The Rise Of The Billionaire Heir

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The Rise Of The Billionaire Heir

By: Riffar books OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Mason, a college student, lives his life being ridiculed and insulted by all, due to his poor living conditions. Everyone hates him, except for his girlfriend who he thought loves him. But everything changed, when he caught his girlfriend with a man. He felt completely devastated and broken. Then suddenly,when he thought all things had ended for him. 100 billion dollars appeared on his screen! With the unexpected and sudden wealth, watch how Mason rises as a billionaire heir!

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148 chapters
Chapter 1 : He is that poor man
In the bustling road of Burlington city, Mason appeared utterly fatigued as he walked out of a seven star luxury hotel, having completed his final delivery of the day's bread. All that consumed his thoughts in this very moment was the overwhelming urge to hasten back to the hostel and return to his girlfriend. His girlfriend who he could do everything for. He's ready to take any odd jobs as long as she keeps loving him. That's all he needs. With his final penny clutched in his pocket, he was on the verge of hailing a taxi for his return. However, just as he was about to depart in the cab, he caught sight of a tall and recognizable woman emerging from a car, accompanied by a middle-aged man. Mason's gaze darted as he looked at the woman strangely. That was his girlfriend Lalisa. Undoubtedly, he was befuddled. Merely an hour ago, Lalisa had called him, complaining of a severe headache. So why was she here now? In fact, it was precisely this circumstance that had prompted him to lea
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Chapter 2 : Young master
Mason stood on the spot looking shocked and astonished. With his hands still on his phone, he gazed at the screen again. He looked so perplex and confused looking at the credit alert but then he shrugged off any thoughts of it being real. He thought the alert might be a prank. Having the believe that the alert might be just a prank, he turned and started walking down the street. He just doesn't wants to enter a cab, since that was the last money on him and he needed to have a meal in the night. With the chilly breeze hitting the cold shoulders, Mason still came on walking on the street with a sad and bitter look. Just then, he saw a stroll of car surrounding him in a majestic way. Was he dreaming? A young man dressed on corporate wears stepped out of the car and lower his head in a slight bow. "Young Master." He said. Mason was beyond confused. He wondered if this man has got the wrong person by mistake. If not why would he call him young Master. "Excuse me, I think you're talk
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chapter 3 : The crazy receptionist
After the encounter with the man at the restaurant, Mason took a cab, as he had decided earlier that he would be spending the night at the hotel given that it was already too late to return back to the hostel. Since he now has the money, he sees no reason why he shouldn't go to a seven star hotel for the room so he asked the cab driver to take him to the best seven star hotel around.The cab dropped Mason at the foot of the gigantic hotel, which could be seen towering a couple of commercial buildings in the vicinity.With his work uniform still clinging to his body, Mason walked into the hotel and just like the restaurant of earlier, he could see the high class of people moving with elegance all around the place.This was a hotel or rather a place Mason had never thought he would be stepping foot on anytime soon.Darting his eyes all around the place Mason quickly located the receptionist who was standing behind the desk, her white sleeve t-shirt was well pressed and her dark hair gl
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chapter 4 : It is all a misunderstanding
In the reception area of a particular seven star hotel a commotion was going on just beside the reception desk, people could be seen leaving all what they were doing as their eyes had now been focused on the ongoing commotion. Although the people were not much, they were intrigued and interested in knowing what was going on, a commotion like this is something you might never come across in a seven star hotel like this. A man who was dressed in a bread delivery uniform together with a lady who was seen standing behind a desk dressed in corporate wears and also another man with beards putting on a black suit were the three people who were at the center of this commotion. At this point Mason's blood was already heating at a high altitude as he had been trying to argue and prove that all what the receptionist had said about him earlier were nothing but lies, but even with how convincing he was the manager was already far bent on kicking Mason out of the hotel.Looking at the receptioni
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chapter 5 : Not the same as yesterday
Slapping the receptionist had left everyone gasping, as they had now realized how serious the whole issue had become,even the receptionist herself was still shocked and confused by this. The manager had never raised a finger on her untill now, which was really getting her really confused as she was now beginning to see how serious the whole issue was. She stood there her hands still pressed tightly to her left cheek, she could still feel the stinging sensation on her cheek, even with all this, her eyes were still shooting daggers at mason, who some how still remained calm and collected. Mason was beginning to get bored by the whole situation, the commotion had been on for close to 30mins which was beginning to bore Mason, he really wanted his night sleep after a long day at work." Can I get the keys to my room now? " Mason asked stretching out his right hand.With one glance , the manger could tell that Mason was angry or rather pissed and tired of the whole situation so he turne
