The Grimoire System

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The Grimoire System

By: Dash Zen OngoingSystem

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Living an unfulfilling life and dying a tragic death, Alph Quint is transmigrated into a world filled with magic and wonder. However unlike what he had always believed, transmigration turned out to be a free ticket to tragedy as one peril after another fell on him, sometimes making him loose the very will to go on. Will Alph crumble and break from the pressure of being a main character or will he rise from the ashes like a phoenix and create a tale so epic that it shakes the heart of those who read it? [Author's Note] Hello, I would like to thank all those who clicked my novel, thank you, and I hope that you will enjoy the ride as Alph Quint and I myself evolve through the course of the story to hopefully carve out a masterpiece. I'm not a native English speaker and my writing skills might not be top class, but I promise that both my writings skills and the story itself will only get better as we progress.

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  • Muhammad Moeez Iqbal


    Interesting and Engaging. The starting is great, and I am looking forward to the adventures of Alph.

    2023-03-24 19:42:02
  • Dash Zen


    The novel is currently on hiatus due to irl circumstances. I plan to continue with it in about a months time.

    2023-06-12 15:32:05
  • Mavilyn


    More please!!! I am really enjoying this so far!

    2023-04-29 12:52:49
Latest Chapter
18 chapters
Chapter 1 [Midnight Murder]
Ting~As the doorbell chimed, the polished glass door swung open, accompanied by the gust of cool breeze and the sound of raining from the outside.The sound of footsteps echoed through the quite bookstore, as a couple entered the store, their arms interlaced with each other's.The man wore a simple black suit and a fedora rested on his head, his appearance was a bit old fashioned but unassuming. In contrast, the woman beside him was a sight to behold, with her long flowing hair cascading down her shoulders like a river of gold. Her attire was modern and chic, a stylish leather jacket complementing her slender figure.A young boy sat behind the counter, his black hair tousled and deep brown eyes gleaming despite the visible dark circles under them. The boy looked up from his book and greeted the customers warmly."Hello Sir, Miss, how may I help you?" His voice was smooth and professional, welcoming the couple inside.The lady's gaze moved around the shop, taking in the neat rows of b
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Chapter 2 [The Grimoire System]
"Hu-kh-Cough!!" Alph exhaled harshly causing him to break into a coughing fit.He rolled on the ground as intense pain burned through his chest and throat, as if he had drank a bottle of acid.After few moments, the pain slowly receded, leaving Alph confused and flabbergasted."I-Im Alive?"He clearly remembered that his throat had been slit by the crazy old serial killer."That morherfucker! Piece of shit!" Thinking of that detestable bastard made him clench his teeth so hard that blood started dripping from his gums.He still couldn't believe that people like that existed."But how can I speak? Even if I was somehow saved, my throat should still be badly damaged!" He immediately started touching his neck.Even though his clothes were still drenched as if he had took a bath in blood, the wound was nowhere to be found."All that aside, where then hell am I?" As someone who was quick to adapt he decided to throw everything aside and focus on the current situation.He quickly surveyed hi
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Chapter 3 [The Golden Lotus Lake]
The sun shone brightly over a vast forest filled with giant trees as a thin old man wearing a white uniform swiftly traveled along the tree branches.He moved his body agily as he jumped from one tree to another, but despite his rapid actions there wasn't even a drop of swaet on his face.Thud-He suddenly came to a stop and quietly hid himself behind some tree branches to observe.On the ground a muscular humanoid creature with green skin was facing off against a large grayish blue wolf.The green skinned humanoid had a hideous face with sharp canines sticking out of it's mouth, he wielded a large rusted sword to keep the wolf at bay but the wolf was more agile and would occasionally land some hits.The green skin was slowly but surely getting injured and exhausted, if things kept on going like this he was bound to fall."Gwaaaargh!" The green skin roared furiously at the wolf and in a bid to end the fight quickly by risking his life charged at the wolf with his sword pointed forward.
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Chapter 4 [The Golden Lotus Flower]
"How can you be alive?" The elegant girl was severely dumbfounded this time.She had been the guardian of the golden lotus lake for so long that even she didn't know how long it had been and in all her years she had seen people of all types come seeking for the golden lotus.The golden lotus was a treasure that had many uses, the most common of which was using it as supplement for one's body.Eating it would not only greatly enhance one's physical abilities but it would also wash away impurities from both the soul and body and grant a powerful holy attribute, making one with a normal body capable of practicing high level holy arts.There were even a rumours that there was once a man who had continuously taken the trial and won a hundred times, gaining a hundred golden lotus flowers, and after consuming them he immediately became a holy saint.For this reason, the golden lotus lake was an extremely famous location but not many people could find it because it wasn't fixed at one place.T
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Chapter 5 [Character Development]
