A stay out of danger (2)

He felt a tremendous pain on his head when he woke up. It felt like that feeling when you had one can of beer or too much the night before the pain assaults you. It gave him no choice but to open his eyes and see the unfamiliar ceiling once again. Somehow he is missing his room at the Night mansion.

“Can’t catch enough sleep?” he quickly turned his head towards the familiar voice and frowned. He remembered that the one he is sharing with is Andrea and Brent could figure what he was thinking from his frowning face so he explained without being asked.

“The human is being assaulted by that girl human. They are noisy” then he put his gaze back again to the book that felt like not fitting to his image as someone who will make profanities shy when it comes out of his mouth. He get up and slowly releases the hug at his waist to prevent Andrea from waking up.

“The sun isn’t up yet, how w


hi to everyone who is still reading. I love you!

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