Dylan: Mankind's Last Hope

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Dylan: Mankind's Last Hope

By: Apratyashita Thakur OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Dylan wakes up to find himself in the midst of blood and destruction. He drags himself out of the ruins and tries to look for help, but all he finds is a sea of purple sand. Without food and water, he is at the verge of death when a defensive nanochip gets activated. He enters a state of cyrogenic hibernation. Ten years later, a crazy magician revives him, not out of kindness but to use him as a lab rat for experiments. Weak, defenseless, without memories, can he survive in the new dangerous world?

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7 chapters
PrologueThe year 5000: An intense wave of space-time turbulence swept the earth away, causing the solar system to collapse.The blue planet spiralled through the space in an oblique trajectory for millions of light years before colliding with Candela, a planet located in the condor galaxy.This distance might seem unsurmountable, but the manipulation of the space time disturbance propelled the earth through this distance within 30 years.30 years of sheer destruction and bloodshed. Tornadoes, earthquakes, cosmic storms, chipped at the earth. Shockwaves generated during this process caused mountains to be levelled and plains to be crushed. Then, the earth’s crust started peeling off layer by layer, gradually reducing its volume.Amidst this chaos, there was a dome shaped structure that was still standing tall. If one noticed carefully, they could see that this dome gave off electromagnetic vibrations. Every time there was a shock wave, these vibrations would adjust their frequency to
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Chapter 1: Purple Sand
Coughs! Coughs!A young boy of about ten years sat up, coughing violently. His dull eyes swept around the surroundings and he frowned.Where am I?The cool breeze cleared his mind and some bits of memories finally surged to the surface of his mind.Blood! Ruins! Destruction!As the horrifying scene flashed in his mind, he trembled uncontrollably.Dylan had woken up a few days ago to find himself entangled amidst mangled bodies. With a great deal of effort, he had dragged himself out of the dome shaped structure.After walking a short distance, he staggered and fell flat on the ground. His dry lips trembled and a gust of breath left his mouth. “I don’t want to die like this.”He laid there, weak, helpless, hovering between life and death. He wanted to call for help, but there was nobody around, only an endless stretch of purple sand.Woosh! Screech! Rattle! A sea of wailing noises ripped the place apart. It was another cosmic storm. Dylan’s weak body got caught up in the storm and afte
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Chapter 2: I am your nano assistant.
“You are our only hope, Dylan.” A sound impulse jolted his nerves, triggering them into action. “You have to do your best.”This voice seemed to come from the depth of his soul. Though Dylan had been in a state of hibernation for ten years, the last line of cryogenic defence had kept his body well preserved.Thump! Thump! As his heart thumped, the frozen blood started circulating slowly and his brain was activated.This also led to a problem: the wounds that had been sealed by the ice started bleeding again. If they weren’t treated soon, Dylan’s life would come to an end.“Damn it, Gerard!” The old man grumbled. “What have you been up to? You are reeking of blood.”“Blood? How can there be blood?” Denver frowned and assessed himself. There was indeed a strong stench of blood and it seemed to be coming from his storage device.“F***!” He waved his hand and took out the corpse he had placed inside. “Wasn’t this dude supposed to be dead? Why in the freaking hell is he bleeding?”“Let me
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Chapter 3: Death Lock
“Gerard, don’t think that I don’t know what you have been up to,” Shen Jie’s piercing gaze bore into him as he snapped his fingers. With a soft cracking sound, Gerard’s entire body went up in flames. “Seems like you will forget your place, unless I let you taste the effect of death lock once in a while.”“Master, no, please show mercy,” Gerard struggled as he tried to put off the flames that were burning me. “I know I was wrong, but I didn’t mean to go against you. I just wanted to give Dylan a chance to enjoy a few moments of happiness before everything started.”“Since you like that brat so much, I will let you accompany him to the end.” Shen Jie’s expression turned exceptionally cold as he waved his hand to one of the servants. “Send someone to the Black Lotus Tower to fetch one more starry silk worm.”“No master, please,” Gerard shouted in horror and dropped to his knees. “Please let me go this time. I swear I will never go against you again.”Shen Jie’s eyes flickered as he looke
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Chapter 4: Creation of Magical Veins
“Ahhh!!!” Dylan screamed crazily. He didn’t know what kind of array Shen Jie had used, but his entire body was locked in place. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t even move an inch. All he could feel was the intense pain ripping through his hand. “What? Screaming already?” The old man mocked, picking up a golden worm using his gloved hands. “This is just the beginning. I have merely used a wisp of eternal fire to hollow out a small section of your hand.” He dangled the golden worm close to Dylan’s face. “Now, I will let this worm weave its way through your flesh, creating new magical veins.” His expression took on a fanatic appearance as he let the golden worm crawl onto Dylan’s wrist. “Finally, I can see the divine worm’s miracle with my own eyes.” The golden worm dug into the hollow created by the fire and started secreting silky threads. It was very thin, but the pain caused by its movement was unbearable. The worm crawled under his skin, slowly wiggling and moving f
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Chapter 5: Run!
‘So dark, so suffocating,’ Dylan grumbled, trying to adjust his position inside the box. ‘Is it really important to seal an empty box using magic?’The ride was very smooth. If it wasn’t for the occasional bump and jerk, he would have thought that they were still inside the room.‘RO, do you have a way to find out where we are?’‘Of course. The box might be sealed using magic, but it can’t block my probing waves. We have left the mansion and are moving towards the Craywood Forest. Once we reach its depths, you can make a move if you want.’His grip tightened on the hilt of the dagger he had stolen and prepared himself mentally. There were dozens of guards escorting the carriage of boxes. His only chance was to take them by surprise.“Buzz…” the chief guard frowned, seeing the flashing red light on his medallion. “There is something wrong with one of the boxes. We should stop and check it once.”“Come on Brian, don’t you think you are being too much of a paranoid? What can go wrong wit
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Chapter 6: Big Brother
Looking at the emotions in her clear blue eyes, Dylan hesitated. He didn’t want to leave her behind, but Allure insisted.“Hurry! Leave quickly. You can’t help me. Even if you fight with your life on line, you can’t do anything to the wolf.”A sense of helplessness washed over Dylan as he took off in another direction. This feeling was not good at all. The heaviness in his heart grew as he moved further.‘RO, is there really no way I can help that little girl?’ Dylan’s steps faltered, and he stopped running. “I… I can’t leave like this. If I leave that girl in danger and run away like a coward, I can never face myself.”With this, he turned around and rushed back to the place where he had left the girl at twice the speed.He was stunned when he reached the clearing. He recognised the wolf, but the one facing it wasn’t a little girl. Instead, it was a little fox, with three tails.Though the fox couldn’t fight back, it was holding its own. Every time the wolf pounced on the fox, it wou
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