"Hmm, now where should I start?" He said, overlooking the valley below him. A pixie like figure floated around him and rested his back on his soft hair. "I think here would be fine. Plenty of privacy for our experiments." 

Draven said "Yeah, give me a set of wings"

"Wings?" Vernon cast his host a strange look.

Draven said. "Nah, forget it! A flying ability would better!" 


-16,000 exp

His eyes rolled back; a wave of information flooded his brain. His legs turned tipsy, Draven gritted his teeth, trying to balance himself and tumbled over the cliff. Draven squeezed his eyes to the pain.

While falling, his muscles tensed and his heart raced around the clock, pumping a new strain of power in his blood vessels. Draven’s eyes glowed green, as a force seeped from his body and halted him in the air. Draven looked down; a grin formed on his face. “I am flying! Haha”

His eyes focused on the b

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