uprising system

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uprising system

By: Godson OngoingSystem

Language: English

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have you ever fantasized about having a system? what would you do if you have one? would you use it for yourself alone or would use it to make the world a better place the story is about a boy who was bullied in his school for being weak, his story changed after he luckily got a system do you want to know what he did with his system? Read the book to find out for yourself

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Chapter 1
A young, handsome man dressed in a full set legendary beast armor jumped from a spaceship and landed amid demon beasts that are attacking a city, he started a killing spree it took him only five minutes to kill more than a thousand demon beasts of different levels including the leader of the beasts causing the remaining beasts to flee out of fear “Seth! Seth!! Seth!! “the young man turned around to see who was calling him, immediately he woke up. It was a dream.“Seth, you are sleeping in my class again. Are you not ashamed? This is your fourth year in this class and you still have the guts to sleep in my class If I see you sleep again, I will send you out,“ his teacher said Mr Jones.“I am sorry sir, it won’t happen again,” Seth apologized“ You should be sorry for yourself. The people you came to this school with are almost graduating and you are still stuck here,” Mr Jones said and turned to the board.After the class he stood up to take a walk outside the class before the next t
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Chapter 2
The last tab was the Quest tab and finally, it seemed like it did not gray out this tab out like the others[Daily quests: run three kilometers every morning][Rewards: 10 Exp][Main quest: defeat Paul Allen][Reward: 50 Exp punishment: system deactivation] "Why will you do that I just got the system" he asked no one in particular when he saw the punishment The Next morning he woke up earlier than usual and set out to do his daily quest [Daily quest completed +10 Exp]He got ready and left for school, on his way he was wondering how he was going to defeat Paul, it seems like an impossible mission “that boy is one of the strongest in the class if not the strongest and this system wants me to defeat him” he said to himself "may be I was not destined to use the system......"“Argh !” A feminine voice shouted from a narrow alleyway beside the road he was passing. He went to see what was happening. When he got closer, he saw a girl surrounded by four young guys and another man sitting i
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Chapter 3
It’s time for the last class of the day, which is basic martial arts The students all went to the dojo where the class is held After five minutes of waiting, the teacher master Li entered the dojo“Good morning class. Sorry for being late.Today, I will be teaching you an advanced martial arts skill called dragon strike ,” Master Li began, his eyes carrying the weight of years spent mastering the martial arts. “This technique is not just about physical prowess; it’s an art, a symphony of strength and skill.”He gestured for the students to assume their stances, each one finding their center, mirroring the poised readiness of a dragon about to take flight. “Imagine yourself as the guardian of ancient legends, drawing energy from the very ground beneath you. The Dragon Strike is not just a move; it’s a connection to the mythical.”With a controlled breath, Master Li continued, “As your arms extend, feel the wings of the dragon unfurling, majestic and powerful. The lower body, your foun
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Chapter 4
"I feel sorry for Seth already" Isaac one of his classmates said to the person beside him"He has himself to blame why did he oppose Paul that day" the person replied him still focused on the fight"You it seems like you support the way, Paul bullies almost everybody in the class" Isaac said feeling disgusted by the answer"This a world where the strong rules the weak, why do you think the school authorities turns a blind eye to the reports of bulling?""Because the bullies have strong families backing them " Isaac answered"Not only that, it's also to make the weak work hard and become stronger if possible stronger than those who bully them"“Ok then Seth, come out “ Master li said Seth came out and stood opposite Paul. He was sure that he was going to defeat Paul because he already mastered the skill when he unlocked the basic martial art from the system.“Everybody watch and learn, and Paul, don’t go too hard on Seth. This is just a practice” master li warned Paul because he alrea
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Chapter 5
Master Li approached the duo, his expression a mix of approval and surprise. “A true mastery of martial arts lies not in seeking to disgrace others but in understanding the essence of your own movements. Seth, you’ve demonstrated the strength of the dragon in your technique. But you went too far. Please take Paul to the school clinic. The school have asked me to inform you that the date for the long awaited school ranking competition have been fixed and it will hold in six months time so you are free to take permission from the school to train privately if you wish and classes will still hold for those that wish to come for class, and remember only those that reach the required level will compete. Today’s class has come to an end. See you next week,“ Master li said and left the dojo.[Mission Completed + 50Exp][Additional Reward: basic Sword play skill][Level up +2 Strength, Stamina and Agility points][Host: Seth Davis][Race: Human][Level 2][10/200 Exp][HP 20/20][Strength: 7]
