The Millionaire Jackson Harrison

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The Millionaire Jackson Harrison

By: Queen Aml OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Jackson found no words to respond; he remained silent, holding the divorce papers. He felt numb, detached from the world around him. His wife's words and actions had left him shattered, unable to believe that their relationship had abruptly ended with no chance for reconciliation. As he stared at the divorce papers thrown in his face, he felt a sense of finality and loss engulfing him. He could only blame himself for everything that had happened – if he had been honest with his wife about his situation, perhaps things would have taken a different turn. Walking down the street lost in his thoughts, he heard his phone ring. Initially, he didn't want to answer; he wasn't in the mood to receive more bad news. But something in his gut told him to take the call. "Hello?" he answered reluctantly. "Young sir! Your grandfather informed me to contact you. 100,000,000 has been deposited into your account, and tomorrow your exile period will end. You'll regain control of your company, and the family is coming to welcome you back," the voice on the other end explained. Checking his phone, he indeed saw the deposited amount. Everything was falling back into place. Jackson replied hesitantly, "Tomorrow, I'll turn twenty-five." His mind returned to his old life in the palace and prestigious companies, where he was a rising star before being suddenly banished. He had always wondered when he would return. The voice from the phone continued, "Young sir! Your exile period has ended, and your companies are ready to welcome you back with open arms. We need you, Jackson – you are the heir to our companies, and we cannot do without you."

