Mastering the fates with Role-play system

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Mastering the fates with Role-play system

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What happens when you receive a system after a heart-break. Betrayed and humiliated by his girlfriend to a point of depression, Tristan's saw nothing good in himself, being called poor and charged of an obscene-related crime only made matters worse. However in his emotional state, Tristan could only hear a mechanical voice inside his head, alas! it was a system. [ You have received a role play system] ......."I have a technology that no one even knows exist!" .......

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  • De_law17


    Sorry to hear that, I do hope you find a book you'll enjoy, thanks for giving it a try...

    2023-07-27 01:00:52
  • De_law17


    Welcome all new readers, I acknowledge the fact that you gave this book a chance and I hope you sit back and enjoy the plot. I'll update two chapters daily and edit as much as possible. ...De_law17

    2023-07-19 13:12:09
  • Sivaprakash


    Interesting how it started typical like system books but it is developing into something new and interesting hope it stays that way

    2023-07-25 04:02:15
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288 chapters
[1] The new librarian
Staring at the email on his phone screen, a warm smile crept upon his radiant face, as he had been called upon to become a librarian just a few days after quitting his previous job.Tristan was a young man in his early twenties currently studying computer science at one of the state universities, a school his parents could afford, but even at that, Tristan was forced to survive on his own.When it came to financial support, his parents did their best, but their best was not enough to sustain a young man of his age, and this caused Tristan to seek part-time jobs at every establishment near the campus.He had done several jobs, like working as a salesman at a local store just outside the campus, but he lost that job due to how difficult it was to balance both work and learning, his boss required him to be there almost all evening, but due to the school system, some of his classes were scheduled for the evening.He got another job as a janitor at a nearby hospital, it was easy as all he h
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[2] Betrayed and unsupported
For a moment Tristan stood frozen, whilst staring at the heartbreaking scene before him, the betrayal he felt at that moment could not be described with words because it felt like being pierced with a two-edged sword. "Laura!" Tristan's voice dripped with disdain as he called out her name, causing both young adults to realize they were being watched."Tristan?" Laura exclaimed in surprise, never expecting to see him there. Embarrassment washed over her as she realized her boyfriend had witnessed her kissing and being intimate with someone else.Paul, a twenty-one-year-old with a muscular build, curly brown hair, and deep brown eyes, looked at them in confusion. "You know him?"Feeling ashamed, Laura reluctantly nodded and answered, "That's my boyfriend, the one I told you about."Tristan felt as if he had been slapped across the face by Laura's response. Anger began to simmer within him, but he made an effort to suppress it, not wanting to act impulsively."Laura... you—" Tristan beg
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[3] The system 1
" Indeed, Paul saved me from his hands, "Laura confirmed the allegations with a rather devilish frown on her face, with her eyes peering deeply into Tristan's disappointed eyes."That is not true Laura, you know that-" Shut up, there is no way that both of them lied, it's obvious that you are lying, you tried to rape her, " a student yelled from the crowd, and to Tristan's greatest surprise, everyone else agreed." I cannot believe this, I did no such thing, I can't," Tristan tried to defend himself, his voice breaking from the pain he was feeling, his whole body covered in humiliation, aside from the dust, his eyes pleading to be understood but the disregard from students and even his girlfriend broke him apart.It appeared that most students in the school were fans of Paul the athlete, being the best at it on the campus had given him a strong hold leaving Tristan with little to no support from the students.Laura on the other hand was a diva, even though not as popular as Paul, she
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[4] The system 2
"Oh!" He exclaimed briskly, the image floating before him suddenly faded and was replaced by a set of new tabs, containing several pieces of information and all he needed to know about the system.The first thing that caught his attention was his status. It was simple yet surprising to him. Tristan was clueless about the system, although what kept his mind positive was the fact that he had read stories similar to what was happening to him at the moment.[ Status: resets after a quest has been completed][Host: Tristan Coleman][Relationship Status: Single][Health: 57/100 [ Depression detected][Current role: Student [ resets at the beginning of a quest, in correspondence to the host's new role][Financial status in USD: 560][Exp points : 0][ Skills: locked- use exp points to unlock][ Your mission is to become as wealthy as you imagine, sensing that you are a part-time king, you shall partake in numerous quests, earning real currencies while partaking in a series of role-plays][ S
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[5] The quest 1
