Genius Copycat In Zombie World

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Genius Copycat In Zombie World

By: Grandmaster OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Being selected as one of the students in the Zombie extermination project of the Zombie Extermination Academy, Yuan was excited to be at least selected. Although he was selected because he was a genius copycat! The government selected the most capable teachers to teach the students with all knowledge. Ninjas, Mechanics, Inventors, IT, Samurais, Athletes, Survivalists, Army, Police, Martial artists. They will soon become the hope of humanity and will be sent to missions with the hope of helping in making the cure and eradicating all the zombies once and for all.

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The Zombie outbreak has begun and the government was fast in acting up to suppress the plague. But sadly, they still failed. Only giving a small time to slow down the infection. The zombie virus immunization project was starting in making progress but the team of scientists needed help in extracting the zombie virus from the source.And that was the Lab of human immortality research. Specifically handling human experiments in making superior bodies or the superhuman project.In the failure of the research. They utterly spewed Hell in the world. Making things worse, the infection was just in a few days and the virus has taken almost half of the world. But the recruitment for the Last Hope Project was just in a few days too. At the same time the threat was detected.Our MC was Yuan and he was playing basketball with his friends. Many watched from the top of the gym. Some were cheering on their favorite basketball player. They have a banner with his name embedded in it. Lifting it to s
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They entered the helicopter on the school grounds itself. Having located on the soccer field. "So what do I do? I haven't asked mom and dad first?" Yuan asked perturbed. He didn't know what to do. "I will handle it myself. We will tell your parents later, as for now, we will hurry up to the academy," he said to him a hurry.Yuan then entered the helicopter and they closed the door with a slam. The swats then watched him in curiosity. On his tablet, he was watching the lists of prospective students of the academy. "Yuan Subaru Smith. The genius copycat? Is that really you?" asked their IT.Yuan just raised his shoulders and his hands leveled on his head. The soldiers soon were chuckling. They soon flew towards the Academy and they passed by the cities. Yuan saw on the window side the running civilians and zombies scattered like ants below. Others were pouncing and leaping at humans as they ate their flesh. "Oh, my Dad and mom! Are they safe? I forgot about asking for their safety!
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The prodigies
Yuan then left the building after the briefing. He went to make friends if possible and hear out and investigate the other potential recruits.He breathed air as the wind was fresh. Hands on the waist. It was then, he saw a chair on the side and sat at it. "Pst! Hey new guy, come here," He gestured his hands to go to him. He had eyeglasses and was having blond hair. "Pardon me, I am Pete. I am an IT and Hacker. I know all of the infos of the students here! Wanna know their talents? I just hacked the database. Simple as that. So wanna see?" he asked while grinning."Yes," Yuan said."A man with few words, I am already liking you," he then opened his laptop to let Yuan see."The first on my list is Shin. A samurai and a ninja. He killed zombies far more than any of them. Hordes are a trifling matter to him. "His ninja skills are also top notch. Killing many leaders is his thing in the past. A perfect killing machine and a perfect test subject for the experiment," She said then they c
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[Flashback] Survival books
Yuan prepared and they went to his grandfather which was in the countryside. They traveled at night. The way was silent with only them on the road. Some large trucks and ten-wheelers were passing them by as they traveled. From the window side, the road was seen with only four lanes. One for fast speed and the outer lane for low-speed vehicles. The pine trees were big enough to fit a small house. From the road, deers were jumping and hopping beside them. As they traveled, Yuan opened his Tupper ware and ate his meal. He watched his phone and it was early in the morning. They passed by some villages and cabins that were covered with barbed wire and wooden fences. It was creepy and horrifying to look at. Yuan had imagined that it was like the house of Jason or Freddie from the nightmare in Elm Street. Thinking of these things, he also envisioned that for example, he was in a zombie world. 'What will I do if was sent to one? Will I survive? I have played PC games with zombie apocaly
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[Flashback] Guns
"I am not late, am I?" Mark said as he removed his sunglasses. "No. You didn't tell me about my father's sickness? You punk!" John bellowed."Father told me to never tell you. But still, I will let him go to surgery. It was a low chance to heal his wound but at least it was not zero percent." Mark said."I thought that he was okay! Since when?" John shouted."He was checked but it was just a cyst at first. When they examined it, it was cancer. Operating was the only option. We tried to chemotherapy him but the cancerous tumor has been only stopped. "It stopped the spread of the cancer cells but it was not enough to eradicate it. He was healed recently but I hope that he will be fully healed if he undergoes surgery to remove the tumor. You didn't tire him out this day, right? Tell me he rested," Mark said. "Well about that, um he played a bit with my son," John said to him."You what? There's a high chance of his surgery to open!" Mark shouted."It's okay son. I have recovered now b
