Son In Law to Secret Heir

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Son In Law to Secret Heir

By: Sam Liu OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Melvin was taken aback, exclaiming, "What!? How could you have two sons-in-law when Naira is married to me?!" He stared in disbelief at his mother-in-law, who responded with a cruel smile. "Because she's going to divorce you!" she sneered. A sinking feeling enveloped Melvin as if the ground had been pulled from under him. He felt utterly humiliated when her laughter further punctuated his situation. Enduring a wretched existence in his wife's home, subjected to insults and disdain, Melvin's life took an unexpected twist when his grandfather called. The offer to rejoin the family business provided a glimmer of hope. Would Naira proceed with the divorce upon learning the truth? Would his mother-in-law's treatment persist? And could Melvin contemplate a return after all he'd been through?

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Son in Law Struggles
"I swear by his deceased father," he sneered softly, frustration evident as he bent at the waist to pick up the bra she had discarded on the floor the previous night. "One day, I will endure all the torment and exact revenge on you, spoiled bitch," he huffed, tossing the bra over his shoulder and moving to tidy the disarray around the room. He diligently followed the instructions she had given him before heading to the office that morning.Could he truly believe that someone like Naira, in charge of the family business, would create such a mess in her room just due to her usual untidiness? It didn't add up. Something felt amiss, and a significant part of that was him.He was convinced that she had intentionally orchestrated this entire situation – a scheme to belittle him, diminish his significance, and exploit him as an unpaid cleaner. Surprisingly, despite being married, she treated him more like a household help than a husband. The marriage papers they had signed seemed almost inco
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Fumed with Anger
"Divorce?" The word escaped his lips, a mixture of disbelief and raw hurt in his voice. The handsome stranger, Robert, remained impassive, his presence casting a shadow that seemed to grow larger with each passing moment. Melvin's heart pounded in his chest, emotions swirling in a tempest of anger, hurt, and defiance. Meanwhile, Mrs. Edwards approached, her plump lips adorned with purple lipstick curling slightly after she took a sip of tea. "Ugh… you know, I despise tardy breakfasts. Mind your actions and pick up the pace," she admonished, rolling her eyes at him. Melvin swallowed his anxiety and nodded, not so much afraid of the woman herself, but rather the fact that Naira was waiting outside. He thought he could deal with the situation later as he believed Naira'd not leave her easily. Not for this man atleast. "Good boy," Mrs. Edwards praised before preparing to move away. Just then, Melvin seized what he thought was a prime opportunity to slip away with the file. Unbeknownst
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Brainwashed to Divorce
It felt as if the universe had tuned into his inner thoughts, with no intention of allowing him another opportunity to feel regret. The phone's ring broke the moment, announcing another call from the same number. This time, a faint smile tugged at the corner of Melvin's lips, a glimmer of anticipation or curiosity crossing his face."Hello." He spoke, pressing the phone next to his ear. A shaky, tired voice echoed from the other end of the line, carrying the words "My dear grandson!" After such a long time, hearing those words sent a chill down his spine, as if a wave of emotions and memories had suddenly surged back into his consciousness. There was a quality in the voice that caused Melvin to set aside the past and fixate solely on the current situation, on what might be troubling his grandfather. Why wasn't his voice its usual self?"Are you okay, grandpa?" Melvin's voice, laced with concern, broke in. He couldn't recall a time when his grandfather had sounded so frail, not even
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An Unexpected Call
A painful knot formed in his chest as he grappled with the idea that Naira might actually heed her mother's advice and consider ending their marriage. The uncertainty of his future gnawed at him. Where would he find himself if he were no longer beside her? The questions swirled in his mind, mirroring the tearful chaos of his eyes.And then, in a moment that seemed almost symbolic, a sharp, searing pain cut through the noise of his thoughts. "Ahhh…" he groaned involuntarily, the sting of pain jolting him back to reality as the blade slipped and he accidentally nicked his finger. The vibrant red of blood mingled with the pale slices of onion, a stark reminder of his vulnerability. The physical pain, though sharp, paled in comparison to the emotional wounds inflicted by Naira's words.Melvin's swift footsteps took him to the wash basin, urgency in his every movement. He twisted the tap, unleashing a stream of water that cascaded over his injured finger, washing away the crimson evidence
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Unassumed Hurdle
With a sigh that carried a mix of frustration and resignation, he muttered to himself, the sound a private outlet for his emotions, his pride smarting from the recent humiliation he had endured.As his fingers deftly smoothed the sheets, making the bed with mechanical precision, he processed the conflicting feelings that churned within him. Amid the flurry of his thoughts, Melvin's phone buzzed with a reminder that cut through the haze. The text message illuminated his screen, a stark reminder of his obligation to be present at the office that day—his own office. "Oh, how can I forget that," he berated himself, his palm meeting his forehead in a light slap that resonated with a mixture of surprise. He hastened to get ready.Rushing through his preparations, Melvin arrived at his office with a sense of urgency coursing through his veins. He had taken the effort to dress smartly, a crisp white shirt neatly tucked into his black pants. A smile adorned his lips, a clear reflection of h
