The Legend of Golden Angel

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The Legend of Golden Angel

By: julio chavarria OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Several years after the first apocalypse on earth, Furio, the son of the heroes who saved humanity, along with his teacher and friends, will dedicate themselves to looking for the golden angel to fulfill the prophecy of avoiding the second apocalypse on his second planet. , Zaturda, where they will face legions led by the Akuma king, It depends on Furio and the other warriors, the future of the remaining human race

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13 chapters
The land suffered, finally, after so long, its end had come. All the inhabitants of the earth were suffering from the apocalypse, King Akuma had arrived to end humanity once and for all as he had proposed, Much of humanity perished before this sad event, thousands of demons ravaged each city and village of the world. Despite all this, a part of humanity survived, 2 great researchers, found a planet similar to earth, and evacuated as many humans as possible. The earth was finally destroyed, but thanks to these heroes, humanity managed to survive the ultimate catastrophe, and the main inspiration of these 2 heroes, was to preserve the life of their son. so on this new planet, they left their son, Furio, in charge of someone special, to continue ending the evil that roamed the vicinity of this planet, the left-handed planet, current land of many. In this land, where countries did not exist, nor nationalities, where everyone lives united by their humanity. Furio inhabits, with the necess
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1. The First Attack, A Future Promise.
* In the central city, a tournament is developed in which Furio participated, it was the final against Lilith, a childhood friend, and Uriel, his best friend, was in the public, giving them support. "Fury! Lilith! give your best !! go!" Uriel exclaimed with great enthusiasm. It was a very close fight, both stopped their blows and dodged without stopping, until due to a waste of skill, and a carelessness of Lilith, Furio managed to win the tournament. Furio is crowned champion, while a shadow looks at him. "It will start the attack now, let's see if it is as strong as I observed" said that mysterious voice. Having finished the tournament, Furio, Lilith and Uriel are chatting. "It was clear that you beat me by luck, if I fought seriously, I would have beaten you from the start" Lilith boasted with a smile "Of course, next time do it when you are not about to fall from the ring" replied Furio with a laugh Uriel After laughing at the conversation between Furio and Lilith of who was
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2. Latent power, an arduous training.
- After the unexpected battle fought, the boys together with the sensei, and a new acquaintance, Naomi, go to the dojo. Thus discovering that Furio has a latent power that Mr. Kato wishes to unleash. Naomi, wishes not to be on the sidelines and wants to overcome so as not to let herself be rescued by a hero. Furio, amazed to see the dojo in which the sensei trains for the first time, is amazed, he has a battle ring, punching bags, weapons, sparring figures and…. "A BATTLE SIMULATOR !!?" asked Furio, astonished. "It is the only high-tech thing I have, but it is the most precise thing I need to simulate difficult battles" The sensei replied and continued telling them: "I will need to physically condition you all to unleash your latent power, it will be an extreme training, I need to prepare them for the test that will give me a more secure idea of ​​what element you have. From what I see, your power awakens in a moment of extreme danger, you put aside your fear and that combined motiva
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3. Wake up! A Fierce Technique as a Hurricane
-Furio's turn to awaken his abilities had arrived, he was slowly making his way into the room while Naomi, Sensei and Uriel observed the events. they were about to witness something interesting. "Although he is still affected by the exercise, I am sure that he will be able to awaken that ability, it shows that he has potential" Mentions The sensei "I trust that he can awaken that potential, but I still have the intrigue of whether his element it's really air, finally we can find out, I want lilith to find out about this, I'll call her "Meanwhile, Naomi stares at Furio" let's see what the vermin is made of, I want to see how close I am to beating the clown, It is clearly seen that all his abilities came out of sheer luck. You won't be able to resist something like this, much less hurt. He's stubborn "Naomi thought. Furio, already located in that plain, looks at how the imp appears in front of him, however, something very strange is about to happen, The imp, awakens a tremendous anger
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4. Heading to Archa! Trouble on Kem village
Our travelers, willing to go to archa to find the whereabouts of the Golden Angel, go to the train station of the central city, Furio, a little confused he is amazed to see the incredible bullet trains of the city, since he had never boarded one of them. "These trains look amazing" said Furio in amazement "yes, but they cost a kidney, literally, since they approved that as a payment method. the rulers are crazy "answered Uriel" and how are you going to pay this? We don't have a foundation or a corporation of scientists to pay for these trips, you know that none of us are wealthy "Naomi asked. "Furio, can we borrow some?" The sensei asked. Furio, who was confused, checks his wallet, he doesn't find anything in it "Damn, I don't have money, I don't even know why they gave me a wallet" Furio said. "Do not worry, in fact, you have a reserve of money that I have been saving for you, you see, your parents when saving humanity, they were rewarded with an economic support for life, support
