7. A Danger Hunts Us, In Search of Ponco

Furio and his friends are taken in a vehicle to Broker's base, located about 25km from Kem Village. As they proceed on the journey, Furio was curious as to why Broker believed they were kidnappers, also, he needed to know everything. about his brother Ponco, in order to rescue him.

"Tell me Mr. Broker, for what reason did you consider us kidnappers, knowing my sensei's record? Could you tell me everything that happened?" Furio asked. Broker looked down at the ground trying to remember the situation and, finally, he managed to remember it. "It was a few days after I witnessed my brother's kidnapping. I was angry, I felt helpless for everything that happened, when suddenly, two young men came to me, they told me that they wanted to help me save Ponco, they told me that They could give me information about the kidnappers. They told me that 4 people who mastered different elements would come, among them was Mr. Kato, but the one he described in great detail was you" Furio looked surprised and replied: "Me? but it's not possible, no one far from the central city could recognize me in my current appearance, that city was the only one that saw me grow up, I hadn't traveled anywhere back then."

"That's for sure" Kato replied, and added: "In all this time I've raised him, he never left that city until now and it's impossible for him to have used any ability involuntarily, only at this age was he able to even exploit his potential. " Broker reacted with intrigue and replied: "It's really strange, because he described you very exactly Furio, he didn't miss any detail, it's like he knew you somehow for a long time" Lilith was surprised for a moment and said : "It's impossible, I've been with Furio all this time and it wasn't long with other people but Uriel or me."

"You're right Lilith, I've never met anyone else until now, wasn't there a spy among us who wanted to get rid of us?" Fury replied. "I don't think so. Since your parents saved us, crimes or conflicts with grudges have decreased too much, besides, no one wanted to attack their own saviors, it would be anti-human" Broker replied, then, the sensei with some concern, says: "It could that there is someone, it is possible that for the first time… We are dealing with the presence of a real demon" Everyone is surprised by what The sensei said.

"Impossible, that should have ended since they fulfilled their Armageddon." Broker said. "According to the tablet I have, there is a second doomsday, which will occur in less than 3 years, when the last of the 3 Big Stars explodes, this is the reason why we set out on our journey, it is said that there is a golden angel in Archa who can help us" Said the sensei.

"Then I will help you, once we have healed our wounds, I will cooperate with the search for that city, so we can confirm its existence, at the same time, you can help me search for my brother" Broker replied.

Finally, they have reached the base, all the soldiers go out to receive the Colonel, and they are immediately attended to. "Listen, they are my guests, treat them as if it were me" Broker ordered. The soldiers answered in the affirmative and immediately prepared the help they needed. "Please, come with me, in a moment we'll prepare something to eat" Broker said kindly "BUT OF COURSE; I'M STARVING" Furio said happily, Naomi looked at Furio with contempt and grumbled "What a vulgar guy" And Lilith laughed with tenderness.

And so Furio and his friends entered the base. Meanwhile......in another place, one of the men approaches someone to report on the events that occurred in Kem

"Lord Ikust, we were informed that Furio managed to continue, and he has turned Commander Broker into one of his allies, they are heading towards their base" said that man.

"Damn, at this rate, he'll know our location soon, I didn't think Furio was smart enough in combat to beat him, we have to move, I haven't analyzed those guys enough yet, but I think the blonde is enough for my plan, Metmorph, Take care of the child and hide it, if I take it with me, unfortunately being an ordinary human will not be able to cross the portal, also I cannot carry so many beings over such a long distance, it's out of my limit" Said Ikust.

"Of course, I'll personally take care of hiding the boy and keeping an eye on those guys," Metmorph said, immediately changing his form into a villager as he leads the hand of a young man in an orange beret, and a military collar around his neck, which could be appreciated his name "Ponco"

Meanwhile, at the base, Furio and the others walks with Broker and his army to the Healing room, while they were walking Broker shows them the facilities and the command room where they will work hard to search for his brother, Furio is amazed by the large number of technology that this base had, after they went through the laboratory they finally reach the Healing room, at that moment Broker said: "Please attend to the wounds of my guests as well, activate the healing chambers" Immediately the soldiers prepared the healing capsules there were enough for the whole team, including Broker, As they prepared them, Broker says:

"These capsules are the latest in healing technology, as warriors committed to keeping peace, this is one of our priorities, we will be bathed with a special gas, with the necessary properties to recover from any injury." Naomi looks annoyed and mentions: "Look at the amount of money that is being wasted….this is pathetic" Furio just relaxes and says "This technology is amazing, if you could bring this to people that would be fantastic"

"Oooh and with this you will surely save the world, leave your delusions aside, otherwise the gas will enter your mouth" Naomi said. "When will you leave Furio alone?" said Lilith "stop it" Uriel said.

"Does your gang always treat each other so hostile?" Asked Broker, The sensei, with a frustrated face, said: "That's right…they need a lot of teamwork, especially Naomi."

Within moments, the gas began to cover them completely, gradually healing their wounds, until they made a full recovery in just 15 minutes.

Then, when leaving the capsules, Broker mentions while the others are surprised watching how they recovered "As you can see, it works perfectly, we are still working on taking this in a portable way, either by spray, or through food" "This It's great" Furio said, As he got out of his capsule, a few hairs fell. "How much hair, it's probably from our previous battle" Furio said. "Yes, unfortunately the machine can't replace dismemberments, for now. I'm sorry about that." Broker explained and went on to say. Very well, after eating we will immediately go to the navigation room.

