CHAPTER 87. Unbelievable
Just then,

" Ah!!!!"

The scarred man yelled with pain evident in his tone, and he gritted his teeth!

" I decided to start with your left wrist........" Aiden said, as he crushed the scarred man's left wrist with his foot and shrugged before moving to crush the right wrist also.

" Ahhhh! It hurt so much! Make it stop!"

" I should make it stop? Is it painful?" Aiden acted innocent, and he tilted his head sideways.

The scarred man nodded but couldn't say anything. By now, his forehead was drenched and covered with sweats. In fact, he was so greatly uncomfortable and just wished for the pain he was feeling to stop.

Aiden lifted his foot from the scarred man's wrist, and the latter instantly heaved a sigh of relief. But in the next minute, a shrilling sound echoed loudly again!

" My leg!" The scarred man shouted and shook his head! It was indeed unbearable for him.

Aiden didn't care and just moved to crush two of his feet! Just like that!

Everyone felt the pain the scarr
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