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[Flashback] Martial Arts
In the backyard of their house. Stood a dojo of their father. Yuan entered the dojo and stepped on the wooden floor. He was waiting there as Yuan was in his taekwondo uniform. He entered the dojo and there, he was wearing his karate uniform. "So you've shown at last! I hope you are prepared for the worst for making me wait," John said while he was sitting on the floor, cracking his knuckles in the process. "I will let you enjoy in the meantime. And ease the pain of making you wait. Father," Yuan said then bowed. "Oh, so you were conversing nicely now. Come here, let's talk a bit," John said."What is it?" Yuan asked curiously.Yuan then sits in front of his father. "Show me what you have learned in six martial arts that I have taught you," John said."Father, I have memorized all moves in that six martial arts. What will you teach me?" Yuan asked."Hmm, okay! What is the hardest for you to master?" his dad asked."It was the Kung Fu I guess? It was very broad. The second hardest
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[Flashback] Daimyo
Yuan together with his family was at the airport. "We will just take a cab from here. Let's find a taxi that will take us to Subaru estate," said John. "Yuan, when we arrive. Please speak Japanese to your grandfather Subaru. You have to be careful of what you speak or what you do," Tanaka said."Yes mom, I am very excited though. Can we eat Japanese food in there?" Yuan asked."Of course son, we will. And honey, please don't mention your martial arts to dad. He doesn't want his grandson to be tainted with other martial arts. So let's keep it a secret okay?" Tanaka said."Hmmm, I will surely make it a secret. This grandpa of yours was obsessed with him being the heir of the clan. Acting like a high-class person that was looking down on me," "I can't even say that I am prideful of multiple martial artists for his presence. Don't worry son I will endure this for you. Well, you can learn all you want from them. So good luck now," John said."Okay, dad. Grandpa was obsessed with preser
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[Flashback] Samurai
Yuan was outside of their house. He opened the door and saw his uncle."Hello, uncle! Shall we start?" Yuan asked while his hands were on the back of his head."Yes, we will start! Better prepare your self and I will train you to the fullest. I hope you can cope with me," Daisuke said."Yes, you can train me to the fullest. But I won't hold back a bit," Yuan said confidently. He was excited to test his mettle."Yeah, I like that! Don't hold back because it would not be even enough to surprise me. Your armor was colored brown. "It was nice! Let's use a wooden sword. I will warn you, It will be hard to beat me with sword skills," Daisuke said."Uncle! You're a cheater! You are a samurai but you learned ninja skills. Well, I will be like you in the future but still, it was not enough to be a samurai? You are pretty strong being a samurai," Yuan asked."It was because your mother always beat me in sword skills. She was a monster when it comes to katana. Sadly, she was a girl so she could
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[Flashback] Ninja
Yuan was evading his strikes and Daisuke was getting faster and faster. "Yuan is getting faster on evading. He is coping up now.", Harutobi said."Yeah he is faster now but it was still not enough. Maybe in due time. He will beat me in swordsmanship," Tanaka said."He will be a great samurai in the future. Let us not hasten his growth but build up his core," Harutobi said."The next training is to make him a proper ninja. You can train him himself if you want," Harutobi said to her."No, Daisuke was better in ninja skills. He can train him better," Tanaka said."If that is what you wish," said Harutobi.They continued to observe Yuan and Daisuke stopped his attacks."Okay, that's all for now. Let me rest a bit," Daisuke said."But uncle, I am not satisfied yet," Yuan said."Yes, we are finished. I used my fastest attacks and It was evaded so there's no use in prolonging it. You will train your ninja skills later on. Rest a bit now, I will get changed," Daisuke said.He then taps his
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Briefing and opening ceremony
Helicopters arrived from here and there. While Yuan was just happily watching from his seat. He was happy and curious as to what faces he would see. Boys and girls were getting out of the choppers of his age and some have domineering auras. They would be his schoolmates from now on and even potential classmates.More and more students arrived and they came from different parts of the world. The last student of the academy has arrived by helicopter. The whirring of helicopters resounded every hour nonstop and they came from any direction of the Island. And the students who arrived came out from the said choppers. The helicopters then landed on the helipads and Islinda immediately gathered them for their briefings.Yuan then prepared for their extraction. He saw prodigies from all over the world. All were extraordinary. What skills or talents do they have? Yuan was excited to see and know them. They were welcomed by Islinda and they entered the briefing rooms to be given instructions
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