Work for your food (2)

Night's Red Greenhouse.

Clinton was busy chopping the vegetables being tossed to him by Cygne with a hum that trickles Cygne's ear. 

'What the heck is this fellow's happy about? Is doing chores really that enjoyable?' It can't help but give Cygne a crunched to his face while he busied himself from lighting a portable stove. Unlike the previous when he is still at the cave, he later saw the stove.  Thankfully it was one with a similar feature with the ones on his past world, except that it was not being litted with butane gas but instead with a mana stone.

He effortlessly pulled one small mana stone and put it on the socket and placed the pan on top. Clinton saw it but later on focused on the ingredients he needed to chopped. They'll be having quite a heavy meal for today and he is looking forward to what the young master will going to cook. He had decided

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