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Attacked with Humiliation
As Melvin walked through the corridors of the office, a whirlwind of emotions surged within him. It was as if an invisible force had lifted him from the mundane and elevated him to the heavens. Each step felt like a stride of triumph, resonating with a newfound sense of empowerment.His heart swelled with a mixture of pride and exhilaration. The weight of the recent humiliation he had faced at Naira's house seemed to dissipate with every echoing footfall. Here, within these walls, he felt a stark contrast to the role he was relegated to at home, an existence that felt more like that of a househelp than an equal partner.He relished the sensation of being in charge, feeling a sense of authority and respect that he often missed elsewhere. The weight of his responsibilities, the power he held, and the choices he could make all combined to give him a feeling of significance that he had long yearned for.As he continued to walk, his chest seemed to expand, his breaths deeper and more fulfi
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Back Where He Belonged To
The manager opened the door and stepped away, making room for him to enter. A feeling of old memories filled the air around him. When Melvin walked in, the elderly man sat up from the back leather seat, stood with energy, and walked over to Melvin, arms open wide. He was very happy to see his grandson and gave him a big, warm hug."Oh, my Melvin... It's so good to have you back," he said, hugging him tightly and showing how much he cared.The old man embraced Melvin warmly, showing how much he cared. Melvin's feelings were a bit mixed. He remembered how this very person had caused him a lot of trouble, making him angry. Those memories from the past made the hug feel uncomfortable, and he pulled back a little, the past flooding back in his mind."Thanks!" Melvin's voice held brevity as he acknowledged the warm hug. He kept his emotions guarded, a reserve he had mastered over time. However, his grandfather, perceptive as ever, noticed the distance in Melvin's response.The old man's ey
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A Condition
As his grandfather's words reached his ears, a mix of anger, grief, and remorse flooded over Melvin. The weight of the past, the betrayal and murder he saw in that old man's actions, bore down on him. It was a struggle to reconcile the memories of the man he once revered with the reality of his sinister deeds. The room felt suffocating, emotions crashing against the walls of his heart, as he grappled with the tangled web of feelings that threatened to consume him.Tears welled up in the old man's eyes as he continued to speak, his voice quivering with emotion. "Melvin, please understand. I know I've made mistakes in the past, mistakes that have hurt you deeply. But I've regretted those decisions every day since. I can't change the past, but I can promise you that I've learned from it."His gaze was pleading, his expression a mix of remorse and desperation. "The company is not the same without you. We need your vision, your dedication. You're the rightful owner, and it's suffering with
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Abrupt Mother in Law Call
Melvin remained seated in the plush leather chair, a mixture of astonishment and disbelief etched across his face as he observed his grandfather. The old man's countenance radiated with a rare and unbridled joy, a vibrant flush of happiness suffusing his features. The words that had left his grandfather's lips resonated in Melvin's ears like a melodic tune, "CEO of the company!"Melvin grappled with the question that swirled within his mind like an elusive wisp of smoke. Was this a dream, a fantastical reverie conjured by his imagination, or had reality taken an astonishing twist? Just that very morning, he had endured the sting of humiliation, bearing the weight of his perceived lowly status. Now, he found himself perched at the pinnacle of the corporate hierarchy, bearing the esteemed title of CEO. It was almost too much to fathom.Melvin's thoughts raced, racing like a whirlwind through the chasm of his mind. Could it truly be this simple? The abrupt transformation of his fate le
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Where's Melvin
"Melvin…." Naira's voice reverberated through the house as she stormed out of her room, clutching her phone tightly to her ear. She had been repeatedly dialing Melvin's number, desperation creeping into her voice with each unanswered call."Melvin... where are you?" Standing near the first-floor railing, she peered down into the hall below, hoping to catch a glimpse of her elusive housemate. She assumed he might be in the kitchen, engrossed in his usual culinary escapades. It had been one of those rare mornings when she had overslept, and Melvin was nowhere to be seen.Under normal circumstances, Naira wouldn't have bothered searching for him; her mornings were typically solo affairs. But today was different; the situation demanded his immediate presence. Frustration bubbled within her as she continued calling his room with increasing volume, but there was no response, not even a hint of movement from his quarters."Oh, goodness. Where on earth could he have vanished to? That lazy, in
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