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5. A Painful Memory, Broker Shows Up
Meanwhile, in that house where Furio and the boys took refuge, the soldiers increased in number, while Naomi contained the army with the fire barrier to protect that woman, Furio and Lilith decided to go outside to confront the soldiers that graduately increased in number, Uriel and the sensei, were in charge of defeating the soldiers who managed to enter. Furio was giving accurate but not fatal blows, facing them 2 by 2, Lilith was under pressure and decided to use her skill with which she trained so much. "Damn, I have no other option, I will have to use my Technique, there are too many, Furio, try to create shadows." Furio nodded, and used his skills to try to create small clouds of smoke with impulses from his hand, he created clouds that reflected shadows on the ground, and then, Lilith joined both hands and concentrated her energy, when Suddenly one of the shadows manifested and swinging in each of the shadows that Furio created, along with that of all the soldiers, managed to hi
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6. Sword duel, Kem's fate at stake!
The powerful clashing sound between the two sabers establishes the start of the duel, Furio managed to stop Broker's attack with difficulty, taking on count that he can only focus the energy on his saber. Broker immediately took advantage of that, and with great speed tries to cut his torso, but Furio dodges it, despite that, Broker manages to cut him a bit.   "It is useless, for years I have managed to dominate my mastery with the saber, soon you will not be able to measure my movements and you will end up crossed, stop risking your life and serve me, I promise you, the treatment will not be so hostile boy, do not waste the respect that you have molded so far" Broker said with a smug attitude.   "I must accept that your ability is impressive, but you must kill me if you plan to end this fight, I will not stop fighting without giving all i got, after all, I grew up alone, and there are people who deserve to live even more than me, People who
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7. A Danger Hunts Us, In Search of Ponco
Furio and his friends are taken in a vehicle to Broker's base, located about 25km from Kem Village. As they proceed on the journey, Furio was curious as to why Broker believed they were kidnappers, also, he needed to know everything. about his brother Ponco, in order to rescue him.   "Tell me Mr. Broker, for what reason did you consider us kidnappers, knowing my sensei's record? Could you tell me everything that happened?" Furio asked. Broker looked down at the ground trying to remember the situation and, finally, he managed to remember it. "It was a few days after I witnessed my brother's kidnapping. I was angry, I felt helpless for everything that happened, when suddenly, two young men came to me, they told me that they wanted to help me save Ponco, they told me that They could give me information about the kidnappers. They told me that 4 people who mastered different elements would come, among them was Mr. Kato, but the one he described in great detail was yo
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8. Naomi in sight, on way to SandBay
In another place, Ikust was with his eyes closed watching Furio's journey, somehow, he has a connection with him, which allows him to see the same thing that he sees... he watches Naomi every chance he gets. "That blonde girl, she has an impure attitude, there's something inside her that makes her have an evil heart….a kind of grudge, it's perfect for me to manipulate her. I just need Metmorph to be able to touch her, so I can take control of her, she It's perfect for my plan, as long as my informant keeps Metmorph informed about their location, it won't be a problem, I just need them to get closer to my target"   Meanwhile, in Broker's Car, they are on their way to SandBay, each one resting in their own way, when suddenly Uriel Says "SandBay huh? What an unoriginal name" "I know, since this planet hasn't countries, they have tried to simplify the names more, so will be easy to recognize the zones" Said Broker, Then, through the rearview, he looks at Furio and a
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9. I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS!! A forced reputation
Many years ago 2 people witnessed the beginning of the apocalypse, Daiki and Ikene Izuke, two people who took the initiative with 8 other people to carry out a special plan to evacuate the remaining humanity, in this group there was also the First Golden Angel, Primus, who agreed to save humanity. so they devised a plan to distract king akuma and prevent him from seeing the evacuation to a planet they had found and investigated for years, called Zaturda. so the Berilians, led by Quartz built a rocket with very advanced technology, in order for them to make a fast and stealthy trip, he knew that nothing would escape the eyes of king akuma, so Primus, with help, set out to distract him in a fight to the death. While Daiki will pilot the rocket, risking his life.The rescue was successful, and the humans arrived on Zaturda, to a small base where Broker and Ponco awaited the survivors so they could rebuild their world. Ikene, gave Daiki the news that she was pregnant, eventually everyone
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