System Activation: Becoming a Super Rich

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System Activation: Becoming a Super Rich

By: Enigma Stone CompletedSystem

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Betrayed by his girlfriend and humiliated by a wealthy heir, Justin, who had come to the big city to study alone, experienced yet again the importance of money. Just as he reached the depths of despair, he heard... Super Rich System: "Master, please use money to beat her face swollen!" Super Rich System: "Master, your task is to spend ten million dollars within two hours!" ...

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  • Alexander Tagle


    great story .. underdogs triumph..

    2023-07-18 13:30:37
  • Dr Aamir Mahmood Memon


    excellent working

    2023-07-16 04:27:27
  • harry


    Why do you always say Mrs. Rose when she is still single woman not a married woman. I'm just wandering.

    2023-08-25 08:18:45
  • Ian Marshall


    Interesting and good story

    2023-08-05 16:59:49
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447 chapters
Chapter 1: Super Rich System
In Nova City, outside the Sunrise Building, Justin Wilson stood with anticipation, holding two tickets for a movie currently in theaters.Moments later, a man and a woman emerged from the building. The man was impressively dressed in a suit and leather shoes, flaunting a limited edition Patek Philippe watch and a Ferrari key on his waist. The woman had a stunning figure and exceptional beauty. They chatted and laughed together, appearing quite familiar with each other."Olivia!" Upon seeing the girl, Justin immediately approached her with a beaming smile. However, the girl's expression changed when she saw him, and she seemed to be avoiding him with a hint of disgust."What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you not to come looking for me unless it's important? Why did you come to my workplace? If my colleagues see you dressed like a pauper, you'll embarrass me!" Olivia scolded without hesitation, irritation evident on her face."Olivia, today marks our one-year anniversary together.
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Chapter 2: Slap in the Face
"Of course, what's Sunrise Corporation compared to our Dimension of Wealth? A commoner's toilet from our world could be exchanged for dozens of such trashy conglomerates.""Damn, seriously? That's awesome. I want a hundred Lamborghinis and at least a dozen British-style castles. Oh, and I want thousands of maids prettier than popular celebrities to serve me alone. Imagine the thrill of seeing a different beauty every day."Justin had already started fantasizing about his future life. Being cheated on, despised, and treated as a backup option were no longer concerns for him."You can have all that, but first, Master, you must complete some system tasks," the system's prompt sounded. "If you can't complete the tasks I provide, it means your qualifications are insufficient. Not only will you be unable to receive my help, but you'll also lose the usage rights of this system, and I will look for the next Master.""System tasks?" Justin was confused. "What tasks?""Spend money like crazy, p
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Chapter 3: Taking Over Sunrise Corporation
A business elite strode forward, slapping the woman's face without hesitation. They were created by the system, and in some respects, they could represent it.The system had long been displeased with these people and decided to teach them a lesson through the elite's hands."Who are you? What gives you the right to hit me?""You don't need to know who I am. You just need to know that you've offended our boss. Now get out of here immediately."Olivia had intended to argue further, but at that moment, another Bentley arrived outside.Sunrise Corporation's former chairman, Gabriel Smith, entered with a group of people. Seeing him, Benjamin Lee and his companions rushed to greet him, their demeanor akin to meeting their own father."Ha, ha, ha! Justin, weren't you pretending to be the new chairman? Now that the real chairman is here, let's see how you keep up the act."Christopher, seeing his father greeting Chairman Smith, regained his confidence and taunted loudly. However, to his surpr
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Chapter 4: Spend Ten Million Dollars
Justin approached Matthew Turner, whose face paled in fear. Matthew hurriedly spoke, "Mr. Wilson, I am not in league with Benjamin Lee. I am absolutely loyal to Sunrise Corporation. Please discern the truth."Justin waved his hand, smiling, "Manager Turner, there's no need to panic. We have no grudges between us, and I'm not here to cause trouble. On the contrary, I'm here to promote you and raise your salary. Starting today, you'll be promoted from deputy general manager to general manager. From now on, I'll need your help in overseeing both major and minor affairs within the company.""Really?""Of course it's true. Do I look like I'm joking with you?"In fact, Justin had already learned about Matthew Turner's background. He was a highly competent individual who had handled many matters well, but he had always been suppressed by Benjamin Lee. This prevented him from fully showcasing his talents, and he often had to take the blame for Benjamin's actions—a truly regrettable situation.
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Chapter 5: Crazy Shopping Spree
"Exactly, just a pauper. Even if he's here to buy something, look at his shabby appearance. What can he afford?""I don't know what our boss was thinking, letting a young girl like her work here. She's been here for a while and has no sales performance. She'll probably be fired soon. Then, people like him who can't afford clothes won't come and tarnish our store's environment."Overhearing their gossip, Justin remembered that he had entered the store to shop. There was a two-hour deadline for his task, and further delays might result in failing the mission.As the saying goes, don't let resources fall into others' fields. Since Ava needed money, he decided to help her achieve sales, allowing her to earn commissions and indirectly assisting her without causing embarrassment."Alright, let's discuss this later. Why don't you recommend a few stylish outfits for me? As you can see, my clothes are terribly worn, and they don't look good on me."Ava nodded and led him to a clothing area. Sh
