5. A Painful Memory, Broker Shows Up

Meanwhile, in that house where Furio and the boys took refuge, the soldiers increased in number, while Naomi contained the army with the fire barrier to protect that woman, Furio and Lilith decided to go outside to confront the soldiers that graduately increased in number, Uriel and the sensei, were in charge of defeating the soldiers who managed to enter. Furio was giving accurate but not fatal blows, facing them 2 by 2, Lilith was under pressure and decided to use her skill with which she trained so much. "Damn, I have no other option, I will have to use my Technique, there are too many, Furio, try to create shadows." Furio nodded, and used his skills to try to create small clouds of smoke with impulses from his hand, he created clouds that reflected shadows on the ground, and then, Lilith joined both hands and concentrated her energy, when Suddenly one of the shadows manifested and swinging in each of the shadows that Furio created, along with that of all the soldiers, managed to hit a large part of the army, with a thin but strong shadow, lethal and stealthy. "I call this attack, dance of the shadows!"

The part of the army that was attacked immediately fell unconscious, but the army continued to approach, Furio driving them away with strong pulses of air, to keep them at a distance. Uriel watches as they get closer, and gets up about to help them. "Stay there and save your position, if you move even a muscle wrong, the woman dies !! Think about it before you commit one of your stupid things "Naomi shouted" you are not going to stop me if my friends are in danger conceited "Uriel replied. but suddenly, a voice is heard from afar. "STOP! It is time for me to fix this "the army stopped attacking, our heroes were tired, but they looked at what was happening, the army little by little was opening the way, so that finally, its commander arrived. It was Broker, who finally made it through and wants to finish this with his own hands.

"Mr. Kato, it is an honor to meet you again, I see that you have managed to train these ..." prodigies "Broker said as he approached the shelter

"Commander Broker, it is almost impossible for you to personally approach an event, the fact that you are here gives me the impression that something is catching your attention, anyway it is a pleasure to see you, and to know that you are well" He replied Kato.

"Feeling well? You know perfectly well that something was taken from me, and that's why I put limits in this city, to prevent that from happening again, you can clearly see that I'm not feeling well. Now tell me, why did you sneak into my village? " Broker said resentfully. "Well, this town was peaceful, but we had a train accident that caused one of your tanks, this village is almost devastated, we wanted to see what happens" Kato replied with a serious attitude, "There is nothing to investigate here, everything okay, we don't need your investigative help, now get out of my village! "Broker yelled.

"Everything is fine? don't you see what you've caused !!? all those injuries are your fault, do you see this as a good thing? " Furio said suddenly "The son of the izuke family, the supposed prodigy of the great heroes, you have nothing to do here, the renown of your parents will not save you from my laws, do not meddle in adult affairs, child" Broker replied

Naomi, annoyed, says to Furio "Can't you be even 5 minutes without making things worse? not all things are handled heroically clown, shut your mouth! " Furio gets upset, but Uriel responds saying "even though I don't like the conceited one, she's right, we don't know how strong the commander is, we are just learning to use our skills, it is best to let the sensei fix it" Furio, despite Not wanting to do things that way, he decides to stay calm and let them continue talking. "Wise decision kid, now let the adults chat" said Broker. The sensei looks at Furio and says "don't worry, I'll try to fix it on my own" Then he looks at broker, and says "Broker, you can question us, but please leave this woman alone, I just wanted to give us shelter."

Broker, smiles and replies "of course I will ...… if you beat me in a duel, I will stop acting tyrannically, but if you lose, you will work for me."

The sensei, thinks, and makes his decision "Okay, Done, but it will be a one-on-one match with all the skills, the minimum rule that is broken, I can do things my way" "Deal, then, come closer to start the duel "said Broker. "I will not be the one to fight, Furio, go." Kato said. Naomi, impressed, says "Are you crazy, do you plan to enslave us? clearly he is not even able to master his element, I can deal with him, put that clown aside "The sensei stopped her" no, it will be him, so he can focus on training, we also have a plan B in case That he can't use his elements, let him act for once in your life Naomi. "Naomi, crossed her arms in annoyance, and watched.

"Sensei, I hate to say it, but, Naomi is right, I'm still not fully trained regarding my abilities," said Furio. able to surpass yourself, so stop complaining and go "Lilith smiles and says" come on Furio, I believe in you, if you beat me in the tournament, you can beat him too "Furio, with more confidence, smiles, and proceeds to go where Broker was waiting.

