See you again (3)

Stilled air and almost deafening silence enveloped them. Falling from the sky, they received a presence that they never imagined they would meet…except for Sky and Melody. Shake and get scared, the authority spread around and their limbs forgotten to feel or the function to move.

They are beautiful beings… especially the one with golden wings. He is the brightest of them and every part of him glistens. His face was a work of art, no errors but the stern face and popping nerves still looks great on him. He was just standing there but all the nature’s contribution to make him look good is just too much it is making Sky’s eyes hurts.

“What is this grand arrival for?” Hearing his whispers, the one beside him turned his head at him and his expression is twisted. Face full of scars and lips stitched up and then down, you

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