Finals: Triggering Security
Draven asked. "Anyway, do you guys know who won the match?"

"Nope, we rushed here as soon you got teleported out! I was worried something happened to you again!" Becky said.  

"What do you mean again?" Amelia asked, clueless about the previous events since Abby didn't inform them of his situation.

"Its nothing" Becky shook her head. 

"So, the match is going on?"

Amelia said. "I think, before I left, Osborne was fighting that McFerreen guy." 

Rushed footsteps echoed within the halls. Draven shifted his gaze to the door. Arkon entered with a howl. "Hello, son!" while his family followed behind with big smiles. "Oh, my baby," a woman in an elaborate dress exclaimed and moved past her children all the way to his bed.

"Hi, Dad. Mom?
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