Broker, smile confidently "So you decide to send the son of heroes right? I must say that it is very cowardly of you mr kato, or perhaps you think that your prodigy has an innate talent?" The sensei responds: "I do not have any prodigies, I only know that Furio will be the one for someone like you"

At that moment, Furio had nothing on his mind, he was only focusing his objective on stopping this threat that Broker became, so he is about to face it, although he does not know how powerful he is. they both look at each other.

"Well, let's start then izuke?" said Broker smugly, while Furio just gets into a fighting stance and thinks "he's an ordinary human, I won't need energy to defeat him" Broker lunges and says "so, defend yourself now!"

With great speed, Broker tries to hit Furio, and he manages to dodge it barely perceiving because he had trusted himself, Furio noticed the hole that Broker made in the ground "his strength and speed are too superior to those of the average human" Furio goes to Broker about to attack and blocks his blows while thinking "I can't believe that a human like him has achieved such strength, I have been overconfident, maybe I need a little more power."

"It's incredible, the fight just started and it's putting pressure on Furio" Said lilith. The sensei, looks seriously at the fight while saying: "that's because Furio doesn't know the kind of training that the broker had, on his own he focused on Overcoming his human limits, during many workouts, he tore many of his muscles from overworking his body trying to overcome himself, but despite that he never gave up, he is a clear example of the power of the mind. since he trained her in such a way, that she rejected pain, and managed to overcome her physical limit, giving her superhuman abilities. The only problem is, that doesn't prevent him from hurting himself. if Furio manages to find a weak point before he is defeated by Broker, he will be able to dominate the fight "

Furio continues to block his punches, taking advantage of Broker's oversight to be able to punch him in the stomach so he can walk away.

"Wow, it seems I'm not the only one with superhuman strength, what kind of training did you do?" Broker said "I exceeded my limits, which, from what I see, you have also achieved, this fight becomes interesting", said Furio, then, Furio proceeded to concentrate his energy, ready to fight "I cannot allow myself to lose, that villager trusts in me and the sensei believes that I am capable, I do not intend to disappoint them. " Furio becomes offensive and rushes to attack, managing to land a strong blow to Broker's face "he has impressive strength" said Broker, between them they hit each other and blocks their attacks quickly and steadily, Broker takes Furio's arm, With the intention of knocking him down, Furio resists and supports himself using his feet, to then kick Broker in the rib, Broker takes Furio's foot, then pulls him and hits him in the stomach, and then throws him into the air. Furio manages to recover in time to do a somersault and land on his feet. "I notice something strange about him" said Furio. Angry, Broker tells him "You think you can beat Commander Broker easily, then think again, my training will make me resist" Broker lunges again trying to hit Furio, managing to dodge some blows, enough to be able to notice something strange.

"His ribs, I managed to notice a slight tremor, his muscles seem to be torn, I can attack there, but not at this distance, he defends himself very well up close." thought Furio.

"It seems that he managed to locate his weak points, Broker did not fully recover in his last training, which makes him more predictable" Said the sensei "Come on Furio, attack him" Uriel said. Naomi, watching Furio, said "it's very simple, it distracted him to be able to locate his weak point, it's something anyone would do. I must admit that the clown was ingenious "

Meanwhile, Furio manages to find the opportunity to free himself, and proceeds to try to make an impulse, but looks at Broker's blow, and had to block it, inadvertently, he manages to create a wall of wind with the movement of his arm, which moves away Broker. He is surprised and asks her. "Do you handle air? tell me how you did it !! Only kato can master elements since, `` Furio interrupts and says "let me ask you something, what motivates you to do this training and how long did it take you to get that result? The dominance of this town is too lazy for your liking, and it would not be necessary to train so much, tell me why you do it. "

"That's none of your business boy, I'm just the last line of defense, that's all" Broker said, Furio continues looking and says "What do you intend to defend? You do not see the disaster that you caused yourself, the amount of family you have hurt, your self-esteem is the only thing that is in danger, your desire for power is blinding you, I know that you have a greater objective, and if necessary, I'll beat it out of you "Broker, gets even more angry and balances to attack Furio with greater strength" YOU DO NOT KNOW MY REASONS, MY MATTERS DO NOT MATTER TO YOU AT ALL, NOW SHUT UP AND FIGHT "said Broker even more furious, throws a blast of blows that Furio blocks with difficulty, but one of those blows, hits Furio hard, knocking him down "get up and fight, I know you are not completely defeated" said an annoyed broker. Furio smiles, wipes the blood from his mouth, and as he gets up he responds to Broker. "One of the things the sensei taught me is the difference between a man of honor and an unscrupulous one, warriors of honor, let their enemy rise up so that their victory is fair, they challenge one-on-one duels for a fairer treatment, as you do, and a man of honor would never defend someone in the way you suppose to do it, much less want to dominate everything. I know that your objective is not to be a line of defense, you are fighting with honor for something specific, like the sensei and we do "

