The Halfling

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The Halfling

By: Aminat Olamide OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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**Synopsis** A century has past, since the prognostication that, a Halfling will save the lands was heard, but no sign of it has been seen. What will be the fate of the three lands, if the Dekinans manage to free Belial (Their Master and the Ruler of Hell) ???? The Mighty One (Insisa), not in his physical form anymore. But............. The prophecy???? The legend scripture has it that, " The world might be in chaos again, more bigger and bloodier than the Great war, but ye shall not worry for thy saviour is coming back. A child born in an anomalous and mystifying way, A Halfling, The bearer of the light and power of the Mighty one. "Oh ye, do not worry, for he is not to be underestimated, cause he shall conquer thy enemies and bring ye nothing but tranquility. And when the world welcomes him, Ye shall prepare to witness five rare phenomenal that will happen together at the same time for one day and one night. Once ye see those phenomenal, then know that ye saviour has arrive." Halfling are considered as weak and meek beings, not having the full blood of any supernatural being they are, but Aeron was extraordinary and especial. Despite his young age, the weight of the lands leans on him. Will he save the lands or succumb to Belial's manipulation eventually at last, even though the world is counting on him????!

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Chapter One: The Meeting
After the Great war between Insisa ( Mighty One) , Belial (Lord of the Demons and the Ruler of Hell), and Hadi (Lord/King of the Dark faes). The land was split into Three; the South for the Humans(Krestila), North for the Demons(Dekina), and Mid-west for the Dark faes(Zechash). The great war has been going on for years, with each super being trying to control the other, but it all came to an end after Insisa defeated Belial and threatened Hadi. A treaty was then signed after that. Insisa was known to be the Mighty One and a powerful god. He decided to be more closer to the humans after the great war and protect them by turning himself into a glowing statue. That way, the humans can communicate with him and worship him. He exorcised Belial after the great war and sent him back to his abode in hell. And locked the Dekinans original dangerous powers, leaving them with only half of their powers.He also locked the dark faes portal, which could only be open for a dark fae
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Chapter Two: Council
Grace snorted coldly!"Silence! All of you! Have you forgotten you are in front of the King? Is there no regard for his Greatness anymore?!" Chris, the king right hand man, reproved the Council and the Sorceress. Then, he faced the king and bowed. " Apologies your Greatness.".."I thought you all forgot am still here. I understand the council points, but you have no right to say the prophecy is false. "Do you want to see the wrath of the Mighty One hun ? Councilwoman Grace and others?" The King arched his eye brow and asked.He was really surprised with their arguments.Grace looked down. "But your Majesty,,,,,,"The King cut her upcoming words. "No but! Councilwoman Grace. "As a king, I say we stick to the prophecy. Am the king and this is my order but if you want to defy it, then you can considered yourself suspended and not only you, including the others!"Sorceress Hela, communicate with the Mighty one again and seek further information. Necessary measures will be
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Chapter Three: Alina 1
Zeres, Ariadney and their little twelve year old girl, Alina, were having breakfast together. The long dinning table was enough to accommodate twenty people comfortably, different mouthwatering dishes were laid on the long table."Papa, I really want to be a fighter." Alina blinked innocently and expressed. She has been secretly watching some fighting training and her passion to become a fighter grew.The King chuckled which sounds seductive to the Queen's ear. "Hummed but why do you want to be a fighter Alina dear?"He asked.Suddenly surprised at his daughter's decision out of the blue, he totally didn't see that coming."Yes sweetheart, tell us." The Queen urged her.Ariadney also wanted to know why her daughter decided to be a fighter, when she ought to focus on other important stuffs. Alina grinned. "Because, I like the feeling of been able to protect my self and others."The king smiled. " You can protect others and yourself by being a Queen too dear."He encouraged
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Chapter Four: Alina 2
Eris and Alina were 20 metres away from each other. Wearing a cuirass , fauld, and a tigh high boot. Alina looked like a real warrior, whilst Eris just wore his normal soldier cloth..Bang!The challenge started. Alina ran over to Eris side and tried to use a punch to deceive him. Eris thinking, Alina was just playing a child game fell for her trick and tried to use his left hand to hold her punch, but instead she slided down and use a stone to hit Eris right leg!Gaam!The hit made a little loud sound as a result of the protective metal around his leg, though Alina didn't hit him with so much force but still his face contorted the little pain he felt. She smiled triumphantly.All these didn't go unaware by the Queen, and when the King heard, he came to the training ground immediately only to be stopped by the Queen. They both decided to watch the show and see how it will end.The trick Alina made, changed the bystanders impression of her, including the King and the QueenFe
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Chapter Five: A determined Human
