Chapter Ten: The party 4

           " Your Highness." Jake greeted as he saw Xander coming out of the King's chamber. 

The King's chamber was a place for no ordinary person, and only two people can gain access to it and that ; Kiara and Xander.

Kiara was Hadi's mate and first love, but because Kiara couldn't give birth to any more child after Xander, he decided to have Mistresses who could sire him more offsprings. But almost all his illegitimate children were a heck in the neck, and he sort of wasn't happy with the outcome.

Xander sighed and shook his head, indicating he wasn't pleased with the meeting that happened him and his parents.

" What's happened if I may ask, your Highness? "

Jake, Xander's personal assistant and best friend, asked him. 

Xander casted a sound barrier magic like a bubble around him and Jake. Then, he narrated what the King said in the chamber.

" I know what my father is up to, and am not going to fall for it. A human? No, they are weak and fragile. I want a strong woman who can stand by my side without shaking."

Jake nodded. He opened and closed his mouth, seemingly wanted to say something, but he wasn't sure how Xander will take it. 

"Speak!" Came a command from Xander.

" I think the King and the Queen wanted the best for you, and you can see it this way, what if the prophecy is going to come through from you and the Princess?"

Jake uttered calmly and stared at Xander. He understood what the King and the Queen meant, and he actually hoped for the same thing.

Xander seems to be thinking as he went mute for a while. " No, am sure of it. She can't be the one, and the prophecy can't come through from me or her."

"I won't argue with you your Highness, and I only hope for the best."

Jake replied him with his face devoid of any emotions. He knew Xander can be stubborn sometimes, so it was just best to kept quiet.

" Me too. Let's prepare, cause we will be leaving for Krestila in some days."

He said and disabled the sound barrier magic, then he walked away.

Jake silently followed him behind. He wished for Xander to find his mate and take over the throne. He has been waiting for more than a century now but hasn't find one, he really hoped for him to find one soon, cause his brothers are already threatening him and planning to get him out of the way.

Even though, Xander was the crown prince. 

They cared less.


Grace, Liam, Robert, Leonard, and Jeff all sat around a wooden table.

They were discussing in a literal manner. 

" We have been waiting for five years now my fellow council people, and am happy to tell you that our plans will soon be achieved. So, relax and just believe in me."

Grave looked at all of them and smiled. Everything was going into place and time was the last thing they were waiting for. 

" How should we know, and what's going to happen?"

Leonard asked. They have been waiting for some years now and he wasn't sure where their plans were heading.

" Yes Grace. You keep telling us to believe in you, and that's what we are doing, but you are not giving us any evidence."

Liam added and the rest nodded in agreement.

Grace chuckled. " I have discussed things with Victor, and we are on it. We are going to create problems for the king soon. 

"As you all know that the Princess will be celebrating her eighteen birthday in some days and that's will be when we are going to strike.

"We know it is the norm and culture of our land, that any lady who has clocked eighteen must find a suitor and get married."

She paused and glanced around.

The other council people listened with rapt attention and was confused as to why she stopped talking but before they could open their mouth, she continued,

" But we know Alina has a different ambition, and she won't follow the culture, right?"

She asked them with certainty and smiled smugly.

The others seem to realized something, as they nodded their head and smiled conceitedly.

" Yes! Then, we can threaten the King using her, and if he fails to engaged Alina to a man on time, we can kick him out for failing in his duties."

Jeff grinned and was satisfied with their plan. 

Alas! He thought.

"Thus, giving us the chance to put the candidate, who we can control anyhow on the throne."

Robert joined and laughed out loudly, waiting for that day to come.

"Of course, and this is just our first plan. The others are coming, so patience my fellow oldies." Grace expressed and wore a determined look. She crossed her legs and relaxed. 

She appeared to be calm on the outside, but deep inside she couldn't wait to rejoice for victory. 

Be prepared Zeres, cause am coming for you! She thought.

Leonard agreed, and they all came to a conclusion. 


A day to the party.

Everyone in the castle was moving up and down, trying to set and prepare one thing or the other for the upcoming party. It was noisy and bustling.

Ariadney smiled at the view and was pleased with the preparations.

Alina and Joy were busy trying out the outfits prepared for them.

" Wow! Ali, your dress is really gleaming."

Joy said with admiration reflecting in her eyes.

"Awn thanks. Mama did all the work, and I was really surprised."

Alina didn't expect her dress to be too eye catching. She always wanted her things to be simple, just simple but this.......she could only sighed and prayed for the party to be over soon.

Joy smiled. " You seem not to be happy Ali. Is it about the dress, or preparations, or what?"

Joy noticed her friend's lack of enthusiasm for the coming party. At first, she shrugged it off, but now it was visibly clear, and she couldn't help but asked the reason why.

Alina was stunned, but she tried to hide her face away. " I don't know."

"Oh really?"

Joy narrowed her eyes.

Alina took a deep breath and exhaled. " Honestly I don't know. I just feel empty, and there's nothing to excite me. That's just it."

Joy chuckled and shook her head. " Ali dear, at least your own is better.  You don't know how hard it is to not see your parents for a week or more, all in the name of (busy with work)."

She tried to mimick her parents words, which somehow turned out funny and amusing to Alina.

" Hehehe. I thought Dukes are supposed to have less work. Well, guess my thought was wrong on that." 

Alina uttered and started to undress her self. 

" Oh, they are more busy than you can ever imagine." 

She replied Alina softly and sat on the cushion.

"You will be fine Jo, and am here for you, anytime." Alina patted Joy's back and comforted her.

She empathized with her best friend and hoped Duke Damon and Duchess Sophie could find time for their daughter. 


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Black Eyed Susan

    **~~~~ synopsis ~~~~**

 Her freedom was taken, her dignity was crushed, her heart was shattered, the courage to keep going was shaken. She lost her parents and lost the one person, who stood by her who showered her with nothing but love and care. 

What will become of her?

Good or bad?

Will she still be herself again?


    "What do you think of flowers?" Her grandmother asked out of the blue.

"Flowers?...... Flowers are flowers Mama Liya." She smiled smugly and shook her head.

"Have you ever heard of Black Eyed Susan?" Her grandmother asked again.


"Why all these questions Mama Liya?" She raised her eye brows and stretched her neck.

She wasn't in the mood to know about any flowers at all, not when they are more important things to face right now.

"I guess you are dumb in some aspects hun."

Mama Liya mocked.

Jane just rolled her eyes. "Who in the world spent alot of times learning about flowers?"

"People who are dumb like you."

 Her grandmother said sarcastically and laughed lightly.

Mama Liya wanted to motivate Jane again, cause she thought her granddaughter's hope was fading due to the things happening.

"Black Eyed Susan is a flower, a special strong flower to be precise. Am telling you this because, I want you to have the spirit of a Black Eyed Susan. It a flower that symbolizes courage, strong will, justice, truth, and strength. 

"It has the power to survive anywhere, despite if the weather conditions are harsh. 

"So, I want you to use this to guide your life. It okay to get hurt, but don't get hurt for the same thing again."

She advised her precious granddaughter and kissed the crown of her head.

Jane actually thought that, Mama Liya will utter a tedious talk but was cut surprise.

She was confounded. 

" Really? I didn't know flowers also has important meaning in life. 


She paused and sighed.

"I don't know if I can be like that. I mean am weak and meek, so am definitely sure I can't survive in this harsh and cruel world."

Jane was sure she won't survive in this harsh world, and she wasn't ready to face any more problems, so she was certain the theme of a Black eyed Susan won't go for her.


....... So guys, let's go into a journey of ; pain, tears, deep love, courage, truth, revenge, suspense, and justice!


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