The Heir's Redemption; Leonid Triumphs Over wealth

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The Heir's Redemption; Leonid Triumphs Over wealth

By: R. AUSTINNITE CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Amidst the wreckage of his father's debt and his mother's fragility, Leonid emerged as an unsung hero. Juggling jobs while nursing wounds from bullying and insults, he clung to a fragile hope. Then, destiny's script flipped. He inherited a staggering fortune, becoming not only a financial conqueror but also the long-awaited heir to "The Crimson Reapers," a formidable gang. From the ashes of hardship, Leonid's journey from rags to power is a tale of unyielding spirit and unforeseen destiny, destined to captivate all who hear it.

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  • jeraldmichelle8


    I rarely read urban fiction, but when I gave this genre a try, I discovered this incredible book. Now I'm hooked and always checking my phone for new updates. Keep up the fantastic work, author. I'm your biggest fan! I highly recommend this book. >⁠.⁠<

    2023-10-28 22:40:49
  • Gerald Austin


    Great start for a book, I got hooked after reading the first 5 chapters. I can't wait for more update. I am in love with Amelia already, the way she keeps standing up for her husband is amazing. Despite the fact that she married him for a reason meant to to her. Overall, the book is good :-)

    2023-08-15 20:58:30
  • xman


    I hardly read Mafia genre. Hope this is a good choice. Bc I value true love and trustworthy ML n FL. Like Amelia strong character, how she stood for Leonid against her parents. Hope she has other amazing capabilities as well.