Broker, gets upset and yells "HONOR? DOES ONE OF THE GUYS DARE TO KIDNAP MY BROTHER TELL ME ABOUT HONOR? don't you dare play with me, and bring him back, I won't believe your bragging "Broker prepares to attack, but Furio manages to hit one of his ribs with a blast of air, hurting him enough, to the point of making him fall to his knees. "Furio has done it, with a single blow, it's incredible" Uriel said. Furio, approaches the broker and says "we did not steal your brother, we don't even know him, I have no idea what you are talking about, whoever told you, is cheating on you"

Broker smiles in a mocking way "that's exactly what that white-haired being said, he knew his aspects, as I see them was the way they described the kidnappers to me. I will not be fooled by their pacifist fallacies. I see that you manage to master the element of air. but can you fight me in a fight without elements? " Broker immediately makes a finger signal and hits the ground hard.

had used a device that gradually formed a layer of energy, during that process, the villager heard what Broker had said, so she said "that's what it is, then the rumors are true" the sensei looks at the villager with surprise "is it about his brother? since when did that happen? " Said kato

"It was not long ago, it was during the rumored attack in the central city. Before that broker and his brother, they were very united people who fought for the peace and security of all the towns, mainly the village of Kem, they were normal soldiers, but one day, an unexpected kidnapping occurred, which the same broker witnessed tried to stop him , but despite his strength, it was not enough to defeat him, this filled him with so much rage that he swore to have enough power to finish them off and recover his brother and to protect the people, he started a regime in which no one would leave, without realizing that he would get out of control. " the villager told.

Naomi responds: "all that in such a short time? it makes no sense that he did it alone, something else had to have happened, you were dominated by your confidence in peace "The villager replied" we are a peaceful people, we had no method to defend ourselves, we believed that the Angel would save us, but she never came many stopped believing in him for that reason, lost hope and did not fight.

Naomi, with some rejection, says "Cowards, this is a consequence of your fear of fighting for your own peace."

As they chatted, the barrier finally formed, a barrier in which only Furio and Broker were inside, Furio immediately jumps back to get away from Broker, who immediately tries to attack with a saber that he kept inside. The Sensei looked with surprise "It can't be, the energy of this barrier ..." "That's right, this barrier suppresses any element so your prodigy warrior will not be able to use his precious powers, it seems that your training went wrong" Broker said with security. He proceeds to attack Furio, but he manages to stop the saber to strike him. "I will not have the elemental power, but I still have the energy to defeat you" in Furio's mind, he remembers the gift his sensei had given him. "What's more, let's make this fight fair, may our honor be worth it" After saying this, Furio draws the energy sword and channeling its power, manages to activate it.

"Where did you get that saber from? How did you get the golden saber? it doesn't matter, you don't know how to use it "said broker. Furio seriously says: "it's true, I haven't mastered it yet, but you know it well, in the most dangerous situations, we can unleash our most hidden potential, and I trust that I will be able to master it, now broker, come closer and fight! "

"Of course, he still had that sword at hand when we left the train, the problem is that he still doesn't know how to master it in its entirety, everything will depend on learning what is necessary during the fight, before they finish it" Said the sensei. Uriel looks at the sensei and says: "but he does not intend to do anything to help him, he is using weapons and Furio still cannot master his saber"

"No matter how hard I try, I cannot help him, that barrier only allows us to listen to them and they can hear us, but it cannot be destroyed, since it is pure energy, and with our elements deactivated within it, it becomes impossible for us. unless we more energy than the barrier, and we cannot calculate that yet. " said the sensei with concern.

-The fight between Furio and Broker is at its most intense, both with similar training, with similar motivations, but they were encouraged differently, the result will depend on whether Furio can master his saber in combat. human beings have the ability to awaken their potential in moments of great danger, will this be an advantage that Furio can turn to? It will depend on your bravery.

The sword duel is about to begin, where only skill will determine which purpose will prevail and which will fade.

Furio and Broker rush to attack, starting the duel that will decide the future of the village of Kem, and Broker's brother.

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