Tracy (2)

Adventurer’s Guild, Tracy City.

The soulful arena became quiet and no one dared to talk. Andrei was like having his expectations down on how powerful or strong these people are. But he is not completely being left down. He found many formidable opponents here too.

“Good day participants! I am Gil and we are about to start the first test but before that, I would like to congratulate each one of you for having the resolve to be here, to try and take the exam. Congratulations! The first test would be about stamina. When we give missions, most of the times it is involved the wilderness or the forest. You need to hunt or to gather herbs and ingredients which can make you in harm…that’s why! To avoid unfortunate events, this test is the first to execute…What are we waiting for? I’ll call the names of each participant so just please step forward!” Gil said and waves the pile of paper in his hand. The crowd cheered but their gazes suddenly went


The struggle of being an Asian ;-;

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