Dominated The World With My Great Farming System

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Dominated The World With My Great Farming System

By: HM OngoingSystem

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"Please provide the third unit with these apples for consumption." "Apples?" "These are enchanted golden apples; it will make them invisible for an hour. It is going to help with the mission. Oh, I almost forgot the luminous carrots that will enhance their night vision as well." Circus, an abandoned teenager, had no idea that he would one day dominate and save the world through farming, which he began for survival purposes. "I started by growing simple, ordinary vegetables. Hmm! The journey has been long and arduous."

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  • Esther


    Really good read! Loving it so far! Please update more chapters

    2024-04-01 14:58:50
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Chap 1 Abandoned!
"Sorry, son, I just have to do this; otherwise, I’m going to be the one to take you as my servant. You know you have grown up, and I can’t keep feeding you for nothing any longer."These words left the mouth of a middle-aged man who carried a rucksack with two arms. Immediately after, he handed over the rucksack to a young man in front of him, whom he was talking to.The young man's face fell as he reluctantly accepted the rucksack, realizing the weight of his father's words. It was a harsh reminder that he needed to find his own path and take responsibility for his own future. He looked up at his father, determination burning in his eyes.He then nodded. "I understand."He turned his head, gazed at a large ship beside him, and said, "I have to go."He slightly bowed and hastily made his way to the ship. The middle man and two men behind him accompanied him with glum gazes.Circus Gontomn, an 18-year-old young man, recently participated in his final awakening ceremony. Unfortunately,
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Chap 2 Abandoned Kid In Abandoned Building.
Circus embarked on his journey with only a handful of garments and some bread loaves stowed in his rucksack. His destination was none other than the Cedarland villages, the most inferior location within the Millennial Empire. These villages lay beyond Olese City, which held the dubious distinction of being the weakest and most inferior city in the entire empire.These locations were infamous for being considered weak and inferior due to their significant population of non-awakened individuals. In addition, poverty and despair were said to reign supreme. However, it was a bit peaceful and secure for ordinary people when compared to other parts of the empire that had many awakened individuals.In esteemed areas such as Oden, where Circus resided with his family, the awakened individuals constituted the majority of the population. A fierce rivalry for power and control prevailed, leaving no room for the non-awakened individuals who were relegated to the roles of mere servants, slaves, an
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Chap 3 Mysterious Chest.
He awoke once more when the sun was high in the sky, signaling the arrival of a scorching day. After navigating through the building, he refreshed himself by washing his face and consuming his breakfast—simply bread and water. This type of sustenance was new to him, but he had no choice but to adapt and develop a taste for it. As he ate his simple breakfast, he couldn't help but reminisce about the days when he enjoyed a hearty meal with a variety of flavors.After completing his morning meal, he meticulously surveyed the entire premises. Based on certain discoveries, it became evident that the previous occupant of the residence was a farmer. A farmer! Suddenly, a thought sparked in his mind.'Why not pursue a career in farming?'His mouth then moved."Yes, cultivating sustenance for myself. It is far superior to leading an insignificant existence. Furthermore, food is a fundamental necessity for all individuals. What if I could become a producer of food for thousands? I could attain
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Chap 4 The System!
He carefully reached out and gently touched it. To his surprise, the chest felt warm to the touch and as if there was an invisible force that had been shielded from the surrounding dust. As Circus ran his fingers along its smooth surface, he couldn't help but wonder who could have placed such a pristine chest in this desolate bunker. Intrigued by its mysterious aura, he finally mustered the courage to unlatch the lid and reveal its hidden contents. In the next instant, he averted his gaze as a brilliant light erupted from the enigmatic chest, compelling him to do so. With caution, he fixed his gaze on the light. It was a potent, dazzling radiance emanating from a beautiful blue crystal that hovered in the center of the chest.He only beheld it for a few seconds before closing his eyes in anguish. The light began to forcefully penetrate into his body, causing an intense, piercing agony. The pain intensified with each passing moment, reaching a point where he almost cried out. As the pa
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Chap 5 The Journey Begans.
"I appreciate that."[No problem, sir.]The fourth box displayed an image of a tomato along with the number 50. Below it, the words 'Tomato Seeds' were written. As for the fifth and final box, it featured an image of a leaf, the number 50 in the bottom left corner, and the words 'Lettuce Seeds'.Under all the boxes, bold letters were flashing, urging the reader to 'CONFIRM TO COLLECT THE REWARDS'"I CONFIRM THE REWARDS!"Circus shouted immediately after seeing the words. How could he ignore these rewards?All the boxes morphed into thin light, leaving the package image visible. The package was now open. It had been opened, and the rewards in the five boxes had been collected.Circus could see the coin symbol with G engraved on it at the top right corner of the screen. It was followed by number 20. He could also see his skill points. After closing the page with the package image, he returned to the inventory and found two boxes with tomato and lettuce images. Number 50 was on their bot
