Tiren City

Draven lifted his hand off the bird as his symbol of a hand holding bolts of lightning marked the beast’s blue feathered forehead. "There. Now you belong to me"

"What is your name, beast?" Draven said.

The sky gracer lowered his head to the floor and stuttered "Lefty"

His eyebrows lifted while Kai chortled in the background. "Lefty? Why is your name Lefty?"

"Cuz I often get confused which way is right"

Draven exclaimed, "Seriously?" and smacked his forehead. ‘I can’t believe Kai picked an idiot. Next I will choose the beast’  

"No, that's what my parents said... But now I know which way is left and right!"

"Whatever, this name wouldn't do!" Draven said, kneading his temples.

"How about... How about?" Draven's eyes glanced around his surroundings for ideas.

Kai blurted "Maybe... Nimrod"

The beast croaked, "What?"

Draven took a glance at the beast. The beast shook his head.

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