Chapter Nine: The party 3


        "Hi Eris." Joy greeted when she reached Eris side, but she failed to hide her blush as her ears and cheeks were red.

Eris turned back and replied to Joy, 

" Hello Lady Joy."

 But he didn't spare her a glance, as he proceeded to walk away almost immediately he replied her.

Joy looked down and felt glum.

" He couldn't even spare me a glance. Am I not pleasing to his eyes?"  

She thought and asked herself.

Eris action obviously hurt her, and she couldn't hide it, but Eris was oblivious of it as he already walked away.

Alina was pissed off with Eris's action. She crossed her both hands over her chest and tilted her head to one side.

" It is very irreverence of you to walk away on your Lady and to ignore your Princess. Tsk, don't tell me you don't know that. "

A very calm but domineering voice sounded at the back of Eris. He didn't need to be told who the owner of the voice was, and then he stopped. 

" Hphm! I know, but am only trying to avoid you and your troubles!"

Eris riposte and turned to face them. 

He always wasn't happy to see Alina, cause Alina had done nothing but tyrannize and taunt him every time.

He disliked her and wished she could just leave him alone.

" Oh, so now am a trouble to you?"

Alina stood akimbo and stared at Eris. Even though he looked hot right now with sweats all over his face, she wasn't going to fall for that like Joy. She won't deny Eris has become more manly over the years, and his beauty was very appealing but he wasn't her type, so she was able to overlook all that. 

She continued,

 " I know you are still mad at me for what happened six years ago, but it already in the past now and have apologized times to times without counting."

" You don't understand how I feel!"

Eris retorted back swiftly and hissed.

Then, he realized he overstepped his line and apologized, 

" Apologies your Highness and Honourable." 

Joy felt lonely. She wasn't able to get Eris attention but Alina was and to be honest, she felt bad about it.

Alina sighed. " At least I have apologized, and you should see it as a child stuff hun."

She really was sorry and has tried apologizing to Eris many times, but he was too strong headed.

"That child stuff you say, actually caused me so much embarrassment in the Kingdom Princess Alina."

He uttered grimly. 

"Fine! I will make it up to you when the King assign you to be my personal knight."

She grinned and relaxed herself. She can't wait to see how Eris will react to her words. Alina knew Eris really dislike her to the core, but she didn't want that and desperately wanted to change how Eris felt about her.

"What! Personal who???? You gat to be kidding me!" 

Eris bursted out in fury, and immediately his aura changed. He doesn't want to believe what Alina said, but he was sure she would never lie, so that means he will be her knight for real and....No! He couldn't take that and wrestled with what to do.

" I need to see General Bren!"

He stepped back and hurried away.

Alina smirked and side hugged Joy.

" Don't feel bad Jo, I know he will come around soon."

" I don't think so. This has been going for three years now. I think he hates me, at least you were able to get his attention but me,,,"

 Joy shook her head.

Alina felt sorry for her friend. Though, she didn't know how hurt it is to feel forlorn, but she tried to consoled her friend.

" Don't think like that. I promised I will help you, and things will change between you guys. Just trust me." 

She winked at Joy and promised her.

She was ready to make her best friend happy at any cost, and she will go for it.

Joy just chuckled. " Alright. Am counting on you then."


A week later.


    ~  Zechash Kingdom (Dark faes kingdom) ~

      Hadi was still the King of the Dark faes, even though he was more than five hundred years old.

He tried to maintain a good relationship with Krestila, and now he got a birthday invitation from the King of Krestila

He decided not to attend, but he had a better plan in his mind.

So, he summoned his eldest child and his mother.

Xander walked nobly into his father's chamber. His mother was already there with his father.

" Greetings Your Greatness. I heard you requested for my presence."

He bowed with his left arm at his back and greeted. 

"Rise my child, it is well."

Hadi replied to Xander and smiled. He was always happy to see Xander and adored him very much. Xander was the only child who wasn't a pain in the neck and apart from his last born, the rest of his children are dishonest and rebellious.

Kiara smiled at her only child and gestured for him to sit down.

" Me and your mother have discussed on the invite I got, and we agreed on sending you to Krestila, so you can represent me at the party. Am afraid I won't be available, so you have to go, and this will be an opportunity for you to finally find the right woman."

Hadi said whilst looking straight at his son's eyes, trying to gauge Xander's expression on every words that he uttered to him 

Kiara nodded at Hadi's words. " Who knows, it might even be the Princess of Krestila."

Xander frowned a little but recomposed himself. " I appreciate what you said, and I will represent you at the party but about finding the right woman there,,"

He sighed and continued, " Am afraid it won't be possible as we all know that, mating between a human and a supernatural being is quite uncommon and almost don't end well. I don't think it will be possible, am sorry your Majesty."

He didn't want to put their hopes high, so he expressed his mind out and hoped they understand his point.

Hadi smiled at his son's words. " I know, but I won't force you. Let's just wait and see."

He knew Alina was very beautiful and almost impossible to resist, but he won't force him or rush him, even though his son has been waiting for almost two centuries without finding his mate. 

Deep inside of Hadi, he hoped for Alina to be Xander's mate and possibly, the prophecy might come through from the both of them.

Kiara knew all about Hadi's thoughts and plan, so he supported her husband and urged her son. " Xander, anything can happen you know."

"I know." Came Xander's short reply.

" You are dismissed son."

Hadi gently said to Xander. To him, arguing was irrelevant and a waste of time.

Xander nodded and bowed. " Your Majesty." Then, he left the chamber.


~ Krestila Kingdom ~

" Is there really nothing you can do?"

Eris asked General Bren for the tenth times. He was annoyed and mad. He didn't want to be Alina's personal knight, cause he literally disliked her and the gut of her. How he wished he could change the decision that was made.

General Bren sighed annoyingly. " You have asked me this for the tenth time now, and I won't answer you again after this. There is nothing I can do! This was an order and request from the King, so who am I to defy him? 

"I really don't know what your problem is. Alina is a good lady, and you should be happy she chose you to be her personal knight."

Eris shook his head while frowning. " You don't understand General Bren, that.....,,," 

He exhaled softly and continued, " Alina is nothing but trouble to me. You have to do something please, I don't want to be her Knight!" 

He hoped General Bren could do something. Alina was the last person he wanted to be stuck with.

" Are you still thinking about what happened six years ago? Oh c'mon, it was just a training for her. You should take it as a kid stuff." 

General Bren replied him back. He couldn't understand why Eris didn't want to guard Alina, even though Bren himself knew Alina could defend herself.

" Am not thinking about that anymore. I just don't want to be her knight, and besides she can guard herself very well. She is one of the best sword fighter and one of the best Archer in the Kingdom, so why does she needs me?!" 

He was fed up and bursted out!

"I don't know why, but as I said before, it is an order and request from the king. I know you've always wanted a simple life but Alina is after that too. 

"Just try and tolerate her then you will see and know how good she is."

 He patted Eris back and nodded at him. He won't bother to put himself in trivial matters like this. He knew Eris will come to terms with Alina soon.


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