The Masked Son-In-Law

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The Masked Son-In-Law

By: Snowpinch OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A desperate old man called to Dylan Carter that he has a job for him and that he should portray as his son. The man left him to either amass great wealth as the leader of the Dorogon consortium and be buried under the weight of his gold as a Dorogon or stay a nobody taunted by the Bowen family that he's married into. In the bidding game, a new empire mysterious to everyone turned the table, unknown to everyone, Dylan in the Bowen family where he means nothing but an eyesore is the anonymous head of the consortium and with such wealth inherited he acts behind the shadow taking revenge on those that underrated him while executing his contract to the Dorogon. Dylan Carter is on a path of survival, revenge and leaving no chances untaken.

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Chapter One
The heat was unbearable. . .Dylan felt a bead of sweat slowly dripping down his neck and sacrificed itself through the cotton confine of his already damp polo shirt. He strategically fanned a piece of paper at his face looking up at the clustered sky, the last thing he wanted was for rain to fall, his whole body seemed to be melting. Hours later wind whistled across the city, the sky screamed of darkness and thunder rant aloud. Shortly after the water starts to dribble, Dylan rushed into Crescent's company, his hand covering his head, drenched in rain he hung his cloak on the rack and stepped forward to the lobby. His eyes scanned around. "I told you, Francis, didn't I tell you it was Dylan I saw." A voice teased. Francis gives Wayne a silly look and set down his glass on the table by his left. "You're the new janitor?" The ladies laughed, handing the mopping stick and bucket to him. Dylan gives the familiar woman a bitter look while he hung his head at the menacing loo
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Chapter Two
2, The Masked Son In LawSwallowed in the mud of the proposal Dylan's legs were heavy as metal stuck to the ground."You mean you want me to be your son?" Dylan asked."Ebony hair, blue eyes, sharp jawline, milky skin and a poor background. Who says you can't be rich Dylan?" His leg was tipped to the ground. "Yes you're right, wealth is here calling out to you and you have two options you either choose to be wealthy by my side or stay stoic, the choice is yours in whatever way."Dylan was tempted but he flew his arm back. "If this is a joke. Old man, you have got to know something I'm used to people like you treating me as if I were trash."The man cuts in. "And you despise it, you're not used to it, no one is used to being wasted, especially not you, you are a man of ambition and you crave vengeance. Let's cohabit." Dylan had made his research on the man, every of the rich in the city knows he was a super-rich conglomerate but they never get to meet his family, high-end, for Dylan t
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Chapter Three
3, The Masked Son in lawThe laughter roared in the room, Dylan looked at them with pity, then later scoffed. "Sounds like a dry joke to me." The doctor said, "What can you afford here, like seriously, painkiller drugs are over two dollars, from your shabby look I can sense you haven't made a cent today."Dylan forced a smile and stared at them. "Look, he is just as speechless as a moron, he can't speak, can he? What a pity, he must have seen himself in the mirror over there." "He's no star or anything, just to think he's a huddled piece of prawn." The nurse purses her lips in disdain and sneers.Dylan was not amused by their rants, there were so many people in the world these days who judge others by their appearance."Well you can see, we're not remorseful but grateful you got yourself another helper. We're no charity like them. Excuse us, we have patients to tend to." The doctor said trying to get away from the drama they started.Dylan didn't react; he just watched them as they
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Chapter Four
Minutes have passed Dylan still finds the situation he's in a joke, he's a grown man and for whatever reason, they thought they could turn his head as they like."What? That suits him better." Wayne let out without remorse. "It's not like he does his worth at the company or at home either."Debbie let out the most annoying scourge. "Who cares after all he's tired and weak like a chicken." She scoffed."Dylan looks pale, he can't survive without us, that is certainly more like us trying to ease the burden on him."Natalie, tired of what the mother along with her sister, Wayne we're doing swarming over the honey let out an irritated sigh. "Let's be informed this is not the right time to bring about my. . ." Natalie raised her brow and gave DYLAN, a kind of irritated look. "Fine I messed up big time, can we talk inside Natalie?" Dylan proposed with a warm smile."Not from you either, I don't want to hear anything." Natalie slammed the door and hit out."This is a whole lot of problems
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Chapter Five
Francis snatched the tray from Dylan's hand and insisted he tells them about the incident.But Dylan had no intention of letting them on in his private life. The fact that they were monitoring him had given him a hint on what to say."No I'm not working undercover, Wayne it's clear I'm busy.""No, these street guys with nothing to their name, you can't predict their level of desperation," Wayne explained to Francis."You know the VIP ticket will be occupied if we stay any longer than we have." Francis spokewhivh brought Wayne out of her thoughts. "We need to be among the toppers so get yourself together, will you?""Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Francis collects the phone from Wayne. That was a step that made Dylan anxious."It's not hard, take it from my hand," Francis demands. "Call the person again, it's not like you're not going to call him." And saying so, Francis plucked his hand into Dylan without giving him a chance to explain himself."It's the hospital." Dylan cl