[ Status: resets after a quest has been completed][Host: Tristan Coleman][Relationship Status: Single][Health: 57/100][Current role: Masked Millionaire[Financial status in USD: 1000560][Exp points : 0][ Skills: locked- use exp points to unlock]The mockery continued, every student he met along the way said something about the incident that Tristan became fed up with. He had managed to control himself to avoid creating a scene and it was difficult being a short-tempered young man.He made his way out of the campus arena, intending to change his phone by purchasing a new one immediately, but he paused along the way as he remembered the whole point of the task."Spend in the bar as a masked millionaire," he uttered.He felt it would be strange, wearing a mask and walking about with everyone staring at him, so he changed his mind and headed back to the dorm, intending to do so when it got late. He returned to the dorm, and although he had a class to attend, he neglected it knowing
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[6] The quest 2
[ Mature content, proceed with caution]The first thing he noticed at the entrance was a group of young ladies, dressed in almost transparent clothes, their cleavages and thighs exposed while they danced to the rhythm, shaking their waist and behinds in a most tempting way.Tristan recognized a few of them being his course mates, their moves were alluring and tempting to him, but he chose to look away instantly and proceeded to the counter.As he walked through the crowd, everyone stared at him suspiciously, his mask drew so much attention to him, but he didn't mind since no one complained."What can I get you, sir?" The waitress approached him from behind just before he could get the counter, turning around he couldn't help but wonder why a waitress was dressed in the same manner as a stripper."Uhm… what do you have?" He stuttered, he couldn't resist the temptations of studying her physical appearance, leaving no details behind."Alright, we have a lot here, follow me," she said and
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[7] I'll make you cry harder
[ mature content; proceed with caution][ System update… [ A feature had been activated]"Hey," Tristan retorted without turning around, his voice sounding different from what it used to be."I wonder," Paul utterd,"Why are you wearing a mask dude, are you some kind of criminal?" Paul asked him jokingly."He'll never stop being stupid would he?" Tristan thought before responding,"It is for a special occasion."The conversation was brief, as Paul turned to face his friends after learning that the voice he heard wasn't that of the peacock he thought, but of a masked customer."Anyways I was saying something," Paul continued, and Tristan paid attention like he did before."Laura is such a fool, she joined me to humiliate him, she's just nothing but a gold digger, she got what she wanted and I got mine, at least someone needs to enjoy having a girlfriend, " he added with a slight chuckle as he sipped from the glass." Bro, you fucked her? " " Man! You waste no time, do you? " His fri
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[8] Debit alert!
He became so furious by their act that he chose to neglect the system for a while to do what he felt was right. At first, he was headed in their direction when a thought popped up in his head.He turned around immediately and returned to his seat and sat down for a second but stood up almost immediately, walking into the crowd searching for something or someone."Bro!" a young man among the crowd yelled, catching Tristan's attention."Your mask freaked me out. Take that shit off," he exclaimed, his words drawing the attention of the others."Yeah, I saw him earlier. Who wears a mask to the bar?" another person chimed in."Forget about the mask," Tristan interjected, his voice sounding deep and different."I have a deal for you," he continued, piquing the curiosity of a few people who gathered around him, eager to hear what the mysterious masked customer had to offer."Back there," Tristan pointed in the direction where Paul and his friends were attempting to molest a girl."Two guys
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[9] Partner of interest
Ding! The sound of the alarm clock, caused him to wake up, his eyes slowly adjusting to the rays of the sun reflecting on his face from the windows of the bedroom.He finally opened his eyes as the thought of the previous night flashed through his mind, causing him to sit up on the bed instantly.As he sat up, Tristan realized that he wasn't alone on the bed, next to him was a beautiful lady, wearing nothing but a vest with the bedsheet covering the rest of her body.He let out a gasp, but not loud enough to wake her up, because her face was turned in the other direction, he couldn't tell who she was, but he leaned over to get a slight view of her face and as soon as he did, he let out another slight gasp.The lady in bed with him was none other than the same girl he rescued at the bar the previous night. He recalled the incident and reminded himself that he was worth a hundred billion dollars, but that didn't explain how he got in bed with her, or where he was.The room did not look
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[10] A celebrity's daughter
"She's the daughter of Charles Anderson, the musician Charles Anderson!" Tristan exclaimed."No way,"[ Status: resets after a quest has been completed][Host: Tristan Coleman][Relationship Status: Partner of interest acquired. -Claudia Anderson-][Health: 77/100][Current role: Student [ Masked millionaire -completed-][Financial status in USD: $100,000,000][Exp points: 160][ Skills: locked- use exp points to unlock]He was short of words, he couldn't believe that the same girl he saved was the daughter of the renowned musical artist Charles Anderson."How can… no way," he stuttered, still staring at the photo wishing to wake up from the nightmare."I slept with his daughter!" He added and words could not describe the level of unbelief."Are you surprised at what you see in the photo," came Claudia's voice from behind, startling Tristan and causing him to drop that immediately, he was surprised at how long he spent staring at the picture. "So you are his daughter?" He turned arou
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