Merkel Town Square.

People are busy catching the attention of the nobles that is currently on their shopping for souvenirs and stroll. There are a few children chasing each other with patched up clothes and quite of dirt on their faces but they aren’t look so dirty. An old man with a long grayish beard that is almost covering his face was slump on the ground and was watching the people who were busy on their own businesses. He’s like not existing to them at all.

The weather is good for a stroll that is why a lot are outside and enjoying the sun.

“Anthony! Wait me up!! I can’t run with a dress!”, lifting her dress a bit, the lady tried to run with heels but failed to do so because of the gaze she is gaining from the crowd. Her hair was tied half with a green ribbon that is not that big to cover her whole side. With the sun’s ray making her emerald eyes glisten, it makes anyone to dazzle

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