said looking angrily at her. "Do you have any idea what you were doing before? You were insulting our clients, judging them without knowing their perspective and purpose to come here.", The general manager said, gritting his teeth. "But now I wanted to transfer all my money to another bank because you guys are so snobbish. I don't want to relate myself with such type of people who don't
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8. Accident
Before Sebastian could understand something and say to that man. The man started shouting and blaming him for the accident.But it was totally wrong as it was that man who knocked Sebastian, instead of apologizing to him, he started accusing him for the mistake which he did not do.The man's accusations were completely baseless, as it was evident to Sebastian that he was the innocent party in the accident.In fact, it was the man who had carelessly knocked into Sebastian's car, causing the damage. Instead of acknowledging his mistake and offering an apology, the man brazenly tried to shift the blame onto Sebastian, accusing him of being at fault.Sebastian's patience wore thin, and his frustration mounted as he heard the man's unfounded claims. He knew he had followed the rules and was not responsible for the collision. The injustice of the situation irked him, but he tried to maintain his composure despite the man's aggressive demeanor.Sebastian got angry at the man's action as he
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9. Dramatic Twist
I am extremely sorry, Sir.", The police officer said with a flattery tone and apologized to the man immediately.The man smirked seeing the change in the police officer's behavior.The police officer then turned towards Sebastian to face him."I am sorry young boy, but you will have to compensate for this man's loss.",The police officer frowned at him."Are you really sure that you would not see the monitor before ordering your judgment to us.", Sebastian sneered looking at him."No. I would not do that. I am pretty much sure about this.", The police officer replied bluntly. "Okay then, please give me your mobile phone for a minute. I have to make a call.", Sebastian said looking at the police officer. "Oh! Yes. I must know it, poor people like you, can't afford to have their own mobile.", The man mocked and the young girl also joined him in laughing at him. "That's your thinking man. For your kind information, I had one. But this morning, it got broken down in an accident.", Seba
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10. Strength
The man got terrified with Sebastian's action. Sebastian stared at him coldly."I hate those bastards who rely on their family and do whatever they want.",Sebastian said, gazing towards the man.The butler was scared at first but then he stopped Sebastian.Sebastian looked at him with confused eyes when the Butler walked to his car and came up with a golf club in his hand." This would protect you from getting injured Sir.", The Butler passed the golf club towards him.The owner of the car along with his girlfriend got shocked and their eyes popped out in nervousness.Sebastian started breaking all the windows of the car.Witnessing the scene in front of their eyes, everyone was shocked and no words came out of their mouth to defend themselves.But the golf club was not enough to destroy the whole car. The scene changed when suddenly, some men in black came there in different cars. Everyone looked at them with confused eyes then the Butler informed them that they were the guardians
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