On a bright sunny day, Council men Leonard, Jeff, Liam, Robert, and Council woman Grace, were discussing intently on the execution of their previous plan. Grace wore a determined face and uttered, " Jeff, you and Robert distract Hela, whilst I and Liam will set off to Dekina."Leonard face clouded for a moment and questioned, " Why am I not included in the plan?""Yes Grace , why is Leonard not included?" Jeff approached Grace."No you are wrong, Leonard is included, you guys just didn't allow me to finish. As you all know that, if all five us are absent , the King and Hela will be suspicious. "That where Leonard will come in. So, he is going to stand for us and come up with a lie to cover us up." Grace countered.With a satisfy answer, Leonard smiled, thinking the job assigned to him was the simplest.Robert and the others also nodded.The scheme was finally concluded.~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Early in the morning, Jeff and Robert set off to Hela's place
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Chapter Six: Ridiculous
General Bren guided Alina on how to hold a sword properly and lectured her on the basic things she needs to know when it comes to sword fighting."No o your Highness, you are getting it wrong. You need to do it this way."He corrected her and went to stand in front of her. He was actually surprised about her passion to become a warrior, and how the King accepted her decision. Alina stopped her actions and stared at General Bren. " I thought I told you to skip the formality whenever you are training me. Right now, am your student and not the princess. After the lessons, you can bring in the formality."General Bren was impressed by the twelve years old princess and he smiled. Then continued,"Stand in a slanted position with your knees bent. The reason for this position is to make you look like a smaller target, giving you a good advantage at the start of the fight."There... yeah. Now you are getting it."Try to think of different good moves in advance Alina, cause failure is
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Chapter Seven: Party 1
"Alina dear, that's not very gracious of you."Ariadney adjusted her self and called a maid to clean the table. She wasn't okay with Alina's teasing and same goes with Zeres. Even though, it was funny somehow they still find it hard to contain it.Alina looked down and apologized. " Am sorry your Majesties." The King held his Princess right hand and smiled at her. " It okay Ali, and happy birthday in advance sweetie."He wished her and Alina beamed.The King was the first to wished her in advance, and she hugged him. " Thank you Papa." "Oh please...." Ariadney snorted and crossed her legs. Zeres got ahead of her and she was mad at him for that. She thought, she was supposed to wish their daughter first and not him. "Mama, it still not late." Alina said and nodded at the Queen."Yeah, yeah, I know. In advance my love." She hugged her daughter and kissed the crown of her head.Zeres sat back on his seat and trilled gently, " I have decided to host a party for you. Don
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Chapter Eight: Party 2
Alina was cut off guard with the sudden hug from her best friend, and she patted Joy's back.Later, Joy pulled away and took a deep breath." I didn't mean to surprise you Ali."And she looked up at her."Well, it okay and mind telling me what's wrong?"She asked, and the duo started walking out of the garden to the courtyard.Joy scratched the back of her head awkwardly and replied Alina, " It nothing, don't worry."Alina stopped and turned towards Joy. She crossed her hands over chest and squinted her eyes. "Now, now, Joy, be a good girl and tell me what's wrong."Joy shook her head and uttered in a taunting tone, " But I don't want to be a good girl, and I will not tell you."Then, she laughed. Sensing Joy wasn't ready to talk about it, she sighed but she knew Joy will later spit it out, maybe she didn't feel like saying it right now. "Forget it then. I know you will talk about it later. Let's go."Alina voiced out indifferently. She wasn't going to force Joy to say a
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Chapter Nine: The party 3
"Hi Eris." Joy greeted when she reached Eris side, but she failed to hide her blush as her ears and cheeks were red.Eris turned back and replied to Joy, " Hello Lady Joy." But he didn't spare her a glance, as he proceeded to walk away almost immediately he replied her.Joy looked down and felt glum." He couldn't even spare me a glance. Am I not pleasing to his eyes?" She thought and asked herself.Eris action obviously hurt her, and she couldn't hide it, but Eris was oblivious of it as he already walked away.Alina was pissed off with Eris's action. She crossed her both hands over her chest and tilted her head to one side." It is very irreverence of you to walk away on your Lady and to ignore your Princess. Tsk, don't tell me you don't know that. "A very calm but domineering voice sounded at the back of Eris. He didn't need to be told who the owner of the voice was, and then he stopped. " Hphm! I know, but am only trying to avoid you and your troubles!"Eris riposte a
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Chapter Ten: The party 4
" Your Highness." Jake greeted as he saw Xander coming out of the King's chamber. The King's chamber was a place for no ordinary person, and only two people can gain access to it and that ; Kiara and Xander.Kiara was Hadi's mate and first love, but because Kiara couldn't give birth to any more child after Xander, he decided to have Mistresses who could sire him more offsprings. But almost all his illegitimate children were a heck in the neck, and he sort of wasn't happy with the outcome.Xander sighed and shook his head, indicating he wasn't pleased with the meeting that happened him and his parents." What's happened if I may ask, your Highness? "Jake, Xander's personal assistant and best friend, asked him. Xander casted a sound barrier magic like a bubble around him and Jake. Then, he narrated what the King said in the chamber." I know what my father is up to, and am not going to fall for it. A human? No, they are weak and fragile. I want a strong woman who can stand
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