The Legendary Soldier

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The Legendary Soldier

By: Moore OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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LEGENDARY SOLDIER WAS ARRIVED, HIS NAME IS ANDRE! Andre, who was seriously injured after surviving an ambush, was accommodated and cared for by Suci, the woman who later became his adoptive mother. When Andre woke up weeks later, he found his memory hazy. He remembered his name, but nothing else that had happened to him before. One time, while working, Andre was suddenly approached by a rich woman and offered to marry Intan, the woman's daughter. At that time Intan was two weeks pregnant. Andre accepted the offer and he was contracted to be Intan's husband for one year. After that, Andre and Intan would divorce and he would receive a very large sum of money, which he would use to pay for his adoptive mother's medical expenses. Turned out, only a month since they got married, Intan miscarried. Since then, Randana family felt that they no longer had any reason to accommodate Andre in their luxurious home, and their attitude towards Andre changed 180 degrees, becoming so bad and tending to be inhuman. They wanted to make Andre divorce Intan and leave the house, so they wouldn't have to pay Andre. One day, while in the family car, waiting for Intan to leave the office, Andre was approached by a woman, her name is Sofia. Andre asked Sofia to meet him. In a bar that seemed to be familiar, Sofia explained Andre's past and asked Andre to meet Jessica who will help him recover his memory. After recovering his memory, Andre began his adventure again as the legendary soldier, the greatest member ever of The Golden Dragon.

