The Genuine Top G Alexander Davis

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The Genuine Top G Alexander Davis

By: Rytir OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After months on business abroad, Alex suddenly gets rejected when he returns home. His wife just gives a letter stating she has been officially declared a widow. To add salt to his wounded pride, he is also denied to meet his beloved daughter due to the accusations of obscenity against him. Until he realizes that everything is just a setup only to kick him out. The family that he had previously saved from the sinkhole of debts, is now kicking him out so cruelly like a street dog. Will he choose silence? Or, will he pay them back, reclaim his rights over the daughter, and get back his dignity as a respectable man.

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153 chapters
001 - When Pictures Paint A Thousand Words
The afternoon this month is still a bit cold and breezy. A strong, 182 cm tall man with a firm face and a short hair step out of the taxi, carrying two suitcases while holding one stuffed animal. He tidies his worn-out long coat and stands on the side of the road, gazing up at the highest point of a massive mansion in the distance. It’s the mansion where he lives with his family. He is Alexander Davis, a businessman who has just returned from a long business trip. With a stubble beard, he almost resembles a homeless person. He has been away for so long that he can no longer contain his longing to reunite with his wife and little daughter. But… “Sorry, Sir! We can’t let you in!” The guard coldly denies him from entering his own house. Indeed, the land and everything above it belongs to his wife, who is the owner of Vintage Vega, Inc., the largest company in Sydney. However, being coldly denied entry by the guard feels like a contradiction to him, defying the norms of society. He
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002 - The Eerie Looking Stuffed Animal
While walking towards the gate, he keeps examining the other pictures. To his surprise, there are even three pictures capturing the same woman having sex with someone in a room. That woman in the picture even puts on a pose in front of the camera like a porn star having a fake good time. That’s when Alex realizes someone must have scammed him. Everything is orchastrated to make it look like it was him having an affair. After all, who would want to do that immoral thing, with a third person in the room freely taking pictures of what happened up close. “Who the hell is this bitch?” he grumbles. “Isn't that the bitch you chose over my dear sister,” says Dylan, showing his smug smile. Alex’s eyebrows are twitched, to find that Dylan’s behavior suddenly becomes different. Just a few minutes ago, Dylan appeared so furious. But now he wears a smug confident smile, exuding an air of arrogance as if he had achieved a victory. Dylan tilts his chin upward, looking down at Alex with a disda
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003 - The Smoke
Alex did live in a remote island with a hermit named Morgan Davis. He even takes that man’s surename as his. But he never knew that the old man whom he consideres as his father was that great. “Last Tuesday you said?” asks Alex. Boris nods once composedly. That’s actually a day right after the date in the official paper that Sofia gave to Alex, which of course makes Alex even more curious. “I take that you never study under him, yet you seem to be quite close to my teacher,” utters Alex. “It’s because of Sofia's father. Rodolfo Vega also studied under him for 8 years when he was young, and became a great businessman after that. After you, Rodolfo Vega was the second longest person living with that old man. They were quite close.” That one really catches Alex’s interest. He never knew that his late father-in-law also studied to the same teacher as him in that remote island. “When Rodolfo Vega got old and sick which led his company into a crisis, he also learned about you,” continu
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004 - Avoiding Scandal
Alex can’t just accept this coincidence, for the fact his teacher sent him to a man who has an issue with Dylan Vega whom he just had an issue just this afternoon. He starts speculating, could it be that this is not a mere mission, but a trial.“For what reason?” asks Alex.The youngster with the curly ponytail named Nelson who sits beside Alex suddenly interferes.“That fucker spitted to my face in public.”Alex averts his face to the youngster. This youngster, who is usually referred The 2nd Top G on the street, nonchalantly blows his smoke at Alex’s face for the second time.“I’m the son of Harry Gaines, The Top G in Sydney. Nobody can just spit on my face and live. Isn’t that clear enough?”Out of nowhere, Alex picks the glass ashtray and slams it so hard at that youngster’s forehead. And again, Alex hears a man moan so pathetically like a bitch, making him a bit regret hurting that kid.“Nobody can just blow smoke into my face and leave unhurt.”The two guards point their guns at
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005 - A Man Without Formal Education
She doesn’t want this issue to tarnish her name, her family and the brand of her company. Not to mention the negative effect that her daughter would receive if she has to grow up while having such a scandal in her life. “Didn’t we already give it to him?” asks Sofia desperately. “After learning our situation, he changed his mind and asked for more,” explains Dylan. “How much?” “Five hundred grands, in cash. This time, he promised that he will give all the evidences he has to us.” Sofia finds it hard to stay standing on her feet. She feels like the house is swaying like it is a ship on the sea. She tries to reach a chair, and then takes a seat. She has paid that man Dylan mentioned before for $500k, and now she has to pay for more. “I suggest you comply with his demand. It’s nothing compared to what will happen if he shares those pictures to the public,” suggests Dylan flatly. “Or, we can hire a hitman to kill that man.” “A hitman?” grumbles Sofia with a disbelieving face. “Are
