Breaking Hell


Emi rounded up the training and after receiving the message that The King urgently summoned him. He knew what the King wanted to say and he strongly prepared his mind, over night during meditation, he had found the right answer to pull himself out of this love war he found himself.

Emi entered into the King's Palace, the King gracefully positioned himself on his throne, on the right was the Princess, sitting on a well decorated stool, Emi found it difficult to ignore her presence, although he made himself as calm as possible. Standing at the entrance was Ajanaku. Emi slowly stood next to him and tried avoiding the King's gaze that was fixed on him.

"What's wrong? " He said in a low tone, which was still audible to Ajanaku

"Emi, welcome, guards excuse us" The King ordered.

"Your highness, Princess" Emi greeted respectfully.

Ajanaku immediately knew something was odd, reading the reactions on every one, from the King down to the Princess and to Emi who wasn’t composed,s that was very unusual to him and even the way the Princess smiled at Emi, was different.

"Could it be" Ajanaku thought within himself

"We might have a situation" The King said and raised from the throne.

What could it be, the two warriors thought within themselves. It was unlike the King to feel bothered, but they were sure this issue had great risk

The King went silent for some minute and continued

"The Princess will be turning 21 years old in three days time, and the contest for her hand in marriage begins immediately, following after her celebration"

This should be good news Emi thought and glanced at the Princess, who caught him staring at her and replied with a smile from the corner of her lips.

"What is she up to?" Emi wondered within himself

"But she is betrothed to Esu(The Devil)" The king finally broke the words

Emi felt his heart skip a bit, he looked deeply into Adeshewa's eye, Ajanaku on the other hand, held tightly to his shield, and immediately felt uncomfortable.

Who would guess the beauty he day dreamed about was the wife of someone from the 2nd Order of the Gods Circle, he thought and slightly was becoming scared.

"Only two of you are the finest of our warriors, I need you to save her and break this marriage, I want my daughter to have a normal life, like other children" The King said, with remorse in his voice.

Years ago, while the Queen was in labour, to save her unborn child, the King had no other option than to bargain, if Esu would save the child, he would get her married to him, but the King became furious when he discovered the Devil had taken more than they bargained, firstly he refused to save his wife’s soul, secondly he was married to his daughter whom he will make A Casted Soul at 20

"Your highness, we need not to waste time, our journey to outside world would take a day and we still don't know how long our struggle will be and we must be back before day three" Emi said and looked at Ajanaku, who stood still, like glued to the ground

Truly a man hasn't gotten to the home of fear, that's why he could still consider himself strong. The Princess slowly walked towards Emi, gradually advancing, Emi moved back with squinted eyes knowing something was wrong. He drew out his sword and held it in defense position

"Stay back" Emi ordered, clearly he was not the one speaking.

Ajanaku rushed towards the King and pulled him behind.

"So, this is the flea that would be coming to hunt me? " The Princess said, her voice echoing and terrifying.

"You haven't attained the spirit of a human god, just a warrior god, even Ogun, wouldn't dear challenge me" Esu said through the Princess

In a flash she was already holding Emi up, His legs were about 7inches above the ground. Emi tried to free himself, but on second thought he would be harming the Princess, so it was useless struggling.

"Just a boy"

Ajanaku from where he stood, summoned out his Soul Beast and sent it forward, the impact immediately made the Princess fall to the ground. Emi gained his ground, panting heavily

"Thanks brother"

Ajanaku sat on the ground of the palace, his energy exhausted, at this point even a intermediate warrior could easily kill him.

The King felt relieved seeing the Princess rise up

"It happened again" She said, her eyes filled with tears and ran into her chamber.

"Let's prepare" Ajanaku said and led the way



Ajanaku armed himself with what seemed diabolical, a snail shell hanging from his neck, an added protection, he examined his sword carefully and drove it into its sheath, leaving his upper body bare, hooked his shield on his back, looking prepared, although slightly exhausted he still had the strength.

"I never knew your Soul Beast was as strong as that" Emi said splashing water on his face.

"Esu was certain you wouldn't want to hurt the Princess, he would have used that opportunity to kill you"

Although Emi was immortal, but he stood no chance against a fellow god. Even his beast soul, was no match for Esu, they knew this fight was beyond them.

Every warrior had the chance of gaining a Soul beast, although, they don't have to choose the Soul, it choose them, if they had a Soul beast that was stronger than they could contain, it would tear their mind apart. It was a privilege to share something in common with the gods.

