the mysterious Morris family

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the mysterious Morris family

By: Moonlight OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Brian a fatherless and poor student from the country side. was betrayed by his girlfriend and course mate. after the breakup Brian discovered his true identity as the grandson of the most powerful man in the country. in a space of two days Brian life change dramatically.

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12 chapters
001. Brian Taylor
Chapter one; Brian TaylorIt's a boring and sunny day for Brian Taylor as he walked under the hot and scorching sun looking for a part-time job he could do in order to support himself and his girlfriend Mabel Lawson. After searching for the whole day all he only ends up as an Uber driver. Brian qualifications for a professional job is very poor due to his background, since he was coming from the countryside almost everyone sees him Ias someone who is not well educate. Brian case is a bit different from that of an orphan, he has his poor mother his side, the little she has she used it to support Brian, but it was never enough. Brian never met his father he only see him pictures, the only people Brian knew was his foster grandparents the ones who welcome his mother into their home with a wide smile on their faces, Brian never had a normal childhoods like other children from the countryside, who play around with other children of their age. All Brian life
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Brian was totally speechless, and he was just staring at Mabel with a blank expression.“Brian, please leave my apartment, you know I can charge you with attempting robbery” Mabel threatened “Mabel, you would regret what you just did, I promise you this” Brian said before he intended to leave her apartment.“Wait, Brian!,” Mabel said with a grin on her face."I have already been regretting it!, Brian!” Mabel pretended to be remorse“ Really ?” Brian asked. He could not believe his ear, he knows people do change, but it had never been this fast. “ Yes, Brian! I have regret it already!” Mabel said innocently.” So you are ready to accept be back” Brian said as he tried to touch her, which she dodged. Brian was basically ignoring the clear hand writings on the wall. He was ready to take her back if she agreed to come back to him.“ Don't touch me, you loser!, do you think that I would accept you? Pathetic!, Brian for your infor
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003. Helena heaven
Chapter 3: At Helena's Heaven, colloquially known as the Fantasy of Your Reality, it's a place for the rich and not for poor, skimpy, and pathetic people like Brian. After helping Claire carry the goods up from the car to the hotel room for delivery, while Claire followed suit. When Brian entered the room, it was filled with students from elite backgrounds. Even Mabel was there. “Guys, look who we have here,” Sharon mocked. “The poor and stinky Brian from the countryside,” Sharon continued to mock Brian. Brian only stared at her without saying anything. They are from a rich and well-known family. If he said anything to them, they might silence him forever without anyone finding out or taking action. “And look who is talking! I love your courage to actually call someone poor and stinky. You aren't even properly developed,” Claire mocked Sharon. Brian was amazed by that. Claire is the only person who has ever stood up for him when others insulted him. “Claire, you called me an im
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004. Graham
“But Brian, I have nowhere to go” Claire cried.Brian stared at her for sometimes, knowing how it's like sleeping under a bridge, and uncompleted with no place to bathe no good food to eat. During his freshmen year, he booked for a hostel space but there was no space left. He had to look for an apartment and during that period he was squatting with one of his friends, but due to human nature, they started having some issues, and he was chased out of the DOM with no place to go. He slept under the bridge and uncompleted building, it was tough for him.“You can stay with me for now until you save enough money for accommodation” Brian said.“Unknown number is calling you now” his phone rangNot knowing who it was, Brian was hesitating to pick up the call.The phone rang and rang until it stopped after some seconds, it started again, and it continued for the fourth time. Seeing that the caller was not ready to back down Brian had no other option than to pick up the call.“Hello, am I sp
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005. arrogant Chin
“come and give grandpa a hug” Mr. Graham said emotionally as he hugged Brian. Brian those not know whether he should be happy or not. His mother did not tell him that he was from the elite, and he had a family apart from Grandma and Grandpa Jordan, but if he had such a powerful family, why did they have to spend all their lives working hard to survive. “ If you don't mind can I ask you something” Brian said.“ You can, but not here, let go somewhere calm and quiet to discuss” Mr. Graham suggested.They drove back to Everest hotel. Everyone was staring at Brian with envy and hate, many people have tried every possible way to get close to the Morris, but beggar has the opportunity, and that makes them to hate him more.When the manager saw Brian, he was surprise that Brian the beggar knew such a big shot. The manager was surprised to see Brian walking with Mr. Graham Morris Even him being a manager was not given that chance to work with him, but here this poor and pathetic beggar, was