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006 - A Bad Memory
Unlike before, her face looks a bit calm knowing that Alex is still doing the same thing, examining the document without taking any note. A few moments later, Alice comes in by bringing a pot of coffee and one empty cup. She puts the cup on the table near Alex, and offers him the coffee. Due to being at his peak concentration, Alex doesn’t respond to her. That’s when Alice deliberately spills the coffee while pouring it into the cup. It startles Alex, and he immediately takes the document away. However, one side of the document has been wet by the coffee. Not to mention that Alice made the coffee so thick and hot, making most texts and numbers on the left side of that document so hard to examine. “Aah, I’m sorry! I, I…” Oddly, Alex doesn’t seem too bothered by it. “It’s okay. I’ve finished with everything on that part. You don’t need to worry about that.” “But…” Alex just smiles peacefully, and then separates the other documents from the financial report from 7 years ago which
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007 - A Clean Financial Report
He finds it hard to hold it. So he heads straight to the kindergarten where his daughter should be at these hours. However, he is aware that he can't forcefully meet with Elly at the moment.Instead, he decides to wait at a coffee shop across the road, hoping for an opportunity to encounter Sofia when she comes to pick up their daughter.Until at some point, he gets a phone call from Harry Gaines.[Where are you?]“In a coffee shop.”[A lunch break? I heard you were taking your leave to get back home]“Yeah, I'm done!”[Hey, you asked me $150K for a day, so I expect you to take your job seriously]“Rest assured! Like I said, I'm done. So you don’t need to pay me for tomorrow. I'll give my assessment later.”Alex immediately turns off the call and heads back home with a tired face. Yes, he is back home, not to Boris’ apartment.Just because Sofia has kicked him out of her family, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything. Even before marrying Sofia, he already had a house in a quiet neighb
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008 - A Man With Ambition
That middle aged lady looks a bit clueless, until Alex commands her to look for the data from five years ago. “Let’s check on your expenditure for wheat flour in March!” Alex issues. Julia follows it with an unsure expression. On the other hand, Harry Gaines also checks on Alex’s file for the same month, focusing on that said commodity. “Based on the amount you bought, and the total price you paid, it can be concluded that you are buying at a base price of...” Julia immediately takes out her phone, and looks for the calculator application to calculate the base price. But... “It was $7.46 per kilogram,” continues Alex after taking a few seconds in recalling the data and calculating the numbers. It stuns Julia for a moment. But she still thinks that Alex is just bluffing, so he rushes to use her calculator and calculates it herself, only to find the exact same numbers, 7.46. However, the document in Harry’s hand shows that the average price for that commodity for that month was on
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009 - The Threatened Top G
Alex raises one of his eyebrows. He then smiles with a silly face by tilting his head a bit to take a look at Julia Henderson before giving his reply to Harry Gaines.“You see! I’m a man of my word, and I’ve promised something to her. If you hire me as a CEO, you have to ignore whatever she has done. Is that okay with you?”Harry takes a dissatisfied sigh once before he gives a nod. Julia’s face drastically changes just to see that one nod, feeling so grateful with what Alex has done for her.But Harry still puts on a cold face towards Julia, and then instructs her to call all the names she mentioned earlier.“Bring them all here!”Julia gives a quick response with her nod a few times and rushes outside. But then after she just passes Alex, she turns back and expresses her gratitude.“I will never forget this debt of gratitude. Thank You!”Alex smiles with a satisfied face as he watches her leave. “Mr. Harry! That’s how you gain someone’s trust. You don’t always need to use power to g
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010 - You Should Be Grateful
But Alex makes a quick judgment, knocking Darnel away, and steps on the gun at the same time to prevent Harry from picking it.    “Don’t ever think about killing him,” warns Alex as he flaps his hanky before using it to pick the gun. “He still has your money. If you kill him, you will lose all of them. And you will only get into more trouble to cover your crime.”    The thing is, Harry’s face is still looking so pale. He is now considering Darnel, the trusted right hand, as a serious threat to his life. His instinct tells him that he needs to erase that threat while he has the chance.    He knows Alex’s warning is a reasonable one. However, he still coldly asks for the gun from him.    Oddly, Alex nonchalantly gives the gun to Harry without showing so much concern anymore.    “At least, I’ve warned you,” h
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