8. Naomi in sight, on way to SandBay

In another place, Ikust was with his eyes closed watching Furio's journey, somehow, he has a connection with him, which allows him to see the same thing that he sees... he watches Naomi every chance he gets. "That blonde girl, she has an impure attitude, there's something inside her that makes her have an evil heart….a kind of grudge, it's perfect for me to manipulate her. I just need Metmorph to be able to touch her, so I can take control of her, she It's perfect for my plan, as long as my informant keeps Metmorph informed about their location, it won't be a problem, I just need them to get closer to my target"

Meanwhile, in Broker's Car, they are on their way to SandBay, each one resting in their own way, when suddenly Uriel Says "SandBay huh? What an unoriginal name" "I know, since this planet hasn't countries, they have tried to simplify the names more, so will be easy to recognize the zones" Said Broker, Then, through the rearview, he looks at Furio and asks him: "Hey Izuke, do you know anything about your parents? " Furio looks up at the sky through the window with some doubt "I don't know, since I was born I haven't heard from them, the sensei told me a long time ago that they went on a trip through space" Furio said, "I understand that it's for watch the planets around Zaturda, to avoid any approaching danger, and help the life found on those planets on the way, if there is life" Kato said "I understand, that's why it took so long, you're lucky to have parents like them boy, many here on the planet are very grateful" Broker said, Naomi grumbles with contempt and looks away, Furio just say "I suppose they did their job well in returning peace, I wish they would come back soon, I I'd like to meet them", Broker remembers something "I understand that this trip would take about 19 years, they left when you were 1 year old and you were in Kato's care, they might return next year according to my reports" Furio doesn't get excited enough, but you He wants to know what his parents are like and if they are the Heroes that people remember so much.

Suddenly, Lilith looks at some dark silhouettes, and she manages to see that they are very similar to something seen before "Look sensei, they are similar to the Imps that Furio trained with" "What!? It can't be, those are real imps, Broker Stop here, we must clear the way before they attack any human being near here"

Broker immediately brakes and everyone gets out of the car to face the Imps, the soldiers immediately escort the car "Stay here, we'll take care of it" Broker said immediately, the sensei stopped him and then asked him a favor "Broker, please stop, let the boys take care of it, it's a perfect time for them to exploit their potential" "Are you sure? Well, in that case we will no interfere, but if they are in danger for some reason, we enter." Broker warned.

"Furio, Naomi, Uriel, it's time for you to train a bit, face those imps" Kato ordered. "Let me in, sensei, there are a lot of imps, Furio and the others can't fight alone against such a number, I've been training to be able to defend myself in case this happens" Lilith said. The sensei nodded his head, allowing Lilith to join the battle.

Lilith goes with the boys to fight against the imps, as soon as they get into a fighting position, the Imps rush to attack "Damn, they're here to annoy these bastards, they're going to pay" Naomi said. Each one rushes to fight "There are 9 Imps in total, separate so we can fight with 2 each" Furio said "DON'T GIVE ME ORDERS YOU THINK HERO" Naomi yelled. Despite Naomi's indifference, they decided to split up and draw out their enemies. Uriel immediately hit the ground to create a ramp and attract the 2 imps on the right, Furio charged head-on into the first 2 in sight in the center, Naomi created a barrage of fire to stop the 2 on the left, Lilith didn't have to do anything, only her eyes glowed in a purple tone, somehow she attracted them.

However, the ninth Imp only squatted with his hands on the ground, he decided not to attack anyone. Uriel decided to concentrate his energy to accumulate strong earth in his fist, making the blows more powerful and solid, with a movement of his hands, he raised a piece of earth behind one of the imps that pushed him towards Uriel to punch him, He immediately used the remains of that earth to throw it at the other nearby imp, that distracted him, an opportunity that Uriel took to hit him with a concentrated kick with energy.

Furio immediately manipulated the air in order to lift an imp up, then prevailed in the same way to leap high, clasping his hands together and unleashing a brutal punch that sent the imp hurtling to the ground at high speed towards the other imp, they got up quickly and threw an energy ball at him, but Furio waved his right arm, so that a strong air blew in front of him, which deflected the attack, after returning to the ground, Furio pushed himself to hit him with a strong body blow to the Imp who tried to attack him.

Lilith was stopping and dodging the blows of her opponents with great ease. When suddenly, a dark aura emerged from her hands, apparently Lilith wields psychic magic, she only touched the heads of both imps, and after a slight effort, the imps simply fell dead, with no opportunity to react, it was a direct attack on the brain, manipulates it in such a way that it can kill them easily.

Naomi, with the Imps locked in a ring of fire, proceeds to approach slowly through the ring, with a merciless smile "I told you, you'll pay, come on, come with everything you have" The Imps, after some hesitation they pounced and threw a punch, Naomi ducked a little and dodged the blows and then immediately placed her hands on the imps abs, her hands suddenly began to emanate fire and energy, and the imps began to suffer. Naomi, through the concentration of energy, transmitted heat inside the imp's body, burning their organs slowly, like a microwave oven, it slowly killed them from the inside, Naomi just laughs lightly and evilly.