"Kyaaaaa!" A loud cry echoed in the depths of a huge forest, causing many beasts and monsters to look about in confusion."What kind of abomination are you!?" A beautiful girl sitting on a giant golden lotus in the middle of a lake was currently throwing a tantrum.An old man wearing a bloodstained white suit was standing in front of the lake emotionlessy.It was the guardian of The Golden Lotus Lake and Dane.Back then, Alph had sent Dane again just for the sake of it.He hadn't known that the trial could be taken by anyone infinitely and it didn't matter which method one used to pass the trial as long as it was aknowledged by the lake it was valid.Alph had of course pondered over the fact that the Grimoire should have been labeled as an outside force but since the elegant girl and The Lake, as she said it, acknowledged Dane's method then it could only mean one of two things.Either that the Grimoire Of Gluttony was too powerful for the lake and the girl to detect or that the lake d
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Chapter 6 [Saila Frid]
Clang!A giant silver battle axe collided with a large rusted sword, neither of them being pushed back by the slightest."Hmph!" The burly man wielding the battle axe jumped backwards before he snorted in displeasure as looked at the ugly orc facing him."I gave you a chance but since you are so stubborn then don't blame me, Mountain Fall!" He cried out and jumped high in the air.The blades of his giant battle axe started to shine brightly as a tremendous amount of power welled up inside them.Booom!He crashed down heavily with his battle axe on the orc who raised it's rusted sword to defend.But alas the strike this time wasn't anything like before and it broke the sword into pieces and fell on the orc like a mountain, completely crushing it's body splattering it's remains all over the place and creating a deep crater on the ground."Damn bastard! We should be arriving there in a week! Fuck you and your calculation errors!" Raiden, who's body was now covered in orc blood, bellowed
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Chapter 7 [Face Off]
"Huuup!"Swish~"Haaaa!"Swish~Inside the dimly lit cave a topless Alph continuously swung a rusted sword as beads of sweat rolled down his body.Over the course of time his originally skinny body had gained some muscles and now he had a lean but well defined build.After swinging the sword for quite a while, he threw it on the side and sat on a wooden stool.He picked up a wooden cup, dipped it in a bucket filled with water, and scooped out some water before drinking it.Savoring the sweet liquid, Alph drank a couple mouthfuls before putting the cup back.It had been about two weeks since Dane had entered character development and Alph had started his caveman life.Surprisingly the days had passed by quite peacefully.During the initial week, Alph had been constantly tense. Always worrying about what might happen next, but after a week of nothing major happening he had gotten quite relaxed for some reason.He didn't know why, he could swear that such terrifying traumas would take so
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Chapter 8 [Cave Of Tranquility]
Alph looked at the cautious group, trying to make himself look as fierce as possible.When he was lazily waiting for dinner he had suddenly felt the orc engaging in battle and he had been observing from the start.The axe wielding brute, the small and frail looking priestess, the witch with voluptuous body, the shadowy assassin and the sharpshooter at the back.He could see all of them with the grimoir's aerial view, being able to locate the hidden enemies, it was like a cheat.However the orc was outnumbered and outmatched but Alph had decided to let it fight in order to figure out the group's strength.The group was strong and he might not be able to defeat them even with both of his slaves working together.However he had still decided to meet them on his own accord because there was a great probability that the group might enter the cave and if they did, they would face off sooner or later.He felt that it was better to make an impactful entrance, maybe he could use it to negotiat
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Chapter 9 [Journey Begins]
"Instead how about this? Seeings that you seem to know your way around this place, I want to hire the lot of you" Alph decided to strike while the iron was hot and directly got to the point."You see I'm not exactly from this region so I'm not that familiar. It's good fortune for me to run into an experienced team of adventurerssuch as yourselves" He further added."Uhm, I see. I'm very grateful for your generosity sir, and of course we don't mind helping you in exchange. What can we do for you?" Kane spoke, feeling a heavy burden being lifted off of him.After all, there really was no reason for Alph to start living in the forest if he was there just for the Elven Forest.The Cave Of Tranquility was said to have the effects of calming the mind and inducing tranquility, hence it was possible that Alph was really there to train his mind and soul as he had said."I just need your help getting to the nearest city and of course I can pay if needed" Alph was wiling to give up a few Golden
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Chapter 10 [Luminous Rittersett]
Rooaarrrr!A giant bear standing on two legs with wisps of flames covering it's body roared in pain.There was a green, glowing arrow sticking in it's left eye and greenish veins covered the left side of it's face, squirming erratically.Raiden faced against the huge bear which was more than double his already big size, there was a visible claw mark on his chest.The piece of white cloth, which was tied on his left arm, poured out a burst of white light which started to quickly heal his wounds.Bang!He gripped the silver battleaxe tightly and blocked the fiery claws of the giant bear which caused the ground around him to cave in."Haaaaaa!" Raiden roared and dense silver aura erupted from his body, temporarily increasing his strength threefold.His muscles bulged to their limit and he jerked the battleaxe against the bear's claw, causing it to be thrown back and take a few steps back, creating a split second of opening."Now!' Kane shouted from a tree with the green elven bow in his
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