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006. Ruby
Mr. Morris handed the receipt for the apartment he had already purchased to Brian. “ You don't have to look for an apartment again, this is a gift from me to you” Mr. Morris said. “ Thank you sir, I really appreciate” Brian thanked Mr. Morris happily. “ And one more thing, I have transferred something for you just managed it for the week” Mr. Morris said. “ Thanks, sir, for your help," Brian said. “ Stop addressing me with sir, I'm your grandfather, you don't have to address me with that” Mr. Morris said. “ Okay Grand. Pa, see you during the weekends” Brian said as he walked out of the room.When he reached his apartment he saw Claire and his property outside the hostel, “Claire don't worry, we are not going to sleep outside today” he pads her shoulder as he packed his belongings to the road. Brian's things were not much, his textbooks and two pairs of trousers and three T-shirts and with a mat. So it was easy for him to park his belongings on the road while Claire tugged behind h
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007. a lunch with ruby
“Brian waits for us” Stella shouted at Brian as she dragged the dreamy Ruby toward Brian who had stopped walking and was waiting for them.When they reached where Brian was standing, Brian asked them;"What do you guys want?”“Can you join us for lunch!” Stella offered.“Sorry I can't join you guys for dinner, I have a lot to do today” Brian rejected their offer without thinking twice.“Brian it's not Good to reject pretty girl's offer” Stella insisted.Brian looked at Stella, whose expression remained the same, and then to Ruby rose whose expression had taken a 360-degree turn, her cheerful smile was replaced with a sad expression. It was not Stella that was actually inviting him, but Ruby rose. Brian's heart softens.“ Okay I'll come with you guys, now smile Ruby, you looked more beautiful with a smile on your face” Brian said. He was not trying to flirt with Ruby but when the word came out of Brian's mouth, Ruby smiled beyond her limit until her cheeks turned pink but due to her sk
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008. dirty minded
'' Welcome Brian, your food is in the kitchen and it might be cold by now. You know what to do," Claire said as she dropped the book she was reading. "What are you reading, Claire?" Brian asked. Brian did not know that Claire was also a student of Orwell, and her program was pharmaceutical study. "Biochemistry," Claire said. "What are you using chemistry for?" Brian asked Claire, who was now chatting on her phone. "I'm a student also, what do you think?" Claire said ironically. "So, what field?" Brian asked curiously . "Pharmacy," Claire replied. "Okay," Brian said. Brian walked into his room. He was in a happy mood after having lunch with Ruby and her sister. Brian lay down on his bed as he thought of what happened today as a whole - from his grandfather down to Ruby, he was happy. Brian was still in his dream world until he heard a clicking sound from his phone. When he opened the phone, the first thing that caught his attention was the image of him and Mabel smiling happil
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009. i booked you for the whole night
What kind of girl is Arden, and why is my mom afraid of her joining hands with the Morris? What did she and the Morris drag, and why did my mom say that my dad died before I was born? Why did Mr. Morris show me pictures of me and Arden alongside our parents? All of these thoughts make Brian's head hurt a lot; he doesn't know what to do. Why did his mom tell that man to clear anything that links to Arden away from the Morris? What kind of woman is my mom, and how many people's blood has stained my mom's hands in order to clean the track that can lead to Arden? How did she get the money to pay those people that are working for her? Brian could not help but ponder upon those questions.Brian decided to rest his head before the time to pick up his client. The bed was so soft and comfortable that it made Brian sleep longer than he was meant to. Brian woke up by the sound of his phone ringing; it was his boss calling. "Brian, why are you still sleeping? You're 5 minutes late, and you k
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010. the heir
Brian could not lie; he really enjoyed the show. Everything was perfect. After taking the trophy, Ruby walked back to where Brian and Stella were seated. ''Your performance was excellent and extraordinary, Ruby. I have to say you're perfect in almost all aspects. I love that, I really do,'' Brian complimented. Ruby's eyes lit up, and she started blushing; her cheeks were now red. ''Ruby, why are your parents not here?'' Brian asked when he saw the expression on Ruby's face, he regretted asking her such question. ''Would you like to dance with me, Ruby?'' Brian asked as her smile deepened. ''Wait, don't dance yet. I'm so proud of you,'' a sweet voice sounded from the back. ''Wow, Mom, you made it to my performance. I thought you guys were on vacation,' Ruby shouted happily, while hugging her mother like a baby. ''Yeah, your dad and I decided to return and attend this special day with this special gift that God has given us,'' the pretty lady replied. Brian stared at the woma
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