Tenth author's journal 2: Mikhail

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Tenth author's journal 2: Mikhail

By: Wilhelm Duy OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The war between demons and angels that has raged across countless worlds is now spreading to Obsidian. Thousands of independent city-states have ruled the Obsidian world for centuries, rising high above a dark, wind-tossed ocean. The Obsidian world is now threatened by an all-out war between angels and demons. Book 2 focuses on the third archangel, Mikhail, and how their decisions affect the world surrounding the war. Sides A and B offer different perspectives on a single-choice play-out that changes the story forever.

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57 chapters
1_Escape the cage
Chapter 1: Escape the nest"What might exist outside the garden of Promise?" While lying on the cloud thread bed, the thoughts linger in my mind. Outside the room, the soldier angels are marching around, while the gardener angels are tending to the garden. They always say that sticking to Ir routine will keep me safe. That's a funny lie if they've been pretending to overlook my cries for help in all of my "brother" and "sister" lessons. This place, according to pa and ma, is the ideal place to live, and "mortals" consider it to be their paradise. Which of the twisted ones wants to live without a sliver of freedom?"Mortals" are those who worshiped us, the fabled archangels, while ma and pa drew power from them. They should not be worshipping someone as egoistic as them. Every time they told me how they made a mortal's life miserable or praised how their favorite mortals have a certain quality that is worth playing, it changed my perspective on the life I had considered to be "mortals.
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2_Open blinded eyes
Chapter 2: Open my eyesThe garden is deafeningly quiet as the execution, which will be the first held here, approaches. If not already stated loudly and clearly by the inhabitant here, it will finally declare this place to be held by the angel fraction to the world. Most of the weapons that had been hidden from "that child's" eyes were finally unsheathed by the guarding angels.The emotion I am experiencing right now is conflict. For someone who dealt with the demon themselves, I find myself quite trusting of the other side. Despite the fact that both of our identities scream out how unwilling we are to form a contract with each other, I feel like a child again, trusting someone who will not manipulate me like my family.The glass dorm emits an irritating ray of sunlight. Even with the mountain covered in snow, the sun is harsh today. How presumptuous of them to assign only two angel soldiers to drag the demon who is being dragged on with a chain surrounding him steeping on the execu
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3_Shivering truth
Chapter 3: Heartfelt experienceFinishing those subordinates of the head angel, the demon cries out of relief that he is tortured and grants an animal execution to, now no more thanks to my interference. He looks back at me and expresses such curiosity I have not seen before“Little angel, what spell did you cast on them? Even as a demon I can’t see what kind of black magic you have used.”“Oh I thought, it was common among you to use it. It’s…”Before I can say more, the reinforcement has already arrived so he just grabs me and goes to the exit. He flutters his wyvern wings and both of us soar on the night sky above. So this is the outside world, The air so cold that it causes me to tremble. He also senses my tremble as he lands in the cave of a nearby mountain.The silent cold covers the tense atmosphere between us, the angel army is rather tougher than they look even though their spells would hardly spear through either of our skin. The demon asks me for something, his gesture to b
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4_Stolen away
Chapter 4: Hidden gem"What did you say, Mikhail?" "I'll need some time to think about what you said earlier." Please leave me alone for a few moments as this is a lot to take in just from your words," Blood Claw says as he returns the book and quill pen to the sub-space. The quill pen appears to be on its way apart, and the book has been pinched with his claw prints.I nod and step outside for a moment. So this is the scenery that surrounds the Garden of Promise. It's not what I expected; at the very least, a valley must form at the end of this row of indifferent mountains. The unnatural landscape must be the result of pa's terraforming, rather than a specter of life near the Garden of Promise. Even the yetis or snow spirits that normally inhabit such environments are absent. When compared to the north mountain, the cold is the most tolerable.I once experienced the harsh cold of the north mountain when Gabriel was able to bring back his trophies from those battles. Only the fifth ar
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5_Scholar's revision
Chapter 5: Outdated Truth"You do realize I'm not going to where those humans live, don't you?" Blood Claw's voice has softened from his previous excited tone. It is primarily a problem of my race."Fully, or are you disgusted with my company?" After all, I made you do all of the heavy liftings. To you, I must carry the weight of death just to give you a chance to avoid execution." These harsh words are difficult to say, but I believe they are true to berate myself of my power. True, his prince may shield me from rumors about my upbringing, but can he shield himself from the entirety of hell? I don't want anyone to suffer in vain just so that I can be happy.“No…Mikhail. "Do you really need to complicate things any further?" Blood Claw sighs. His goal is obviously to sway me to the side of his homeland. This type of division is clearly a watered-down version of the demon's previous lifestyle. I can at least deflect the blame by first learning more about his current situation and then