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Chapter 1:
Chapter 1:"Jackson! You must deliver the cake to this hotel," the bakery owner requested of Jackson."I will certainly deliver it as soon as possible," Jackson replied.He sighed. Jackson, feeling exhausted, had had a very busy day, which left him drained and tired. His feet could no longer bear him, but he had to finish his work.Jackson Harrison had been working as a cake delivery boy for a long time. The job paid the bills but was not entirely satisfying.All Jackson did was drive all around the city, delivering sweets to the rich and famous. But today was different. Today was special. Today marked his last delivery of the day, and tomorrow he would turn 25.He headed straight to the hotel to deliver the cake, wearing a smile on his face, excited for his twenty-fifth birthday. This meant his long-standing struggle was finally coming to an end. He had always dreamed of a better life, one where he didn't have to work two jobs just to get by.As he drove to the grand hotel, adrenalin
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Chapter 2:
Chapter Two:"I'm sorry... What are you sorry for? You betrayed me." He spoke in pain. "I loved you, Emma... but... why did you do this to me?"Emma Carter stood before him and said, "I wasn't the only one who lied to you, Jackson. You also told me you worked for a good company, and now you're just a delivery boy.""I've been working hard in two jobs, what's the difference now? Does my job give you the right to betray me?""You don't meet my needs, Jack, and I won't justify what I did. It was my choice and desire."Tears welled up in his eyes. "I... I love you, Emma."Emma Carter threw divorce papers in his face and said while looking into his eyes, "The papers are done now, and you can leave, Jack.""Please, Emma, give me a chance. Everything will be fine, everything will get better tomorrow.""Tomorrow is my 25th birthday, and I'll be twenty-five. Everything will get better.""Then leave, Jack. There's nothing between us anymore."Edward approached her in front of Jackson and whispe
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Chapter 3:
Chapter Three:Jackson Harrison walked out of the courtroom after his divorce from Emma Carter, the woman he loved and was loyal to, but she betrayed and humiliated him. He felt a deep sense of sadness engulfing him. He had loved Emma Carter with all his heart, and it was painful to see her happy with another man shortly after their separation.But Emma Carter was extremely happy and embraced Edward tightly while Jackson Harrison looked at her with a heavy heart. He knew it was time to leave the past behind and move forward, but saying it was easier than doing it.Emma approached Jackson and threw the ring in his face, saying, "Here's your ring; I no longer need it. Edward will be better and more valuable to me."Jackson laughed loudly until people around them turned to look, and he whispered in her ear with a sinister tone, "You'll regret this later, and when that happens, Edward will discard you.""He's just using you, just like the condom he used when he was with you in bed. It's a
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Chapter 4:
Chapter Four:Jack headed straight for the car, his hand wrapped around Caroline's waist. As Jackson sat in the driver's seat of the expensive car, his hands trembled slightly with tension and excitement.He had just divorced the woman he loved but who had betrayed him. In this moment, Caroline placed her hand on his trembling palm and said, "You've suffered a lot, my brother, but you'll come back stronger and teach everyone, including that woman, a lesson."Jackson smiled strongly and said, "The heir has returned, my dear, and I will teach everyone a lesson, especially those who looked down on me.""This is the grandson of the Harrison family, the powerful and best fighter in martial arts, Jackson Harrison," Caroline exclaimed as she embraced him once more, under the watchful eyes of Emma, who was still observing them before the car set off.Caroline thought and said again, "But why did you hide your true identity from your wife and everyone, at a time when you could have worked anyw
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Chapter 5:
Chapter Five:Jackson was shocked when he heard that Eva Clark's company was facing financial troubles, and he couldn't believe that Eva had been forced to deal with an unscrupulous CEO to save the company."He's the CEO of the company we're going to contract with," Eva said.Jackson listened intently and nervously responded, "He won't be able to do anything.""You don't understand, Jackson. The company is facing massive financial problems, and he's the investor who will provide up to 300 million dollars to solve the company's issues," Eva spoke sadly."He's just an old man, a perverted scoundrel who threatens and blackmails you. What? Are you going to fulfill his condition and sleep with him?" Jackson exclaimed."You don't understand anything about the world of companies and business and how things work," Eva spoke with resignation.His words angered Jackson even more, especially as he remembered his ex-wife Emma, who had slept with her boss for a promotion."Is sex the easiest way f
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Chapter 6:
Chapter Six:Jackson couldn't believe the condition Eva Clark added to the contract. If he didn't transfer the money tonight, he wouldn't be able to see it again.Jackson was astonished, then said hesitantly, "What... what is this condition in the contract, Eva?""Are you planning to disappear and not see my face if you don't transfer the money tonight?""Yes, Jackson, prove to me that you're speaking honestly. If you truly have the money, you should be able to send it tonight.""I know you think I'm mocking you, and all I'm trying to do is make fun of the situation, but I'm trying to help. I know how much effort I've put into this company," justified Jackson.Eva wasn't confident in Jackson's words, so she added a condition to the contract stating that if he transferred the money, he had the right to sleep with her."You know I'm still a virgin, and if you transfer the money tonight, I'll sleep with you, and both I and the company will be under your control."Initially hesitant, Jack
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Chapter 7:
Chapter Seven:As Eva Clark fell into the arms of Jackson Harrison, Jason Kin and Michael Stone arrived, both of whom had always tried to get close to Eva Clark, and Jason Kin was like a spy to him.Michael Stone shouted angrily, "You... you impudent pig, where do you put your hands?"Then Jason Kin added, "You wretch, a piece of trash... how dare you put your dirty hands on the company's executive manager, Eva Clark?"Michael stepped forward mockingly, "How dare you touch her and try to impose yourself on her?"Jason Kin also took the opportunity to insult, "He's just a sick insect, starting to suck blood and getting close to good things."Eva Clark was angered by their words and exploded in their faces, "How dare both of you speak this way about Jackson? I am capable of maintaining her dignity in front of any intruder, and you don't need to defend me and insult Jackson."Eva couldn't ignore their bitter talk about Jackson, she continued angrily as she adjusted her sitting position,
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Chapter 8:
Chapter Eight:Michael Stone was furious, wanting to teach Jackson how to deal with his masters and that he was nothing more than an insect. Men gathered around Jackson in a circle, their eyes filled with malice. Some held iron chains, others sharp tools, and some had weapons with bodies larger than Jackson's.A triumphant smile appeared on Michael's lips, and he said, "It will be an entertaining show. I'll watch as your bones are crushed, you wretched giant."At that moment, a car arrived, and three people emerged from it, smiling and eager to enjoy the sight of Jackson being humiliated and thrown at their feet. They were Edward, Emma Carter, and Victoria Stone. Michael had called his sister and informed her to bring her friend because they would watch an enjoyable movie. At this time, Edward was with Emma.Emma smiled triumphantly when she saw Jackson surrounded by a group of men."What do you think? We'll have a great time watching your ex-husband stripped and humiliated in front o
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Chapter 9:
Chapter Nine:Jackson felt angry and wanted to relax a bit, so he went to a nightclub where he could spend some time away from everyone. As soon as Jackson entered the club, he found his ex-wife Emma with that man, Edward. He glanced at Emma, semi-naked, wearing very revealing clothes, and looking unnatural, swaying.Emma, intoxicated, exclaimed, "Edward! Who is this huge man? What is he doing here?"Edward smiled, then shook hands with Jackson, saying, "She's yours now; you can spend the whole night with her. It was a good deal.""What... What are you saying, Edward, and why are you shaking hands with this man?" she spoke, trembling."Let me explain, your friend here made me spend the night with you for the agreed-upon amount.""You're lying... I can't believe it.""I don't care where you got the money, but I care that I get the agreed-upon amount."John laughed, mocking how Edward sold her for $300,000, and he had already accepted the deal. She was nothing more than a cheap commodit
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Chapter 10:
Chapter Ten:Eva Clark surprised Jackson at the door, giving him an invitation for her grandmother's birthday."I hope you'll attend the party; I'll be glad.""Sure, I'll be the first to arrive," replied Jackson, deciding to go and engage with her, but he must first follow Emma."The evening came quickly, the time for Eva's grandmother's birthday."Jackson arrived a little late to the party, where Victoria Stone, Michael Stone, and also Jason Kin were present."Hello, Jackson!""Hi!""Happy birthday to your grandmother.""Thank you, Jackson.""Close ones call me Jack."Eva nodded, saying, "Okay, Jack."Jackson handed Eva an envelope containing $50,000."This is a birthday gift; I wish her a happy year and many more years with you."Eva was surprised, hesitating, "50,000 dollars, but that's a big amount."Jackson added, "You must also buy a gift for yourself."Eva was about to refuse the offer until Jackson spoke, "This is a gift, and you must accept it. Gifts given with love should no
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