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Go Divorce Her!
Plash!A bucket of water was poured on Andre, a handsome, well-built man who was mopping the floor of the Randana family's luxurious villa.Martha, Andre's mother-in-law, forced him to divorce Intan. "How many times have I told you, sign the divorce papers quickly! You're a hooligan, you don't deserve to be the son-in-law of the Randana’s family!""Divorce? What? I won't divorce Intan even if I die!" Andre snapped at Martha because he had to get hundreds of millions of money for the medical expenses of Suci, his foster mother, who was suffering from an internal disease."Intan, look at your contract husband! How dare he defy Mama's words!" Martha's voice was like a bolt of lightning.Andre looked back, not expecting Intan to be watching their argument from the living room. Without further ado, Intan walked over and slapped Andre three times.Plak!Plak!Plak!"Heh, you're living here, you contract husband! I'll tell you again, if you mess with Mama, I won't hesitate to tear up that co
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Andre's Memory as Legendary Soldier
Intan saw Andre talking to a woman. Her anger was provoked. If people in the office knew Andre was talking to someone other than himself, it would become the hottest gossip in the office.People in the office knew that Andre and Intan were husband and wife, although they didn't know that their marriage was only a contract marriage."Damn Andre, how could he talk to a girl in the office parking lot! Dih, poor guy is still spreading charm." Intan grumbled in annoyance. Her face began to turn red, her hand couldn't wait to land a slap on Andre's left cheek.Intan walked away without saying anything. Andre tried to say hello to Intan, but she quickly got into the car and closed the door loudly.Brak!Andre gasped. It turns out that being a contract husband is not as easy as he imagined."What's wrong with you?" Andre tried to ask gently, but Intan wouldn't answer.On the one hand, Intan was very happy to catch Andre talking to another woman, which she could use as a strong reason to divor
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I Need That Money!
"Huh, just because of clothes and I have to divorce Intan!?"Rika's welcome was like a double-edged sword, one piercing Andre's heart, killing his feelings, while the other eye pierced his heart, leaving him helpless."No! I won't divorce Diamond until the marriage contract is finalized!"Andre was not afraid to refuse Rika's request even though he knew that Rika was the leader of all the Randana Family's wealth. He didn't care if Rika rebuked him, or even had the entire family bodyguard beat him to a pulp.All she could think about was how she could earn money to treat her adoptive mother Suci's illness."WHAT DO YOU SAY!?" Rika was furious.As Andre suspected, he received harsh treatment.Rika threw three glass plates in front of him. The cakes on the plates flew aimlessly, one of which hit Andre in the face, leaving his face covered in chocolate jam and vanilla cake foam.Andre dodged the first and second throws, but the third plate managed to scratch his left cheek.Not stopping t
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Golden Dragon Card
You!Andre's heart stopped beating for a moment after hearing the news conveyed by the hospital."Doc, this isn't a lie, right?" Andre's mouth trembled, he didn't feel his tears dripping."The compilation of internal illnesses is very serious, not to mention Mrs. Suci's lower respiratory infection, her lungs are already filled with viruses. Respiratory Tract Infection, that’s disease so unique. Mrs. Suci could possibly take his life if surgery is not carried out immediately.""Do you have to wait for my mother to die before you want to operate on her?!" “Sorry, a thousand sorry, sir. "We can't carry out a virus cleanup operation if you haven't paid off the hospital administration."“You bastard!” Andre cursed the doctor in his heart, he was too fed up.Sitting listlessly on the grass, his mind was confused and his emotions were running high.After the humiliation that Steve and all members of the Randana Family carried out, what now? The hospital who humiliated him because he didn't
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5. I'm Legendary Soldier
Randana's family was shocked, as was Steve. Insults and insults were thrown again, hoping that Andre would be mentally affected, then leave with a tired face and unsteady steps. Instead of shrinking from being threatened by Steve, Andre instead threatened them back. This was beyond expectations, to the point that Martha choked when she heard the boasting. “Hahaha, quickly bow down before you suffer the consequences!” Who knows what was on Andre's mind, he instead ordered everyone at the party to bow down before him. Remembering Shofi's words, it seems Andre is starting to believe that he is indeed a legendary soldier, according to what Shofi revealed this afternoon. Moreover, the black card can be used for any transaction. Not to mention, about his wild instincts, fast reflexes, and martial arts abilities. All of this cannot be obtained instantly. He is sure that his past was always filled with high adrenaline action. Andre became increasingly convinced that he was the person
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Andre's Memory Had Returned
"At first, Andre wanted to meet around the city center, but it seems Sofia had different plans.That evening, Andre and Sofia met at a suburban bar on the outskirts of the capital. Sofia reasoned that this place was far from the crowd, allowing Andre to escape the surveillance of the Randana Family and the Rockshaw Family."Ssshh..." Andre groaned, suddenly feeling a headache as he looked at the bar. It was as if the bar was a fragment of his past memories, a puzzle piece."Why? Why is my head hurting? Damn it, so many strangers passing through my head?!"In a déjà vu moment, Andre vaguely remembered the men sitting in the right corner.Not only was his head spinning, but he also felt a tightness in his chest, especially when he saw the beautiful bartender just delivering a glass of vodka to his table, as if a strong memory was nesting in his head.This should have been Andre's first time at the suburban bar, but he felt so familiar with it.For instance, when he was waiting for Sofia
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Golden Dragon's Important Watch
Martha couldn't do much. Andre's grip felt too strong."Let go, or else...""What?" Andre puffed up his chest, showing he was no longer afraid of the Randana Family's threats."Hey, I said let go! Where do you keep your ears, huh?! If you don't release me, I'll make you divorce Intan, right now!""That's precisely what I want," Andre retorted coldly.Martha tried to move her hand, but the result was the same."It's useless to resist, no matter how much energy you put in! Remember, here, I'm no longer afraid of all your threats. You want me to divorce Intan? Fine, I can do that. Right now. In front of your own eyes!"In the living room, Claudia, Intan's younger sister, witnessed the incident. Her emotions boiled over, and her face turned sour.She didn't like seeing Andre acting freely here, especially since Andre's official status was still as Intan's contract husband, her sister."Is this how you behave towards your employer!?" Claudia ran, pushing Andre until he stumbled but didn't
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Strange Taxi Driver
Claudia realized it was futile to shout; the bathroom corridor was quite far from the living room, especially if Martha and Rachel were on the second floor.Understandably, in a wealthy household, the size was immense.The girl was furious at Andre's behavior. Quickly wrapping herself in her white towel, she approached the motionless Andre.Slap!Slap!Feeling that two slaps weren't enough, Claudia slapped him again for the third time, with all her might.Slap!"You scoundrel! Do you have any manners at all?! You want to peep at me, huh? Answer me, or I'll report you to Mama, so security can throw you out and beat you up!?""Why peek at all? We're still husband and wife. I have the right to see your entire body," Andre replied, unfazed by Claudia's curses.Claudia couldn't believe why Andre dared to remind her of their marital status."Hey, you despicable man! Let me remind you once again, you're just a contracted husband! Enough, stop acting. Besides, we're getting divorced soon, as
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The Smell of Victory
"What's your business asking that?" Andre didn't seem to appreciate Alex, the taxi driver's words."Well, there's a reason! Everyone has to pay, Boss, nothing's free in this world! From your appearance, you look just like a poor person, a beggar at the traffic lights. Very similar! I'm very sure. If you don't believe me, I can take you there, match you with them!""Then?""That's it, don't act all rich when you're poor! Can you seriously pay for this? It's a very long distance! More than twenty kilometers. The fare will be expensive. I suspect you're just hitching a ride, planning to run away without paying. Don't think, just because you're big, you can do as you please!"Andre felt disturbed by Alex's chatter and chose to remain silent. However, the longer Alex was ignored, the more it infuriated Andre. Finally, Andre spoke up, glaring sharply at the rearview mirror."I'll definitely pay! If you don't believe me, let's bet, shall we?""Oh, come on, foul-mouthed one! What do you have
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10. Zero's Principle
Although they agreed that if he couldn't pay, Andre would be urinated on, he also possessed a sense of humanity. Andre's pride as a legendary warrior seemed to diminish because of the taxi driver. He was furious. Besides not finding an Automatic Money Machine in the warehouse area, Andre was annoyed that the driver was excessively chatty and grumbling incessantly."Take me to the far end. I need an Automatic Money Machine. My cash is gone. Later, after I get the Automatic Money Machine, I can pay you more. Millions!?" Andre tried to persuade Alex, but the man didn't care. He kept unzipping his pants shamelessly, flaunting what he had to Andre."Just your tricks! Hurry up, a deal's a deal. Don't even think of trying to escape!""What? What will make you believe? Want to increase the risk, making it many times more?"Alex zipped up his pants. "Useless! I'd be the one losing if you raised the stakes! Ten slaps for me are already painful. What if it goes up to twenty or thirty?""My bet g
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