In the base dining room, Broker invited our protagonists to sit down and eat with him and his elite. when suddenly, they bring them a surprising banquet, with different types of flavors. Furio and Uriel are surprised and immediately began to eat, Naomi only took a piece of turkey and ate calmly, while the sensei and Lilith ate very naturally.

While eating, Furio watched as the entire army ate exactly the same thing. It made him curious and he immediately asked one of the soldiers "Excuse me, is it a special day? I see that all the soldiers are eating the same, regardless of rank"

The soldier calmly replied: "Regularly it is what we used to eat Broker always gives us a banquet" Surprised Furio looks at Broker and says: "You really are a very good person Mr. Broker, even more than I thought" Broker smiles and tells them why: "It was my brother Ponco's idea. He thought of something in which he was very right" at that moment, he remembers the conversation he had with his brother "You know brother, many of these soldiers have families and give their best to be able to protect many people, Many of them are injured and they will not know if it will be their last meal...I don't think they deserve to eat something so simple, we have lived a very good life, but they, many of them don't know what it's live like this...they take care of giving their lives for a good cause on the army." Ponco said. Returning from the memory, Broker tells them "Despite his young age, he spoke with great wisdom, I never thought he had such a good opinion of the world, that's why shortly after founding this army with our resources, we decided to give them the best life. as thanks to their constant service"

Furio looked down, reflecting about Broker, realizing that he really wasn't that bad, as he believed, was someone who was deceived at the cost of his feelings, in a way, it was a lesson that he should remember one day. After smiling, he stopped eating and immediately said: "I think I've eaten enough Broker, thank you very much for everything, But we can't keep your brother waiting, someone like him can't get lost. I'll wait for you in the navigation room." After saying that, he got up, thanked for the food and left.

"More for me," Naomi said, and selfishly takes Furio's plate and eats it too.

Lilith goes with Furio to the navigation room, she looks at him with concern saying "Furio, we don't have much time to carry out this quest, we should continue on our way to archa before it's too late, sometimes there isn't much time to do the right thing" "I know lilith, however we have promised Broker to look for his brother, also, we need him to go to archa, I have a connection with that boy, in a certain way I identify myself with him. I also made a promise, not leave anyone without their family. and this child is the only family he has. I don't care if I have to die to do it"

Lilith looks amazed at Furio, approaches him and says "You really are someone with a good heart, like your parents, so wherever you go I will always follow you" Then she kisses him on the cheek. Furio blushes, he had feelings for Lilith for a long time, but he can't say it. he is too shy to declare it, he has been with her for a long time and he don't want to ruin their relationship. however, he looks at her with a smile, and stays by her side waiting for Broker.

"Sorry to ruin your romantic moment, but we have a task to accomplish, step aside, you disgust me" Naomi said. Lilith moves away, Broker, the sensei and Uriel finally arrived at the navigation room ready to look for Ponco, and also to look for the city of archa. the sensei gives the tablet to Uriel. "Uriel, please take the tablet, it comes from the city of Archa, focus your energy and try to assimilate the material with some structure from the ancient civilizations of the earth, they must be similar. with this maybe we can find the city"

Uriel takes the tablet and begins to feel using his element. "It's strange, it looks like a combination of marble and stone, I can feel that they are combined, I remember my father talked about this combination, it's polychrome marble" Uriel said "Great job, polychrome marble is the one used in ancient Greece, if we relate it to the events of the first apocalypse, Archa must be largely made of this material, can you search based on that Broker?" the sensei asked. "Of course, sometimes we search for precious metals, the computer can search for other types of materials, including stones" Broker said, he immediately searched until a soldier found something. "Sir, we have found two cities, one has more of this material than the other, the latter has large amounts of Athraf" The soldier said.

"Athraf, I haven't heard of that for a long time, it's the most powerful metal on this planet, almost unbreakable, but I doubt it's there, it's too far away for Kato to have found that tablet, let's try looking in the first city" Broker said. suddenly the soldier saw an interference. kind of a hole in the map. "Sir, we detected two holes, they look like black holes. One in that city where we are going, and another one a city before, about 30km west of here, in Sandbay." Said the soldier.

"It has to do with Ponco, without a doubt, we should start there" Said Broker. Furio and the others began to prepare. and the soldiers approached Broker and asked "Sir, shall we prepare a squad for you?" "No, this could be dangerous, better take charge of restoring the Kem village and guarding the base, any variant on the map should be reported to me immediately... I must attend to this personally with them" Broker said, the soldiers went to their positions, and Broker immediately prepared his weapons and materials. and he prepared to leave with Furio and the others in his military vehicle, to reach the bay faster.

Finally the Search for Ponco began Meanwhile, in Sandbay, a villager who was covering his right ear said: "They are coming here. Better hide the boy, I won't let them reach Ikust." Said the villager, who was Metmorph, who was waiting for them to arrive to face them personally, he camouflaged himself among the town to keep a closer eye on them.

On time, the identity of these usurpers will be discovered. Furio and his friends come willing to fulfill their mission and find Ponco once and for all and reach Archa and find the golden Angel on the way. There are only a few weeks left for the first star to explode. and they must hurry before the second Armageddon begins, and humanity will be doomed.

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