Nestor (2)

Michealis Territory.

Sky still holding the daggers in his hands were looking past by Ciel who’s having a scared expression. He knows it very well. His memories are not deteriorated yet! He is sure who is that person is! Without thinking, his aura were seeping out of his body and affecting everyone who is near his vicinity.

Why is he here? He…died. I saw it with my two eyes! Why are you here? At every second that passed by, his aura was getting stronger and even Ciel knelt down and started to throw up. The duke who’s shakily snatched Ciel away from his reach.  Everyone go and left the only one withstanding his immense authority.


The man, not older than forty but had a beard unlike the other of the fanged race who made their appearance as clean and neat as they see their life would be, he had a beard of white that before, he often tease him for

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