"Not again her deranged attitude" The sensei said, Meanwhile, Ikust looking through the remaining imp, managed to observe Naomi's attitude. "Perfect, just as I thought she's not all good, my skills allow me to give evil power to someone who has evil in their heart, I just need to give her some power… now I have a plan"

Back to the fight, Naomi stands up calmly and looks with contempt at the corpses of the imp that gradually disappear, Furio looks in surprise and says "What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you make them suffer like that?" Naomi looks at him and smiles mockingly "Did I do something wrong? They're demons, right? They should die as such. Besides, they ruined my ride"

Our protagonists finally finish off the Imps, but one remains. After staring Kato figure out something. "Damn…The imp wasn't sitting there doing anything, he was buying time to summon…GET AWAY!, HE'S ABOUT TO SUMMON THE ONI" The boys look in front of the Imp and move away, when suddenly, they start to come out of the ground two large demons shaped like red orcs, with two small horns on their forehead and completely green eyes. These Oni could speak, they seemed more intelligent than the Imps. The last Imp immediately took advantage of the moment to jump and attack Sensei Kato directly, when suddenly, a beam of light passed through the imp's torso, splitting it in 2, the sensei, without Even moving, he had finished off the last imp "Damn, if this continues, I'll have to intervene" Kato thought.

One of the Oni invested Furio, leading him to a large stone "Furio!!! Don't you dare touch him!" Lilith said, suddenly with great power, she created a great ball of dark energy and threw it against the second Oni, locking him inside them, she placed both open hands near her chest and began to bring them together slowly, Such she were crushing a box and yells "DARK LOCKDOWN!!" he pressed more and more on the ball of energy to the point that he clasped his hands causing the ball to explode, killing the Oni in the process. after finishing him Lilith and the others were going to help Furio, but the last imp paralyzed them with his remaining energy, impressively this imp spoke "I won't allow it, now they will see their friend die hahaha"

Furio was under pressure, when suddenly the Imp grabs him by the neck, Furio remembers that attack he made with his hand, so he tried to do it by extending one of his arms, while with the other, he tried to get rid of the Oni's hand. "I must…..Create….a shot with that….with that force" Furio thought "Give up boy, you don't have enough strength…when I'm done with you, I'll continue with those weaklings over there, then we'll look for your parents and we will kill then and all your loved ones, we will make them suffer like you have never imagined before" said the Oni "Hey little girl try to do the same attack with him" Naomi said "I can't, I only have energy to do it once, besides, we are paralyzed, I need to move my arms to do it" Lilith said "FURIO NOOO" Uriel and the sensei shouted. Furio thought on the sensei "if I lose my friends, it will be agony for their families…..I don't want to lose them Nooo NOOOOOO" Suddenly, for an instant, Furio's hair turned white, and his eyes lost their pupils. Suddenly, he yelled: "NOO!!!!!" He recovered his normal form, and a huge aura covered them giving him the energy to get out of the Oni's hand and he immediately focus his energy with the air, in such a way that he fired a powerful blast that completely destroyed the Oni, leaving only the hand with he tried to choke Furio. The sensei recognized that technique "It's the Hurricane Shot!! I don't know how he did it, he still hasn't mastered his element completely"

After destroying the Oni, Furio fell to his knees extremely fatigued, the imp was losing strength, allowing Naomi to immediately shoot at his face, killing him instantly, allowing them to move again and immediately run towards Furio, to help him up. "Furio you are fine, what was that awesome attack you did just now?" asked Uriel as he helped Furio up "I don't know, I lost consciousness for a moment, when I came back it was shooting that huge blast, my strength had recovered for an instant, as if my rage had something to do with it" Furio said.

"That was the Hurricane shot, an ancient and powerful technique" Sensei said. The hurricane shot is a technique used by anyone who mastered the air. it is a pure concentration of energy and air, executed in a precise way, the energy must be channeled in such a way that it combines with the air in a perfect way to control this great gust at will, it can be a huge and destructive gust, or a small blow in size but deadly in power. it requires a moderate amount of energy, but if fully mastered it can be honed for more power without as much energy required.

"I see that I already have something else to train you for, Furio" The Sensei said. Broker approached saying: "That fight was too intense for you, the best option is camp here to rest so you can recover your energies, we will prepare the necessary to sleep here, you can use the free time for whatever you want"

Everyone immediately went to the camp area. As they walked, the sensei reflected on what had happened with Furio "It's impressive, I've never seen Furio react like that with anger, he overflowed with incredible power, enough to fire a shot of such magnitude, not everyone can manage to do it without mastering the air first, it can't be that he learned how to do it. It has a lot to do with the reaction he had, what kind of power this boy has...He can even be very dangerous, I must teach him to control it before it gets messy and one of us gets hurt."

Furio's strange power is still a mystery, is it a sign that his current potential is not all he possesses, is it a sign of hope or a danger? Meanwhile, what does Naomi and her crazy attitude have to do with Ikust's plans?

Meanwhile, Ikust communicates with Metmorph "Metmorph, the blonde is the one…. this is what you have to do…" Ikust's plan started, while our heroes are recovering from their arduous battle.

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