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Chapter 6
After the announcement was made Seth knew it was his time to fight he covered his face with a ski mask and into the ringNobody cheered for him because he looked weak "And his opponent with six fight and six wins the iron fist!!, you can now make your bets before the fight starts"" System analyse" he said when his opponent climbed into the ring[Name: Nate (iron fist) Rank: level 3 magic apprentice ]"I can do this " he assured himself After everybody placed their bets the referee signaled the fight to start Iron Fist, looked bulky and exuded an aura of dominance."Hey kid you shouldn't be here, you better quit now or you will have yourself to blame when am done with you" iron fist said "What makes you think you will win" Seth asked quietly"I see you think you're brave kneel down and beg me now if not I will make sure I will break all your bones""We will know when the fight ends now bring it on" Seth said taking his stance "Your are courting death!!" Iron fist shouted and t
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Chapter 7
After that fight Seth fought five more people and won all the matches that night the name Phantom was etched into everyone memory When he got home he opened the system notification tab[Level 4 opponent defeated +70 Exp][Level 3 opponent defeated+ 50 Exp][Level 4 opponent defeated +70 Exp][Level 3 opponent defeated +50 Exp][Level 3 opponent defeated +50 Exp][Level up][Hidden Mission Completed: Defeat five stronger opponents][ Rewards 3 Agility, Strength and Stamina points][Name: Seth Davis][Race: Human][Level 3][150/300 Exp][HP 30/30][Strength: 10][Agility: 10][Stamina: 10][Skills: Basic martial arts, Basic sword play][Shop: Unlocks at level 10]He continued going to the night fights twice every weekend then train for the rest of the week although he is already a level 9 magic apprentice he was still to weak to join the hunters guildAs one of the requirements is to be at least a Conjurer which is the next stage after magic apprenticeIn this stage the mage will aw
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Chapter 8
Seth rushed towards the unguarded side of one-armed swordman and did a quick sidekick towards his torso, which made him fly to the wall"'Argh," one-armed swordman grunted in pain when he crashed to the brick wall next to him. He quickly went back to his stance with his sword in front of him."Is that all you got? !" Seth roared in front of one-armed swordman trying to make him angry."You bastard!!" One-armed swordman roared while his face was distorted in anger and rushed towards Seth withincredible speed and started slashing his sword down like a blender blade [Dragon strike]Seth still stood still and used his Dragon strike to parryall the Sword strikes to the side and causing all the strikesmiss!"Impossible!" One-armed swordman widened his eyes in shock, but only for a moment and he got even angrier seeing that hisattacks did nothing.He attacked again but this time he was faster, but Seth still parried it to another side with Dragon strike, but he wasn't doneOne-armed
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Chapter 9
Seth threw himself towards one-armed swordman who was brandishing his sword, using his Dragon strike skill.One-armed swordman slashed with his sword and retaliated using his seamless sword skill.[Iron fingers ]"Die!" after finishing his Dragon strike skill, Seth jumped into the air like a tiger using the skill he learnt from iron fist and Dragon strike he attacked. The attack was strong but it didn't completely stop one-armed swordmans seamless sword but had weakened it significantly and the Waves continued to flow .One-armed swordman looked surprised as he hadn't expected Seth's skills to be this powerful. Seth started taking advantage of every opening and used his Dragon strike skill. Each of Seth's strikes were aimed at his opponents vital points. With each shock wave which was stopped another would follow, flooding the ring with its shockwaves. Each time there was no otherchoice but for his opponent to step back and retreat."Is it just me or did this fight just change all of
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Chapter 10
"System open shop"[Shop][Categories: weapon, Armor, pills, utilities]"open weapon"[Moon feather sword, Double dragon dagger, .........Death kiss katana]The death kiss katana caught his attention the katana looked almost ordinary if not for an almost invisible blood red veins that wrapped around it "Display the specifications of the death kiss katana"[Death kiss katana (upgradeable): a level 5 weapon crafted by the best blacksmith of it's time Durability 3000 special skill: Death kiss: releases a very toxic poison that is powerful enough to kill an intermediate level mage and weaken an advanced level mage for five hoursPrice 300Exp]"Buy it" Seth said not thinking twice " open the pills menu "[Azure pill: it's able to heal any wound caused by a low level mage price 50Exp each, Tranquil spirit pill: can fully replenish the magic energy of an intermediate level mage price 100 Exp]Although the tranquil spirit pill is very precious it's of no use to Seth at the moment because h
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