Nestor (3)

Skyfall Restaurant, West Entrance – Luminus Empire.

Debris and pillars were scattered everywhere and detached bodies filled with horror and fright filled his system. Sky covered his nose from the strong stench that swallowed the whole of the Luminus. Nest and CIel were at the same disposition as him, but what they smelled are far weak than Sky.

Did they land in the wrong building? But he is sure they should be at the inner part of their home. He made an escape route if the empire found out that they are hiding their identity inside the empire that is why he is sure, this is the inner part of their home!

But why?

Why Sky could see the outside from here? The walls are fallen and pillars were crushed? What is happening? Sky has so many questions but there is no one to answer his thoughts. But not far from him, he could feel a strong presence and so he dashed towards it and hidden his wings, relyin

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