The Human God
The Human God
Author: Sir_Impeccable

AYENIRETI (**story submitted by Olusegun Shedrach**)

Ancient times before now, Ayenireti had always had one hero or the other that faithfully sacrificed their lives for the peace of its people, fought countless battles, plundered countless lands, claimed countless spoils. But it's now different, the enemies has found the only way to conquer unity: TREACHERY, and another ungodly deadly sin: GOSSIP.

Emi entered into the Kings personal chamber, and prostrated flat before him, a means of homage, a tradition that had been passed down from one generation to another and has been held in high esteem.

The only source of light in the chamber was a little window directly above the King’s bed, barely enough to allow a child pass through.

"You sent for me" Emi said still prostrated flat on the floor

The King's room, was decorated with historical ancient paintings, beads hanged on the wall and neatly arranged traditional attires and animal skins that proved more of the King’s power and authority.

Softly moving back and forth on the rocking chair, with an attractive horsetail in his hands the King smiled broadly at Emi.

"Rise my Son"

From a tender age, Emi had caught the eye of the King. The tradition was so fair to everyone in the system, every orphan were the responsibility of the King, of which Emi was one. He began exhibiting the traits of a warrior, what they call the Spirit of the Warrior God. 

The Spirit is believed to be passed randomly to whom the gods saw fit and worthy, after the previous Warrior cease to exist, but something was different in Emi, even the Chief Priest when consulted found it hard to explain. His uniqueness was so complicated.

"Emi, I am getting old, and my days are near" The King said slowly

"The gods shall mercifully add more wine to you cup my King" Emi replied, even though they both knew he only said that to keep the King's heart at peace.

Emi could be described as having the perfect body structure, broad shoulders which were perfectly chiselled, ruddy face that sat well on his neck, set of eyes which went a little deep into its sockets.

"I want you, Emi, to get married to my daughter"

Emi hastily raised to his feet, unsure if he had the words right, he tried to be as calm as possible but all was vain. No one dared question the authority of the King even if it didn’t sit well with you, the King was second to the gods.

"Let's call a spade a spade my Lord, you know it's an abomination" Emi said calmly

"Until I say it's an abomination" The king said and continued "Emi I don't want to use the supremacy of the throne to force you into this, I consider you a son"

Emi gave no reply, just then the Royal messenger made his way into the Chamber, a spear on his left hand, bare chest and heavily built.

"My Lord, the outcast once more has plundered the farm borders, we need The Human God to go with us, we are unsure of what or who they are”



The King had more than enough alliance to make, to some reasonable extent, his daughter could deal one by getting married to the Prince of various kingdoms, Prince who were seen as gods and held more territories, even though no kingdom had the kind of power Ayenireti had. 

"Emi, what's wrong? " A soldier asked, noticing his mood was very unusual

"Nothing much, I will settle things don't worry" Emi replied even though the situation at hand was out of his control.

"Just to let you know we are always there for you" The soldier said as they got nearer to the farm borders of the kingdom. 

"This is where they were sighted" the guard that led them said pointing forward to the fresh fallen corn sticks.

Emi charged forward into the maize plantation, noticing some fresh cut. He slowly

retrieved his sword from the sheath

"In the name of the gods I order you to come out, to prevent bloodshed" Emi shouted

"Am not in mood to kill today "He said to himself.

A boy ran out from the right side, looking exhausted, he gasped and collapsed to the ground.

"It's a boy" Emi said as the others laid back their weapon "Who are you?”

"Oyeniyi" the boy replied faintly and stared deep into Emi's eyes.

"My Lord, we found them trying to run" A soldier said and forcefully pulled the man and a woman to the ground.

"Please have mercy, that's our son, Oyeniyi, war made us flee, please, spare our lives" the woman wailed, tears already filled in her face. 

One attribute the warrior god possessed was a discerning spirit, a spirit that tells if one was walking the right path or telling the truth. But once they are disorganised, even their immortality would flee from them.

"Prepare the horses "Emi said.

"Emi, come closer" Ajanaku said, "Something is wrong with you, I am sure your discerning is far from you"


Ajanaku wasted no time in using his blade to cut Emi, his impenetrable  skin immediately gave way to blood flow

"The Emi I know in full strength can't get cut even by Sango's blade, your discerning spirit is not with you, your immortality is gone, Emi you are disorganised" Ajanaku said and mounted his horse.

Later that night, Emi found it difficult to sleep, if this continues, the lives of almost 1,000,000 people will be at stake. Finding it hard to sleep, he grabbed the oil lamp that illuminated the room and went out, he sat on a low stool and looked into the empty vast sky.

"I wish I was free" Emi said to himself.

He noticed someone approached him from behind, he knew who it was. It was Ajanaku, both had grown up together been orphans, and had always stood together side by side. Ajanaku was next in command of the armies after Emi.

"Ajanaku, what brings you out this ungodly hour?"

"Same as what is keeping you awake" Ajanaku replied and sat down next to Emi, and placed his sword near him

"Which is? "

"Emi, the cap fits me but it's too beautiful even for the royalty"

"What do you mean? "

"I am in love with Adeshewa, but I wish to tell her before the day of the maiden contest"

Emi became dumb, he couldn't believe his ears, and his friend Ajanaku was having feelings who the King wants him to marry by all cost.

A strange world indeed, Emi tried within himself to consult his spirit, but the connection was lost, now all he had to depend on was, his fragile thinking.

"You are a great warrior any girl would kill to have, I am sure she is interested in you, just tell her" Emi said

"I knew I could always trust you my friend and hope you won't be contest on that day for the princess hand" Ajanaku said jokingly and left for his hut

Emi became dumbfounded, no hard thinking at this time would prove fertile, a rough day was ahead, regaining his consciousness into the spirit realm should be the priority. He manage to wave the thought and went into meditation.

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