    2023-10-24 22:21:47
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DEBT BURDEN "PAY YOUR DEBTS! Assholes, pay your debts." "Stop hiding in there!" "If you can't pay, give us a COLLATERAL!" "OPEN THE DOOR AND PAY YOUR DEBTS!" "PAY YOUR DEBTS!." "PAY YOUR DEBT… The front door was being banged and kicked with men screaming out their lungs. It was 12 am, midnight. He was just trying to sleep, no one was letting him. The banging had been going on for 3 hours, the men did not seem to go away. He covered his ears, pulling the blanket over his head. Tears began streaming down his face, he could not fully understand why the men knocked on their door every single night. "Daddy." He cried out. "Tell them to go away." Where was his Dad? He had not seen his Dad for a very long time. His Dad had promised never to leave him, his Dad had always been the one to tuck him into bed. To read him a story, to teach him how to write songs and play the piano. He missed his Dad. "Nid?" "Nid?" "Nid?" He pushed the cover aside when he heard the voice and glanced
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SHIFTS. 20 Years Later. 2pm. The light was flickering on and off, the room was dark and bright at the same time. He wondered what was wrong with the lights, the light went out again before fully turning on. He raised his head to stare at the bulb, waiting for it to turn off again. He was not alone in the building, there were other people staying there with him. "Maybe he fixed it." He muttered, before picking up the laundry basket that had fallen off his hands. He bent, kneeling on the floor with one knee and gathering all the fallen clothes and putting them in the basket. The clothes were all white and he shouldn't have let them drop on the ground. He was glad he had not washed them yet, besides even if they got stained the washing machine was going to do a great job getting the stains off the clothes. He stood up immediately and he was done picking up the clothes. He pushed the basket under his arm and whistled as he walked down the floor. The stairs were dusty like no one was
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4:01pm. After working at the laundry he headed to the bakery. He had finished washing the clothes by hand, even though Mr. Thomas felt a little reluctant to give the paycheck to him. He still got it anyway, he had walked out of Mr. Thomas office when he bumped into Millicent. "I have been waiting for you." She had said. "Did you receive your paycheck?" "I sure did." He replied. They had left the laundry together and headed in different directions. He had headed to the bakery for his second shift while she headed to the orphanage. Leonid got to the bakery and pushed open the door. He was greeted by the sight of flour around the floor with the workers scolding the cleaner. The cleaner was on her knees and begging for forgiveness. "Please don't tell the boss about this." She pleaded. 'What's going on?' Leonid thought as he walked into the bakery. He walked towards where the workers were, they gave him a once over glance and went back to what they were doing. Leonid stared at the
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6:10pm Leonid held the hose and pointed it at the car he was washing. His partner was not around, so there was no one to talk to. He had been washing the car for five minutes now and was getting tired. He had been working all day without a break, he was glad this was his last shift. He couldn't wait to head home and meet his wife Amelia. "Leo, a car is driving it. It looks expensive, take care of it. I will send someone to continue that one." His boss yelled. Leonid nodded, "Yes sir." His boss was sitting on a chair in the middle of the car wash and was monitoring their every move. Leonid found it weird but what was he going to do? The Mercedes Benz drove in and parked beside the other car Leonid had been washing. He walked over to the car and waited for the driver to get down. Leonid stood aside as the door came open, a well polished shoe came into view. Leonid knew the person in the car was going to be a hell of a rich guy. He silently said his prayers hoping to not be embarras
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"I didn't do it! It's so clear that you are trying to frame me, this is not your first time, not your second time." Leonid snarled. Ethan smiled at him, "Getting angry already, even when the proof has not been provided yet." Leonid glared at him, just as Ethan had hoped. Leonid decided to take matters into his own hands. "Here is it, search me and you won't find anything on me." Leonid suggested. Everyone around them agreed to his suggestion, Ethan could not stop smiling, this was what he wanted, Leonid was going to get fired for sure. "Alexander, search Leonid thoroughly for the wristwatch." Leonid's boss Mr. Evan said. Alexander was a co-worker of Leonid, the guy who had replaced Leonid at the job he was doing before he went to attend to Ethan. Alexander never spoke to Leonid because he always found ways to bully Leonid. "Yes sir." Alexander was smiling as he walked up to Leonid, why of all the people to search him did his boss choose Alex. Leonid could not refuse becaus
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Leonid brushed the thought away from his head, afterall he still had the time to take up another job at a restaurant as a waiter. He thought about Amelia, it would be better if she never heard about the thing that happened at the car wash. He was not sure she would believe he was telling the truth. Who would, when the watch was found on him. He wanted to get a necklace for her as a gift, he had been saving up for it for a long time and he was hoping Amelia would love it. This was the second expensive gift he was giving her, she was going to love it. He smiled just by thinking about that, soon he was whistling and jogging down the street on the roadside. Leonid pushed the door and walked in, he had asked for the job a few days ago but hadn't had the time to start. He glanced around and walked towards the staff. The restaurant was filled with classy people, you could tell by how expensive they were dressed. He got into the kitchen, staring around the place. A chubby chef was standing
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"Darling, I am home." He yelled, pushing the front door open. He heard nothing. He began climbing up the stairs, calling out to Amelia. He reached the door to their room, staring at it. "Darling?" "Took you long enough!" Amelia yelled, slightly opening the door. "I had a late shift." She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room, she slammed the door and pushed him against it. Leonid glanced at her face only to see her glaring at him, she was all dressed up and was in the process of applying makeup on her face. "Are you going somewhere?" Leonid asked her. She ignored him and buried her head in his chest, hugging him tight. "Why were you late?" "I had a late shift." He repeated. "Really? The slap she gave you was not good enough to make you come home earlier?" "What slap?" Leonid asked. Amelia pulled away from the hug and frowned at him. "The woman who slapped you for a coat that costs less than $500." "Less than $500?" Leonid couldn't believe his ears, he had been
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"Let me help you with your tie; you look great now. Your hair doesn’t look like it was chewed by mice anymore, and your beards look different too." Amelia stated. "Don’t say anything; it’s okay; you don’t have to thank me." Leonid gazed at his reflection in the mirror, admiring his appearance. He couldn't recall the last time he looked so great. She had assisted him with washing his hair, despite the fact that it was with her feminine products. His hair, which cascaded down his shoulders, was gleaming and sparkling. The fragrance was enticing, and Leonid resisted the temptation to grab a strand of his hair and smell it. "I am still going to say thank you for grooming me; it was a good thought and also a good thing to do, but now the ladies will keep on flirting with me," Leonid said, winking at his wife from the mirror. He wanted to tease her, and he sure did because she frowned at him and said, "There are women flirting with you?" She questioned. "You should know since you were al
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"We can celebrate now without any distractions. I will order more drinks. Amelia said."Go ahead, sweetie." Mrs. Harrington saidAmelia touched her neck and took out the necklace Leonid had bought earlier."Leonid bought me a necklace; it is actually really pretty. I love it."At the mention of the necklace, Mr. Harrington scoffed in disgust."A $20 to $50 necklace. Amelia, you are worth more than that." Mr. Harrington complained.Amelia glanced at Leonid before inspecting the necklace again. "It's not worth $50; it costs more than you think it does."Mr. Harrington snickered. "As long as it comes from Leonid, it is going to be awful and cheap."Amelia stopped touching the necklace. The necklace stayed on her chest, and she refused to argue with her parents about the necklace. Apart from the fact that it was not worth the argument, they were going to keep on saying her husband was cheap.Leonid felt like a ghost as they all began talking, totally ignoring him in the picture. Amelia ha
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"Take it." Mrs. Harrington urged "The money would go a long way for you. Your debt would be reduced." "$1 million is a huge amount of money, and he is giving it to you for free." Amelia glanced at Leonid; their eyes locked. She waved her head pleading with her eyes that he shouldn't take it. Without waiting for a reply, Ethan pulled out a check from his pocket and took out a pen. He placed the check on the table and wrote down the amount he intended to give to Leonid. For $1.1 million, I still added a little for you trying to take care of Amelia." He pushed the check across the table until it was in front of Leonid. Mrs. Harrington's face lit up into a smile. "Leonid is too poor to refuse that amount of money, Amelia. Get ready to say goodbye to your husband." "No!" Amelia yelled. "Leonid can never do that to me; he is far too loyal to choose money over me." Leonid glanced at the check. He read the amount that was written on the check. Amelia kept on watching him, with a look of
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