Chapter 88. He is really the marvelous boss
Aiden didn't answer the leader of the gun men and just ignored him.

" Marvelous boss, please accept me! I am sorry for my misdeeds! Such won't occur again! You don't know how much I admire you! I really admire you so much, please take me under you! You won't regret it!" The leader immediately ran after Aiden, before Aiden could walk out of the whole room totally.

" Hey, get back!" Mav stepped forward and pushed the leader away just in time! " The Marvelous doesn't deal with people like you!"

The leader halted and tried to balance himself. Upon hearing what Mav said, he became unhappy and sighed, lowering his head.

" What! Are you kidding me?! Who the hell are you?! You can never be the Marvelous boss!!" The pretty scarred man, yelled, disagreeing with what Mav said, and his thought. It just not possible.

No one even bothered to glance at the scarred man and just ignored him like a piece of thrash.

" Give me a reason why I should take you under me?" Aiden stopped walking and
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