Walker’s Garden, Merkel Town.

Alice was going here and there to the abundant flowers growing at the garden with beautiful hue of yellow basking in the sunlight. A pavilion at the left side corner with white pillars and a concave ceiling with glass as roofs to shield from the strong rays making glistening effects when you are under it, standing silent complementing to the warmth brings of daffodils. Today was just a normal day for tea time and the whole Walker family that had come to Merkel for vacation are sitting peacefully and sipping tea. Anthony was the only one with his hand on his chin and looking at the vast flowers swaying with the wind. Aeron saw him and asked.

“Is there a problem? You’ve been  feeling like the world got nothing to offer to you and death is the only option.”

Aeron hit the bull’s eye which made Anthony to look at him with disbelief. It made the man chuckled before putting his cup down


Jack en Poy is the Filipino version of rock-paper-scissor. It came from Jack-n-Poy from the Japanese word (janken pon!), the Japanese version of rock-paper-scissor. Source: https://animeono.fandom.com/wiki/Jack-n-Poy

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