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Chapter 6: The Malicious Landlady
Justin escorted Ava home and made sure she was settled before returning to his rented house in Nova City. The place was a mere 30 square meters, and despite its size, the monthly rent was still a whopping $1,200.This was already the cheapest rent in the entire city. Even so, he hadn't paid rent for three months. His landlady had warned him just a day before that if he didn't pay up, she would throw all his belongings out.As Justin approached his front door, he found it wide open. His clothes, luggage, and various knick-knacks were strewn across the yard, many of them damaged beyond use."Well, if it isn't Justin. You've finally decided to show your face."A sharp, mocking voice pierced his ears, instantly souring his mood. Justin glanced over at the speaker, his expression darkening."What's the matter, young man? Every time rent is due, you're nowhere to be seen. I thought you might've died out there or something."Victoria was a woman in her 40s, plump and mean-spirited. She looke
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Chapter 7: Slapping with Money
Upon catching a glimpse of Justin's eyes, the woman felt as if she had plunged into an icy abyss. A chill emanated from the depths of her bones, causing her hair to stand on end."What do you want? If you keep this up, I won't hold back! I'll call for help!""What do I want? You should know better. Weren't you asking for the rent? Fine, I'll give it to you now, but be prepared to catch it.""Really?"As soon as Justin mentioned paying her, the woman's expression changed instantly."How wonderful it would've been if you had done this sooner. At least you know when to yield. Where's the money? Hurry up and bring it out. Let me tell you, you scared me half to death just now, so the rent is no longer the same. You need to compensate me for emotional distress and the loss of my youth. Here's the deal, not too much or too little, just give me $10,000.""$10,000? This woman has really grown increasingly greedy. Justin is just a poor lad; how could he possibly come up with that much money? I'
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Chapter 8: The Lottery
Justin was taken aback. He never expected that the system could hold a lottery. This was truly amazing. Since fate had granted him this system to regain his confidence, he was determined to rise above the ordinary and avoid living a muddled life, being bullied by others. He vowed to live a vibrant life and make something of himself."System, I want to participate in the lottery.""Understood. The lottery interface is now activated. Master, would you like to use your free lottery draw?"Without hesitation, Justin nodded. He was eager to get started. A mechanical sound echoed in his mind, followed by the appearance of a spinning wheel. The wheel spun for a while before finally stopping on a book-like icon."Congratulations, Master! You have obtained the 'Beginner Brazilian Jiu-jitsu' manual!""Congratulations, Master! On your first draw, you have won 50 Super Rich Points!""Congratulations, Master! You have achieved the 'Peeking Through the Door' milestone and have been awarded a gift p
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Chapter 9: The Power of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
The night passed without incident, and when Justin awoke the next morning, he felt a new, hair-thin energy coursing through his body, settling in his lower abdomen. Unlike his usual mornings, he felt incredibly refreshed and alert. As he recalled the previous night's events, it seemed as if a fuse had been lit in his mind, and he remembered every move of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu he had seen in his dream, now a true Brazilian Jiu-jitsu master.Compelled by his newfound skill, Justin went to the garden behind the hotel and began practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. His every move was a perfect reflection of the white-robed elder's demonstration from his dream.In the early morning, the garden was bustling with travelers coming and going. Many people would wake up early to exercise and breathe in the fresh air. Most of them jogged or did simple aerobic exercises, but none of them practiced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as leisurely as Justin.Completely immersed in his practice, Justin performed the Brazil
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Chapter 10: Jiu-jitsu vs. Muay Thai
In a matter of moments, Justin had effortlessly taken down the leading bodyguards who had rushed him. The head bodyguard, upon witnessing this display, found it incredible and felt an even stronger sense of impending danger.The reason for their master's stay at the hotel was to discuss a major business deal with the president of Stellar Corporation. More importantly, the deal involved a classified element. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the head bodyguard immediately commanded the remaining bodyguards to charge forward, even joining the fray himself.As the remaining men approached in a futile attempt, Justin showed no mercy. He expertly executed each move of his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, using slowness to counter speed and softness to overcome rigidity. In a matter of minutes, the bodyguards were left utterly powerless.At that moment, a young man clad in a white suit appeared. He seemed to be around Justin's age but carried an entirely different demeanor. Radiating an aristocr
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