Draven freed himself from his teammates and walked to the dugout. "See Coach, I told ya, I could do it" 

"Yes, you did" Coach smiled and passed him a towel. Draven took it and wiped his neck, Coach said.

"Good job, but I think there is someone who wants to see you"

"Who?" Draven asked, he shifted his gaze to the approaching footsteps. "Hello, Draven, congratulations on your match" 

"Eh? And who might you be?" Draven asked, he shook her out stretched hand while he took a glimpse of her mature facial features and a pair of green lips under her thin nose, which matched the colour of her flowing dress. 

She said. "I am Ella and this is my assistant scout, Ramon" 

Ella lifted her swan neck, puffing her m
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