See you again (5)

Time surely flies when your head is pre-occupied by something that any minute could be the end of your life or might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get out of a sticky situations. They had been travelling for about a day or two but Sky was still in his own world thinking on how to get his ass out of this current predicament

I shouldn't have proposed this but anyway it gave us more time to formulate things but I can't think of any! His face cannot form any good expression now although he could feel the constant hatred that is coming from the twisted scarred man with peculiar expression, he didn't mind since the enough display of hatred and rage that being directed to him by Ah-as.

The most weird being that he is with was Arao. Unlike his short fuse that burst many times and was the reason of so many deaths and casualties, he is flying with his majestic golden wings without opening his mouth

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