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chapter 6 : Mr delivery guy
Walking out of the hotel, Mason had freshened up earlier, and was good to go. Although he had only one problem which was the bread delivery uniform which was still clinging tightly to his body, he needed to get a few clothes after all he had the money in his bank account.Before walking out of the hotel, Mason had came to a conclusion that he would be heading straight to a boutique, of course a quality boutique to get a few wears, which was where he was headed right now. Looking left and right, Mason could feel the cool early morning breeze on his body, he felt so refreshed and energized. Mason patiently waited for a taxi which didn't take long to show up, stopping the taxi, Mason got in and the taxi zoomed off with the boutique as it's destination. The taxi came to a halt at an expensive looking boutique, Mason dropped down from the taxi and the driver zoomed off after he had been paid. Mason stood outside the boutique for a while, admiring the design and architecture of the place
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chapter 7 : Too late to cry when the head is off
Have you ever been in a situation where everyone looks down on you and no one believes you, a situation where by you then tried to redeem yourself by showing to those people looking down on you that you are capable, but right when you are about to prove yourself another obstacle comes to joepadoze your chances. This was the exact of situation Mason was in. Allthough even with the fact that his phone had switched off due to lack of power, mason still stood tall without fear in his eyes. As he stood there , he was already been bombarded by negative comments from the people around, he was used to this kind of treatments, he got alot of this on a daily so he wouldn't let this get to him, instead he would look for a possible way of revivng his phone so he could make the payment and get out of here. Time passed and everyone was beginning to get pissed, expecially the sales boys and girls and even the cashier behind the counter, right now they were thinking that this had been Mason's plan
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chapter 8 : with great power comes great responsibility
We live in a world where the wealthy rule while the poor feed on the remnants of the rich. A world where the rich are respected and treated like gods while the same could not be said for the poor. The funny thing was that most people forgot that most of the rich they see today were once poor,and the only reason they should be treated specially was the struggles and sacrifices they made to get to where they are today. Mason was not excluded, although he had been poor all his life, he had just been told a few days back that he was the rightful heir to one of the biggest and most powerful companies.Pushing his legs into his trouser, Mason was getting ready for school, of course today he would be a totally different person, the thing was, the clothing Mason was wearing at the moment was one of those expensive wears he had purchased.Right in front of Mason's eyes his life was beginning to transform, his life was changing for the better. He was extremely poor a few days back, and now he
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chapter 9 : initiation
How is it possible for one to leave his whole life behind, not just leaving a part of his life but his whole life . As he sat there on the couch, a glass of wine in his hand, Mason was a little confused, he had just been told that he would need to leave his life behind if he wanted to be safe. His mind was deep in thought as he really didn't understand what old Greg meant by leaving his whole life behind, does this mean he wouldn't be Mason any longer , or what exactly does this mean? To " I know you must be wondering what I meant by leaving your whole life behind." Old Greg's voice boomed in the quiet room, bringing Mason out of his thoughts. " Yes please explain "Mason said, taking a sip from the cup." Leaving your whole life behind doesn't mean you wouldn't be Mason anymore, of course Mason is your name and changing it wouldn't do us any good if you change it." " What I meant by leaving your life behind, is that, as from this day, you would be a different person " old Greg sm
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chapter 10 : The seven great companies
Even with all these thoughts going through Mason's head, he was still able to hurry back to his room on time. Although he was almost caught, he had been quick enough to pretend as if he was still asleep, and with the maid and servants nowhere to be found it was easy for Mason. Throughout that night, it was really hard for Mason to sleep, his mind was occupied, he would toss and turn on the bed, trying so hard to sleep but his thoughts wouldn't let him. How was he linked to all this?To say that he wasn't safe at least for now he wasn't sure, and coupled with the initiation he had heard them say, he wasn't really sure what they meant by that. According to old Greg, Mason was a heir to one of the most powerful companies, Mason just couldn't understand how the word initiation was linked to a company, he just couldn't help but think that there was more to this than what he knew already. Well for now he would just play along and see where all this was heading. " Oh Young master you ar
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