A stay out of danger (3)


The people cheered and all the names that had been called went to their respected cage to battle but my gaze is only focused on one person. He has been the only one who I hated the most since he participated in this exam. This should be my debut as an adventurer and yet because the two of them joined, I was nothing but a background now!  I won’t really forgive him!

The first test is easy that even her taken it lightly and she didn’t even felt any nervousness in her. It should be just to show your stamina or how heavy can you carry and yet! Not just “5” but “8” came out as his result! He surpasses what I did and ended up tied with her nine year old sister! He is evidently is one of my age and yet! I felt lost in that moment that is why I didn’t hold the reign of my emotion well and accidentally made him felt my intent. It wasn’t my fault really! I had hidden myself after though so he

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