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Chap 6 Let's Work.
However, Circus had recently discovered that many plants deemed wild and inedible could actually be consumed."Hmph, why am I thinking this way? Perhaps these vegetables are more like herbs than food. Even if that's really the case, not all of them can be herbs," Circus debated with himself.As Circus continued to explore the world of vegetables in his head, he marveled at how the system was able to transfer knowledge directly into his mind, making the learning process much faster and more efficient.He then spent an additional 3 skill points to master the skills of Weeding I. This only required 3 minutes, and he couldn't fathom why."Perhaps this skill contains less extensive knowledge."He was correct. Weeding I skills encompassed fundamental weeding techniques, while intermediate and advanced weeding skills were categorized under Weeding II and Weeding III skills, respectively.After those 3 minutes, he became knowledgeable about the process of weeding, something he had never done
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Chap 7 Pink Liquid.
The sweat dripped down his brow, but he knew that all his hard work would be worth it when he saw the fruits of his labor flourish in this newly cultivated land. He didn't stop there; he grabbed a watering can and watered all the beds thoroughly, ensuring that the soil was adequately moist for optimal plant growth."Now, let's sow."He retrieved 50 tomato seeds from the system and scattered them on one nursery bed. Then, he took out 50 lettuce seeds and scattered them on the other nursery bed. He carefully covered the seeds with a thin layer of soil, making sure they were protected and had the right conditions to germinate. With a sense of anticipation, he imagined the vibrant red tomatoes and crisp green lettuce that would soon fill his garden, providing nourishment for himself and his loved ones.Taking a deep breath, he asked himself, "What else?"He couldn't seem to remember anything else that needed to be done. A smile formed at the corner of his mouth. "This is not too difficult
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Chap 8 Fast Growing.
[SIDE QUEST 4 completed!][Congratulations! You’ve been rewarded with 5 EXP & 2 Great coins.][Confirm to collect the rewards.]"I CONFIRM ALL THE REWARDS! Oh my god, this is becoming my culture."Shouted Circus. He was not of the modern world, where modern devices have people repeating the same thing again and again, despite some things being obvious. 0’s and 1’s had no obvious.Circus checked his profile to take into account the changes.[Name: Circus Gontomn][Years Of Existence: 18 years][Title: Rookie Farmer][Level: Level 1 (82/120 EXP)][Rank: Rookie Level 1 Farmer; Visit the Quest Dashboard to Find Quests, Complete, and Earn rewards to Level Up.][Farmer Strength: <1 kg][Great Coins: 35][Skill Points: 8][Inventory: Open the inventory to see your resources.][Store: Open. (Purchase equipment, tools, seeds, and other farming supplies.]"Still pretty, but not much change. My eyes are on the remaining main quest."Circus went out of a bunker. When he got out of the building, h
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Chap 9 More work.
By this time, it was already around nine in the morning. He began by mastering the Weeding II skill, which took him 7 minutes to master. It contained just better and improved skills in weeding. Circus was glad, knowing it would help him weed better than the previous time. Five skill points were used to master it.He proceeded to enter his dwelling, specifically the bunker, and emerged with a hoe, an axe, and a knife. With these tools in hand, he began his weeding task. As he diligently cleared away the tall grass and shrubs, birds and other small creatures scurried away to safety. He even managed to capture a few birds."Today, I shall feast on meat!"A smile covered his face as he securely placed the captured birds in a designated area where they could not escape, in a tin that also contained bird eggs. He carefully covered the tin and resumed his work.Furthermore, he successfully eliminated two snakes that attempted to strike him. It seemed as though the heavens were always watchin
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Chap 10 Going Well.
Despite his hunger, Circus remained calm and composed. He had managed to catch three birds, each about the size of a pigeon, and he prepared them to be fried. Since there were no pots available in the bunker, he used a tin to fry the birds. Circus skillfully placed the tin over the fire, watching as the flames danced beneath it. The sizzling sound of the birds cooking filled the air, and he patiently waited for them to turn golden brown.Finally, he sat down to enjoy a delicious meal consisting of the fried birds, bread, and wine. He saved some of the meat for his supper later. The wine had a slight intoxicating effect on him, causing him to fall into a deep sleep right then and there. When he woke up, it was already 6 in the evening. Realizing the time, he quickly packed his belongings, took a quick bath, and locked himself inside the bunker.Inside the bunker, he had his supper and indulged in more wine, which eventually led him into a deep slumber. Rest was exactly what he needed a
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