"I am set" Emi said, pulling his dagger into its sheath that hanged from his waist.

Emi feeling charged, his hand glowing, he hit hard into the air, and at impact the wind furiously sucked them into itself.

At the other part, they stood in what could be referred as the most beautiful world but the deadliest evil lived here.

The walkway was laid with precious stone that illuminated into their eyes and somehow seduced their sub consciousness towards it, Ajanaku made an attempt to touch, but was held back by Emi

"Don't touch, it sucks your Soul and drives you mad" Emi said as they advance towards a huge metal gate, which could be guessed to be huge to infinity.

As they approached the gate, about some meters from where they were, the gate began to close at a steady rate. Emi caused within himself and Ajanaku followed suit as they both picked up pace, and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. With great strength they both dived through into the other part of the gate, as it forcefully shut almost grabbing Ajanaku’s leg.

“That was close” Ajanaku thought within himself as Emi, stretched his hand to aid him up.

Right in front of them, was an endless corridor, which went on and on and on.

“What is this?” Emi cursed out, feeling frustrated

“Emi, that’s what he wants, to make you frustrated, and you know what happens when you are”

Emi knew what was happening, illusion of the mind,  that was the greatest mastermind to win an opponent easily.

“We need to break this illusion” Emi said

Both Emi and Ajanaku placed a knee to the ground, their hands began to move in a circular manner, giving way to their soul beast, the energy within them combined together, creating a strong force, in an instance they stood up and forced the souls to the ground.

A loud quake shook, making the corridors tremble, after some few seconds the reality was clearly seen.

They know stood right in the second Circle of Hell, fearlessly they approached the throne, ignoring the gruesome looking creature that filled the hall, loud screams of tormented souls could be heard from every corner, even the creatures made it worse, water drooling from their mouths.

They both approached the Throne facing the one who sat on it.

Esu, this time he took the form of the Princess, seated on the throne, beneath him was a monster in form of a lion, it had wings that stood about 7 feet in height, with sharp


“Haaaaaa, feel the energy that flows within you, it makes me thirst for blood” Esu said and transformed into his own image.

For someone with such bad reputation, he looked handsome, his face glittered like they were laced with gold, he held a staff in his hand, still seating on the throne.

“Seal off your marriage with the Princess” Emi shouted pointing his sword at Esu

Esu could only gaze at this weak Warrior God, who had taken such a huge task upon himself 

“Indeed with great power comes great responsibility” Esu said and laughed heavily

“On one condition”

“Which is?” Emi asked feeling confident

“I challenge you, if you win, you can break off the seal, if you lose, your Power belongs to me”

Ajanaku held Emi’s hand, and nodded his head in disapproval, urging him not to fall into the trap of the trickster

“It’s not like we have a better chance, this monster won’t let us even have a chance at him”

Esu moved closer and grinned wickedly

“You didn’t tell him the King wants you to marry his daughter, have you?”

Emi felt embarrassed and at the same time irritated, the only thing he wanted so badly was to rip the filthy creature apart.

“What a world”

Emi angrily advanced towards Esu and swayed his sword, slashing Esu on the face, the slash ran from his right face down to the left cheek.

He made another attempt again, but this time, Esu was faster than he was, Esu dodged his sword and skilfully grabbed Emi from the back, retrieved Emi’s dagger from the stealth and stabbed him with it.

Ajanaku on the other hand, was becoming annoyed at Emi, even though his life was at stake, he couldn’t believe Emi would hide such from him, even after he had gone to meet Emi and poured out how he felt to him.

Ajanaku summoned his beast soul, this time in form of an arrow and shot it towards Esu.

Emi used this to his advantage. He swayed his body, and managed to grab Esu from the leg, and threw him towards the direction of the incoming arrow.

WHACKK!! The arrow pierced into Esu’s heart, making him let out a loud groan, the creatures in the hall began to advance swiftly, but stopped on command.

“Stop” Esu said and made a seal appear in mid air, before Ajanaku.

Ajanaku wasted no time in receiving it, and avoided gaze with Emi.

“Ajanaku, wait, that was too easy to call a victory, he wants to put enmity between us”Emi said

Esu only smiled where he laid, he never had it in mind to put on a fierce fight, afterall none of them could defeat him, even with their power combined together.

Ajanaku didn’t utter any word as he left the Realm, back to the Palace. 

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