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Chapter Six
"It's you, you were assigned to make sure he doesn't move outside the cage." The host was alarmed as he looked at Dylan before him and back to Lucien."I. . . should get the microphone fixed." He lied and scurried away.Natalie looked to the side toward the cage for Dylan and figured that his wife was on the edge."Natalie, I told you I would get out of there. And not embarrass you." He ran after her towards the shadows."There is no difference, the Bush family brought this upon themselves." She hissed at Dylan."What? What do you mean?" Before Dylan could figure out everything his eyes went flashing as to what end Natalie is doing this.Natalie gasped feeling a hand dragging her to the side. She turns to see Lucien annoyed, somehow he tries to contain his furry. The anger was clear that Dylan getting out of his trap was never something he predicted.Dylan was annoyed that the guy had already violated his bottom line by having an eye for his wife and now touching her in front of him.
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Chapter Seven
A loud clatter from the kitchen hovered through the corridor. Weiss quickly darts towards Dylan, and Natalie weasels her way towards the other girl."We have already uploaded it." Weiss exploded.Natalie scratches the inside of her palm, she knows for sure that if Dorogo sees the video her family and everything she has worked hard to put in place will be ruined."Weiss, are you not being overly empathetic?" Dylan said."Oh shut up!" She sealed her hand across her lips in a fury. "I don't care how pathetic you look right now." Dylan was too encompassed, he saw Natalie for eyes, anxiety raining through them as if they had nested there. What should he do? He was a Dorogo and the fate of the Bush family was unknowingly in his hands now. if they know they will worship at his feet rather than treating him like a life's human being. But he kept his calm instead of ranting out. No one will believe him anyway.Even he still finds it hard to believe. "What about him?" Dylan was shoc
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Chapter Eight
"Haha, Natalie has finally realised why she should move on." Her stepmother, Debbie roared in a joyous tone. None of them had the slightest idea. Natalie rigged her fork into the food. "Here Natalie. I have the divorce papers prepared, now nothing can come in between you having a mam. A real man beside you." Natalie hit her hand on the table. Dylan's eyes shoot up and he saw his wife's reaction. Dylan had always been an outcast. Even though he saw Natalie's anger from the corner of the room where he was sitting having his breakfast. He couldn't hear them. "What! How dare you distraught the table." Her stepmother, Debbie shouts at her. "Mother there is nothing you would do that will make me marry Lucien." "Enough!" Shouts Debbie. "I don't want to hear anything from you." Natalie aggressively stood up. "I'm not getting married to Lucien I don't if he's here or not, I have to come clean on my intention." Natalie gave Lucien an aggressive look. Natalie's eyes were filled with
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Chapter Nine
Dylan squints his brow in the same sense as the worker from the Dorogo Empire. "Perhaps somewhere under the bridge." Dylan shrugs rubbing the back of his head nervously. The woman nodded a smile and turn to Wayne. "I know it was nothing to tense over." Wayne rubbed her temple in disappointment. "No that isn't the case. I have seen you somewhere, in the Dorogo. . ." The worker was still consistent as she stops close to Dylan. "Are you being for real?" Wayne chuckled in disbelief. " I get that he looks handsome but a bump like him can't smell anything but ludicrous to the Dorogo," Wayne said. Dylan's gaze narrows on the woman for a second. The Dorogo empire was so big that it will take him a whole lot of work to know each worker individually. "That's right." The lady agreed. Dylan dressed in rags will never be close up with someone that had access to a place high up so the possibility of seeing Dylan there? Wayne finds it ridiculously impossible. "The Do
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Chapter Ten
"Mister, what the hell are you doing?" Francis asked "I had this boil in my hand that I thought the sole of your shoe might help me with the scratching." The man lied. He was anxious. If Dylan was truly the man he thought he was then his days working with the Dorogo were done with. He insulted the secret heir without knowing. "That's insane, your hand is supposed to ache. This is no treatment." Francis gave a suspicious cruel look and then adjust himself back into the seat. Dylan figured as the emissary man place the card in his pocket. "Young master Dylan." He shouts kicking the heavy double door behind him. "Believe me I have no idea." Dylan checked the name on his card, he was the emissary that he's waited for. The man had a hand hanging in the air. "You are way too late." Dylan checks his wrist for the time. "We're supposed to meet latest by ten but you took out time to have dinner with Francis in the case you rant launches." The man blinked a
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