West Border.

“You left without eating? Why?” Liam asked while they were walking by feet. The city is not that far and so they decided to go this way and catch things up since Andrei told him what happened that morning. Brent was in his usual not talkative self after bursting up earlier but he didn’t tell Liam about it. Andrea was just looking around like a curious kid that has been out for the first time in her life.

“Yes, I think this is more than we are suspecting Clinton. That purple liquid that visible in my eyes is not present to anyone normal. They are really trying to kill us. Or rather me” He said all those words with stresses each syllable very hard. Andrei is mad for being direct such threats when he hasn’t done anything yet to anyone…as far as he remembers. Well…that one time is completely understandable since what they are doing is much more evil than his and he just served justic

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