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6_From the depth of hell
Chapter 6: A new start"Very well, we should start at the break of dawn, and you should be well prepared for the journey." While looking outside, Blood Claw notices that the raging snowstorm has subsided. While the angel soldiers stop looking for both of us, their roaming over the mountain continues. Another night increases our chances of being discovered, but his health is more important right now. Demons heal differently than angels, and while using blood and dark spells may speed up regeneration, the environment's mana is also an important factor in their healing."Did you notice anything, Blood Claw?" I point outside at the sliver of sunlight peeking through the crack between the mountain columns. He may want us to leave as soon as possible, but he is still giving me time to prepare. Even though I haven't brought anything with me, I am grateful for this suspension. A brief respite before the onset of a storm."Say whatever comes to mind, Mikhail." He still ignores the outside worl
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7_Staggering dissociation
Chapter 7: Mortal livesA town of humans lives just outside the forest, just beyond the border where the Garden of Promise once stood. Despite being close, I never set foot near a human. This experience may be a good mirage of an unfulfilled dream for the vain wish of living among them. Humans walk in circles, circling each other. Didn't they have orders to fulfill or training to improve their strength?Music can be heard from the water fountain, and humans are dressed in ridiculous, extravagant, and clumsy costumes. They're dancing around in brimmed hats and satin cloaks, singing about past heroes and powerful beings like gods. Such stature is reminiscent of the book's primordial angels. They appear to be drawn to pa and ma because they are the only ones whose legend is widely known.Pa and ma successfully keep their brothers' and sisters' legacies alive by using those heroes as "sons" and "daughters." I was told that I had the ability to lead like Lord Micheal. How tragic that those
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8_Uncanny resemblance
Chapter 8: Demon kingdom"How long have you been standing there?" asks Blood Claw, who looks perplexed as he tries to divert this little angel's attention away from his and his prince's unwanted conversation. He waits for my reaction like a child waiting for a reprimand."Long enough, Eugen." Blood Claw recoils at the mention of his mortal name. He makes a hand motion to keep me from going any further. This will be a funny memory to have in the future."Not you, too." Blood Claw weeps in defeat. He is too exhausted to argue and powerless to forbid me from ever mentioning his name."Your prince appears to be courteous. Not to mention that he addressed me as a maiden." According to the earlier comment, the prince has caught a glimpse of my appearance, just a strained of hair, and yet determined me to be a fair maiden. I used to despise my silver hair because of how much mana it condensed in every part of my body. This vessel truly boosts Pa's ego in terms of bodily engineering expertise
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9_Uneventful meeting
Chapter 9: Royalty of the land belowMorning comes quickly after, with Blood Claw still sleeping from what drained him the night before. I strongly believe that this location has purposefully left no trace of mana in the air. The trees outside produce only rotten fruits, and the corrosion affects the entire community. Should I use a holy spell to turn this around? It will only blow our cover as travelers, but leaving will cause our tract to be left behind.If I had used that artifact, the situation would not have been so dire. My authority does not extend to healing or wrapping reality, hence a high holy spell is required in this scenario. The magic "Gaia's votum" activates when I focus on people around me, and the corrosion outside fades away altogether. Crack alongside the wall, the livelihood improves as I pour more mana over it, but usage is rather low because I still can't utilize this spell.Already learn by heart every spell in the library, including some that are so foreign th
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10_Lust lost land
Chapter 10: SaudadeThe kingdom is surrounded by a stone-cold wall that acts as a vast barrier. There is no barrier to insight; it is simply a stone wall. The kingdom's size is nothing more than a few villages banding together to build a castle uphill and form royalty from a single family. The marketplace is the only distinguishing feature of the kingdom. The marketplace is the most active around the seamless row of worn-down houses.Demons of all kinds swarm here, from incubus and imp to gorgon and tanarruk. Life was never recorded before, nor was it ever worth recording. According to one of my authorities, this cannot be unarchived; otherwise, I am not the archangel of knowledge. As I am filled with curiosity, emotions like bubbles burst out in chains. Before I know it, the prince has fixed his gaze on my plight."We've arrived, little angel... My! Your reaction surprised me because it came so quickly. You weren't kidding about their fondness for bards." As I cover my face with the
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